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Icebreaker CSAUP 1/13/18 York Middle School

By Bounty on 10/11/2017

12hr. Endurance Competition When: 1/13/18 0500hrs kickoff - approx 1700hrs endex Where: York Middle School Why: Why ask why? It's a CSAUP...Just do it! This will be an ultimate test for yourself and to see how far you have progressed while in F3. The Quickee: 40 pax will compete in 14 individual events in approx. 12hrs for points leading to an overall champion. The events will cover running, jumping, lifting, pulling, pushing, cardio, agility, endurance. You will need: EXTREME TRAINING, DETERMINATION, HEART, and a DFQ ATTITUDE! This will suck! The Events: in random order 1. APFT- 2min max merkins, 2min max situps, 2mile run 2. GRT PT TEST- 100 burpees, 1 mile run, 50 burpees, 1 mile run 3. Weighted Throw- Throw unknown heavy object for distance 4. Madison Triplet- 1mi run stopping at every 1/4 to do (4) SB thrusters and (4) burpees 5. Multi-Run- 1/2mi track coupon run, 2mi trail (obstacle) run, 1mi road run 6. Cindy Curl AMRAP- 1min amrap curls with Cindy 7. Cindy Tri-Extension AMRAP- 1min amrap extensions with Cindy 8. Filthy Fifty- 50ea: ssh, box jumps,bent over rows, Cindy swings, lunge, leg lifts, o/h press, upright rows, thrusters, burpees 9. BlackBeard II- 1.5mi run, 75 bigboys, 50 merks, 1.5mi run, 2min forearm plank, 50ssh, 25 burpees, 1.5mi run...all runs will be with a 30lb sandbag 10. Modified Spartan 300- 25 bent over rows w/ Cindy, 50 straight leg deadlifts w/ Cindy, 50 merks, 50 box jumps, 50 floor wipers w/ (4) Cindys, 50 single arm clean&press 35lbs ea., 25 bent over rows w/ Cindy 11. MARSOC Short Card- 30merks, 30squats, 30lbc's, 10burpees, 10windmill, 30merks, 30mountain climbers, 30flutterkicks, 10burpees, 10cherrypickers, 30merks, 30ssh, 30supermans, 10burpees, 10overhead claps, 30merks, 30lunges, 30hello dollies, 10burpees, 10American hammers, 20 bent over rows 12. Coupon Carry Relay- Yoke carry 100y, sprint back, Farmer carry 100y, sprint back, SB Carry 100y, Sled Pull 100y back to start with all items 13. Surprise! 14. Surprise! Be prepared for at least 14+miles of running, minimum of 250 merkins and a minimum of 380 burpees. The Fine Print: There will a chance to "earn" extra points before every event if pax choose to do so. Also, AMRAP events will be "It pays to be a winner" graded...every rep counts. Ties will be handled as adults...Rock Paper Scissors men. The Finer Print: First 40 pax to HC are in. We (F3York) are asking for a $10 donation (drinks, lunch, materials) and (10) cans/ boxes of non perishable food items to be donated to the York P.A.T.H. For further info contact Bounty. Scoring will consistent with the Crossfit Games' format: 1st=100, 2nd=95, 3=90, 4=85, 5=80, 6=75, 7=73, 8=71, 9=69, 10=67, 11=65, 12=63, 13=61, 14=59, 15=57, 16=55, 17=53, 18=51, 19=49, 20=47, 21=45, 22=43, 23=41, 24=39, 25=37, 26=35, 27=33, 28=31, 29=29, 30=27, 31=26, 32=25, 33=24, 34=23, 35=22, 36=21, 37=20, 38=19, 39=18, 40=17

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