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Memorial day setup

By High Pockets on 5/15/2022

May 28th @8:00am the York county veterans have requested our help again. They need help setting up the tents and chairs at the memorial field located by the library

Dragon closed October 30th

By High Pockets on 10/28/2021

We plan to converge to lakewylie to play flag football. Go here for more info:

York Field Day

By High Pockets / Yogi/ Horton on 4/18/2021 modified on 4/30/2021

You are invited to York's 1st annual field day Convergence. When: May 8th Time: 0700 ( prerun/ruck starts at 0600) Where: York High School football field. The event will begin with a 10 minute warmup, then we will split up into sports. (Kickball, ultimate frisbee/football). We've already been informed Rock Hill is shutting down to come support and we are also expecting to see many of our Lake Wylie and Fort Mill brothers. This will be a great time to strengthen the bond between our local regions, that over time has got a little bit distant.

Football or Yogi Q is the question

By High Pockets on 3/14/2021 modified on 3/14/2021

What: Rockhill has challenged us in a game of football. They will return the favor and close all Rock hill AO's next month and come to us for a sport to later be determined. When: next Saturday 03/20 7am Where: Sullivan middle school 1825 Eden Terrace, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Clown car to leave the dragon no later than 6:25 If football isn't your thing, or you need to be closer to home. Yogi will have the Q at the dragon. Same time, same place as usual.

Upgraded website is live! Easier login (no Twitter)

By Black Lung on 3/14/2021 modified on 3/14/2021

We've upgraded 1) Login with Phone Number (rather than Twitter) 2) Better social sharing (ex: GroupMe post should show description and YouTube screenshot) 3) Better SEO (search engine optimization) 4) More manageable code base for faster feature updates All users (including pre-existing users) need to give your phone number to Black Lung. You will receive a 6-Digit Pin via Text Message to login. Send feedback to Black Lung with any problems, suggestions, praises, clever memes, etc. Aye!

Dragon Closed March 13th

By High Pockets on 3/5/2021 modified on 3/14/2021

We have 2 great events we'd like to support March 13th. The Rooster and Tender hearts 5k. The Rooster, is a Rock Hill CSAUP. It's a team run. Although if you don't have a team yet, you are still encouraged to attend as teams will probably form that morning. Tender hearts 5k Tender Hearts will be hosting a FUN RUN and 5K to help get their Men's Homeless shelter up and running. Registration ends next Wednesday (03/10) Sign up on the link below


By Cesar on 1/17/2021

We are going to have a meeting on Monday 1-25-21 in Yogis Garage at 1900 (7:00pm). We will be discussing some of the things we would like to do in the coming year. I encourage all to come even if you have not posted in a long time. Please get the word out to the guys that you know that aren't usually on groupme. Address is 718 Sunnywood Rd. Clover, SC.... and no its not all the way in clover... its only 10 mins from the dragon. Hope to see you guys.

Thanks for choosing me

By Cesar on 1/3/2021 modified on 1/3/2021

Greetings fellow brothers... As I stand here humbled at the privilege of being chosen as our Nantan, I'm extremely excited for the opportunity. At my very first workout I fell in love with this group and what it stands for. I consider myself lucky to be able to hang out with you guys, nevertheless lead us. I know I'm not your average F3 guy and to be chosen for Nantan still blows my mind. I don't consider myself someone you picture as Nantan material. I'm a seperated,tattooed, potty mouthed, former Marine who gets on people's roofs for a living.... and thats a couple of my good qualities.Then I think to myself that's exactly what this group is. I'm just a man trying to better myself and the people I surround myself with. I love the fact that we've all walked different roads in life and still come together and work out pray together. As Nantan I don't want to change anything!!! I just want to expand and embrace things we have done in the past and are currently doing now. With us being a small region it is very important for us not to become stagnant. We must continuously as men shake things up. We cannot strengthen male leadership through the community if we are not spreading male leadership through the community. So my number one goal in being your Nantan is to expand. I encourage us all that when we look for people we look past the athletes and look for the men who need this most in their life. Also I encourage us to continue reaching out to our fellow brothers who have been misplaced along the way. They very well might be at a place in life were they need us again. This group is so much more than a workout group and we need to keep that in mind and continuously expand our 2nd and 3rd F to these men. As far as leadership roles... I am still working on that and will be holding a meeting in the very near future where we can meet as a group and decide where we would like to see us going in the future. The only leadership role that will stay the same will be that Woodchuck has agreed to continue to be our 3rd F leader. I chose him for many reasons.One being that he is our oldest active member of our region and I would really like to keep him close to our group regardless of how sore he's feeling. He is a great man of faith and morals and I know I will need his guidance in certain decisions I may need to make in the future. I look forward to serving you guys for the next chapter of F3 and pray I can do close to as good of a job as my predecessors. Cesar✌🏼

2021 Intermittent fasting Challenge

By HighPockets on 12/30/2020

Hims, A couple years ago a few of us gave this a go and had positive results. I'm going to give it a go again 01/01/2021, who's with me? Intermittent fasting can have many benefits for your body and brain. It can cause weight loss and may reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It may also help you live longer. I'll be doing the 16/8 (I will only eat between 12-8) fasting that I actually learned years ago from a Nantan in another area that is a nutritionist. You probably shouldn't try this if you: Have diabetes. Have problems with blood sugar regulation. Have low blood pressure. Take medications. Are underweight. Have a history of eating disorders. Take a look here for more information

Catawba New AO

By High Pockets on 12/7/2020 modified on 12/30/2020

Update(12/30/2020), this has been changed to 01/02/2021 same place and time. What: We've been asked to help F3 Catawba launch their new AO. When: 01/01/2021 0700 Where: 974 Neelys Creek Rd Rock Hill, S.C. 29730 We will have a (hopefully few) clown car(s) leaving the dragon AO Friday morning @ 0600. (It's 33 minutes from the York High School) Lets start the new year off by giving the gift of F3! Please HC in the GroupMe.

Leadership Change

By Yogi on 12/29/2020

As 2020 comes to an end I'm proud to have been York F3's Nantan. I think about the challenges we face in the obstacles we've overcome. No one could have foreseen COVID-19 stopping us from working out, us reopening R&R, and reopening and have every come back. I appreciate all those how served on the leadership team and helped guide me. As 2021 approaches it's time for the leadership to change in F3 York. I'm proud to be able to hand the reins over to a terrific HIM. I've watched him go from being a guy in F3, to being a site Q, to being my 1st F. During that time he has brought his kids and all his kids friends out, he has brought many adults out, he has gotten Rock Hill guys to guest Qs, and has been a friend and a brother. I'm proud to be able to hand over today the shovel flag of the nanton to Cesar. Please support him and pray for him, if 2021 goes like 2020, he will need it. Congratulations brother Cesar, you earned it. My final thoughts... Romans 12:10 Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. As we go into 2021 look around and help your fellow man. We all came to F3 looking for something and found a brotherhood, so go forth and share it. Let us be the HIMs that God has planned for us to be. Last time, Yogi out!

R&R moving home

By Yogi on 10/25/2020

Starting 11.1.2020 R&R will be moving back to the Rec center.

Trash pickup 10.31.2020

By Yogi on 10/25/2020

Barring heavy rain we will be doing trash pickup from the bypass to town after the Dragon. Please join us.

[no title]

By Yogi on 8/9/2020

As we continue to be open for business and do our best to social distance we are all well aware of those who are not coming out in an effort to be save or keep us safe. We miss those Pax and will pray for the time when life is normal again. As these days drag on of masks and social distancing we should remain vigilant in helping not spread the virus and show compassion for those who are at risk or have contacted the virus. That doesn't mean we are afraid. We should do as David did while living in fear in Goth, and turn to God. We should live in confidence that with God's grace, we have nothing to fear. That doesn't mean live in reckless abandon, rather live life safe and not afraid of what might happen. PSALM 34:4-5 [4] I sought the LORD, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. [5] Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed. Yogi out.

Moving R&R for a few weeks

By Yogi on 7/19/2020

For the next couple Sundays we will be moving the location of R&R to Lifeway church next Boyd's. This will allow us to ruck some of the other side of town. Same time of 6 to 730.

York Region Quarterly

By Yogi on 7/12/2020

Time to get together for a some 2nd F time and a little business. We will meet at the Gain Station on Tuesday July 14th and 7pm. We might carry some blocks, we might sit on the shade. We will definitely discuss the business of the day. Please come and join us. Agenda: -Opening comments by Nantan -Weasleshake, 1st, 2nd, 3rd F, coms comments -site Q comments -forum topic - what is working well -forum topic - how do we be the high impact men at home -Closing comment by 3rd and pray it out. Look forward to all who can attend. Yogi

Reminder to slow down

By High pockets on 6/25/2020

I run the sound at my church, that usually keeps me pretty busy. At the end of service I'm usually shutting off the cameras, sound board, finalizing the dvd I recorded etc. This past Sunday a little old lady went out of her way to say hi to me. I've known her for over 30 years... Went to Navy Ball with her daughter, and been a deacon with her husband for 20 years. I was so busy I kinda ignored her, but something grabbed me and I said hi back and we talked a few minutes. Today we buried her. What if I hadn't spoke back. How would I feel now? Slow down!

Trash Pickup

By Yogi on 6/21/2020

After an abbreviated Dragon on June 27th we will be picking along side the High School on Lincoln road. All Pax are welcome. Should be starting around 745.

The Dragon will be closed 5/30/20

By Cutter on 5/27/2020

The Dragon will be closed this Saturday. Some of the pax will be participating in the Will Frederick Memorial run for the kids 5k. Will was our F3 brother String bean.

Open For Workouts

By Yogi on 5/24/2020

We have enjoyed a great and well received reopening for the last couple weeks. The pax has returned in the numbers pre-shutdown. We have had some kotters return and we have had some great Qs. As we continue to move forward we should support our site Qs and help fill the schedules up. Hope to see you all soon. Yogi out! The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. ~ Psalm 34:18

Week in review

By Yogi on 5/10/2020

Well we did it! We opened! With the minor hiccup of lightning on Tuesday morning stopping Trinity, we did it. We had 3 AOs run normally. We got the Bud Light guy to honk at us, and added a tribute to the Corona virus at Himship (dying cockroaches for the Corona truck). We convergenced and rucked on Sunday. While we aren't in a normal world, we are working to be safe and workout together. We had COT without touching and no touch workouts. We did have wind brother talking and did a few bomb jacks, and hopefully we respected each others personal space. With this first week done I look forward to having brothers working together and sharing our experiences and prayers with each other in person again. Please look at the Q schedule and help fill it up. And if you have ideas to make us better either share or take the lead and implement. Yogi out! Psalm 9:18 For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever.

Gain station?

By Yogi on 5/10/2020

This Thursday night (the 14th) at 730 pm we will have a special gain station followed by some 2rd F time at the coal yard.

Convergence at Dragon

By Yogi on 5/8/2020

7am at the Dragon we will be getting all York who can attend. Cesar and Blacklung on Q.

Open for business

By Yogi on 5/3/2020

With the SC governor lifting some of the restrictions, it is time to open up York F3 to fully scheduled workouts. This will still have us socially distancing ourselves during the workouts (no partner work, no ball-o-man) but we will be back together formally. So we will soft open Trinity and HIMSHIP to get us started and this Saturday May 9th we will have a reopening convergence at the Dragon. So get loosened up this week and come out. Tell your friends and call up some old fartsackers. It is time for us to return to a more regular 1st, 2nd, and 3rd F3. With any luck we can spead the word and help heal our community and ourselves. Yogi out! Matthew 4:19 Jesus said to them, "Come with me. I'll make a new kind of fisherman out of you. I'll show you how to catch men and women instead of perch and bass."

We are almost home...

By Yogi on 4/19/2020

As the days wind down and more places open, we are approaching reopening soon. When we do, it will be HUGE! As I see it, when we reopen, we will do so at the Dragon with a convergence, so start practicing waking up at 645 every Saturday...LOL... In all seriousness, I do miss seeing all you each morning. Seeing all the messed up hair, the mismatched workout gear, and the "coming in hot" groupme messages. We are almost our of the woods and getting the band back again! So I leave you with my final thought. Why we "workout" together. Ecclesiastes - Chapter 4 9 Better two than one alone, since thus their work is really rewarding. 10 If one should fall, the other helps him up; but what of the person with no one to help him up when he falls? Yogi

Are we there yet?

By Yogi on 4/12/2020

As we are all fighting through the quarantine thing through social distancing and being "clean", we are have all arrived on this special day hopefully in one peice. We have been blessed by the resurrection and the gift of life ever after. Jesus has risen! So as the spend time at home with our loved ones, facetime with friends, and watch church services online remember, we are blessed and this too shall pass. We will be reborn and renewed and will join our brothers formally soon enough. If you need something, just hollar. if you need something to do, just burpee. If you need love, just pray. Happy Easter! Yogi

Pause in official York F3 workouts

By Yogi on 3/18/2020

Pax, with a heavy heart and desire for us to be as safe as possible I am sad to announce that York F3 will be officially closed till April 1st. We know as leaders in the community we must be conscious of the community needs. Right now I think the community needs to not see us in groups. We will reevaluate again April 1st. Please look for the daily workout challenges and join us pushing ourselves physically. This closure isn't being done in fear, but in respect for the community we are members of. Final words... God never changes, no matter how much the world changes. We must rejoice and announce the blessings he has provided and be in awe of his grace. Let nothing disturb you, Let nothing frighten you, All things are passing away: God never changes. Patience obtains all things Whoever has God lacks nothing; God alone suffices.

Virus and Us

By Yogi on 3/13/2020

Pax, Whether it is hype or real the same logic should apply for us. If you are sick including running a fever, STAY HOME! Modify as needed and rest or do what you can do. While flu season is almost done and the COVID-19 is growing we should us the same basic precautions, like not doing exercises that put us too close together (leg throws or partner carry) and expand our COT spacing. If you sneeze or cough, do it in your elbow. So let's use good common sense and be mindful of our fellow Pax. Yogi PS got any TP?

QBert Adoption Benefit BBQ and Raffle

By Blacklung on 2/18/2020

Let's support our brother QBert, per the Rock Hill newsletter: On March 6th there will be BBQ plates for delivery and a huge raffle to support QBert's family adoption fundraising Use the signup sheet here to order BBQ and for more info for the raffle tickets. For more information, see: QBert Signup Sheet:

Trash pickup

By Yogi on 2/9/2020

After driving through our adopted highway after the Dragon it is clearly time to do our duty again. So next Saturday, 2.15.2020, after the workout please join me in making this a fast beautification effort.

1st Quarter York F3 Meeting

By Yogi on 1/29/2020

It was a great time to get together and share my ideas and for us all to reflect on what we want to be and how we want to share our F3 experience. I want to thank all those who came out and participated and we missed all who weren't able to make it this time. To start the meeting off I gave a short talk about the Jester as described in Dredd's new Q source manual. The basic idea is the Jester is the lies that hold us back and keep us shackled to our vices. Next I broke down how I see each of the leadership roles. Each of the leadership roles gave how and what they would like to accomplish. Some examples are... I would like an emergency contact list. Burr wants ideas on 2nd things to do for us and for our Ms and 2.0s. Blacklung wants to make a winky configure. I would like to have a list of proven workouts we can share. Cesar is considering the Ice Breaker dte and what the event will look like. We also discussed our sites and it was announced that we will add R&R back again from 6am to 730am on Sundays with Filibuster being handed the flag this coming Sunday. We will ebb and flow all sites based on our needs. We will consider opening the gain station again maybe during daylight savings again and make it seasonal. Ultimately if you Q it and they come we can make it a site. If the time and day don't work we adapt and close it or move it. Next we did the "silent generation" on the 2 topics of what we want out of our F3 experience and how we want to give back. The results were merged and the most common this we all want is the fellowship with each other. The most common answer on how to give back was food boxes. We all felt we should do this with some degree of regularity. We will do this quarterly going forward. Yogi out!

F3 York meeting - Monday January 27th.

By Yogi on 1/23/2020

Wanted to get us all together for a state of F3 York. A chance to talk about what we want to be and a chance for the 2020 leadership to be able to let you know where we are. Come out and join us on January 27th at 6pm in the back deck of the Coal Yard Restaurant (the restaurant will be closed). If you can please bring a pen and some posted notes to participate in the "silent generation". If you have any FNGs, bring them too! Agenda Yogi - Q source Jester talk Yogi - my goals and the leadership responsibilities Undertaker - Weasleshaker status report Cesar - 1st F report Burr - 2nd F report Blacklung - comms report Yogi - lead a "silent generation" exercise. Topics: WITY - what is important to you about York F3 How we give back - what do we want to do in the community

State of York F3

By Yogi on 1/4/2020

In 2019 Blacklung came to me and asked, would you be my Weasleshaker and 2rd F? I was very much caught off guard. I thought to myself, am I really being asked this and can I get out of saying yes? I of coarse said yes. As we got closer to the end of the year it was mentioned that I was in line to be the next Nantan, I said, not me, I don't have the time to do that. But when Blacklung came to me again I fearfully said yes. The issue wasn't really the time. It is the fear of being found out as a fraud. I am no great leader. I am no great fitness guy. I am not even great at holding a conversations. But during the holidays I prayed for guidance and as always God provided, I was flipping through YouTube and saw a great Ted Talk about something called the Imposter Syndrome (see the link below to watch). We all have these moments, but so longs as we are pushing ourselves, we will never be comfortable with where or what we are doing. So this year as Nantan I will push myself to be a humble servant to God, Family, York F3. No one can lead alone. So I have asked for help. Undertaker, Cesar, Burr, Woodchuck, and Blacklung have all agreed to help me formally. Informally I hope to have all the Pax support. We are York F3, we are F3. Before me we have had great leaders and I hope I can follow in there footsteps and continue what we have going. Let's start this year off all taking a deep breathe, unpartake in the fartsack and growing as men, leaders, and followers. Yogi OUT! Newest leadership: Yogi - Nantan Undertaker - Weasleshaker Cesar - 1st F Burr - 2nd F Woodchuck - 3rd F Blacklung - Coms Link to video:

New Leadership for York Region in 2020

By Blacklung on 12/30/2019

Tomorrow at Trinity, we'll pass the York Region Nantan flag to Yogi in preparation for new leadership in 2020. Anyone active in York over the last few years knows that Yogi is a strong and consistent leader - not to mention smarter than your av-er-age Nantan! It's been an honor to be your Nantan for the past year. We made some difficult decisions, for better or worse, and I thank you for your persevering through the lean times. We have a strong core of PAX in York going back 4 years, and that core continues to grow slowly yet steadily with PAX like Woodchuck, Undertaker, Burr, Alice, and Geppetto - just to name a few. Going into 2020, let's continue to show Yogi the same support you've shown me. If you need an example, then look no further than High Pockets. He passed the flag to me a year ago, but he never lessened his presence and support for the region. Let's all follow his lead and join me tomorrow as we pass the flag and start 2020 with a bang!

Xmas Covered Dish Dinner 12-16

By Yogi on 12/9/2019

All Pax and their family are invited to share in the Christmas season at the Coal Yard restaurant on December 16th at 7pm for a pot luck dinner. Please HC with how many and you will be added to a new groupme page to coordinate what you will be bringing. The restaurant is closed and Blacklung is graciously hosting. Any questions contact Yogi. 704.264.5468

Are you ready?

By Highpockets on 11/13/2019

Brothers the week after I go to my middle school best friend funeral (only 40 years old) I go to a convergence of a guy (Kenyan) that woke up... Went to a F3 workout yesterday to come home to his wife, who has passed. He and his daughter made it out to the end of the workout this gloom. It was pretty emotional. The theme of the workout was to hug your love ones and tell them you love them. I also challenge you to do this today. We are not promised tomorrow. Don't let the sunset today without doing that and more importantly knowing you are ready to spend eternity with our lord. If you don't know how to make sure you are ready, please call me today 803 448 2109 or reach out to 1 of the other brothers in the group. Also please keep ponytail in your prayers today. Right before COT he passed out. He was able to get back up but went out again.He was responsive, I left when EMS arrived. Just yet another reminder.... High pockets out.

Dragon closed 11/2

By Yogi on 11/1/2019

The dragon will be closed November 2nd. All pax are encouraged to go to Planet Pain the to join the Rock Hill guys for breakfast at Fatz.

Rock Hill's 3rd Annual Pancake Breakfast, Sat Nov 2nd

By Black Lung on 10/31/2019

Per the Rock Hill Newsletter: Don't Forget the Pancake Breakfast This Saturday! Please plan to attend the 3rd annual Rock Region Pancake Breakfast November 2nd at Fatz on Herlong. 8-10 AM. $10 for Adults, $6 for Children. Cash Only.

York Veterans Day Parade, Sat 11-09-2019 10am

By Black Lung on 10/21/2019

Per an email from the York County Chamber of Commerce: Parade * 10:00AM / Ceremony * 10:30AM Assembly for Parade will be at Whitesides Cleaners parking lot (corner of N. Congress St. and E. Madison St.) at 9:30AM Parade Route: From Whitesides Cleaners parking lot down N. Congress St., left of E. Liberty St. To Veterans Memorial Park. Ceremony: 10:30AM (approximately) at Veterans Memorial Park (in front of York County Regional Chamber - York Office /York Library)

Help VFW with tents

By HighPockets on 9/4/2019 modified on 9/4/2019

What: Help put up the tents for the Vietnam Wall that heals. When : October 20th 2pm HC if you think you'll be able to help. Where: BMX Track Rock Hill

BackBlast: Bear & Block Round 1

By Bounty on 8/26/2019

CSAUP: 5k Cinder Block carry to stock up the York food banks and to raise awareness for the cause of your choice. Pax: Yogi, Boo Boo, Two Ferns, Two Fern's 2.0 (Hound), Burr, Burr's M, Sady, Jessie, Black Lung, Bounty, Korn, High Pockets, FryingPan The day started nice and cool with a temperature in low 70's. We didn't have a large turnout so Korn volunteered to man the parking lot while the rest of us attempted the challenge. HighPockets was also present and wanted to do the challenge but had a prior engagement to pickup trash with his church. Everyone was advised the rules of the challenge and reminded that this was a "challenge" NOT a "race". We circled up and Burr led us in quick prayer for safety and thanks for blessings that none of us deserve...and off we went. The challenge started pretty hardcore with all participants pushing as hard as they could, but it didn't take long for the muscle fatigue to start setting in. By the time we made it to the halfway point (Post Office) I didn't notice anyone without forearm scrapes, cut up hands, or pumped up arms and shoulders. We took a 5min break and our unofficial cheerleader (Sady) made the decision it was time to go for the second half. The second half was definitely a gut check at least for me and tested our hearts and mind probably more than our physical abilities. There was no one to help you, just you against you and two cindys. We stopped to regroup at Garner St. so that we could finish as a group...remembering that we never abandon the six. Sady was our official across the line first "winner" and the one to beat next year (might be a race next year) wink wink. After all participants crossed the line we circled up, prayed it out, and enjoyed several popsicles and pics together. HighPockets returned from garbage pickup and assisted Korn with some parking lot duties as well. Shoutouts to FryingPan from the Rock Hill region and Blacklung. FryingPan could not participate in the challenge, but supported the cause and provided more than his share of canned good for the York food banks. Blacklung provided a CoalYard coupons and a perfect venue to host this event and hopefully other ones in the future. Also thanks to all pax who contributed in anyway to make this CSAUP a success. Thank you brothers for your support. Takeaways: - 3 miles and (2) cindys is a long challenge...but we can do more - average overhead presses for each pax was probably around the 600-700 mark - physical training will only help you out so much, this challenge was a lot mentally - no complaining from the pax, just a brutally fun challenge - watch where you set your cindys down at...lot of dog crap out there, just saying ahahahaha

Paint F3 bridge

By High pockets on 8/11/2019 modified on 8/11/2019

When 8/17 (this Saturday) right after the dragon Why community project This week the city is supposed to wrap up preparing the bridge to be painted. Hopefully we can get atleast 5 or 6 HIMs to HC and knock this out. We also still need a way to paint the F3 symbol on. Any suggestions? Not sure if red Ryder still has the stencil? We already have 5 gallons of paint, paint brushes and around 4 rollers. Just need them HC!

Dragon 8/24/19

By Cutter on 8/3/2019

The Dragon will be closed on August the 24. That is the morning of the CSAUP.

The Bear & The Block; Round 1

By Bounty on 8/1/2019

The Bear & Block Round 1 Who: F3, FIA, FNGs, 2.0’s, Thrill Seekers, YOU! What: 5k Cindy Carry Walk When: August 24, 2019 0800 start Where: Start and End will be at corner of Garner St. and Liberty St. (Coal Yard Restaurant) Why: Fitness challenge, fellowship, to raise awareness for the cause of your choice, to increase York’s food bank boxes, to get out for one more challenge before the end of summer, enjoy York's Summerfest activities. Details: Participants will carry two cinder blocks (cindys) for the distance equal to a 5k (approx. 3.18 miles) while following all rules mentioned below. Entry Fee: We are asking each participant to bring 10 non-perishable food items, so that we can help keep the community food banks stocked up in York. Donations can also be collected and are always welcome. Rules: Men will carry cinder blocks weighing no less than 30lb each, women no less than 20lbs each, 2.0’s will carry bricks. Bricks will be weighed prior to the start of the event. Each participant will carry (1) cindy in EACH hand/arm. NO double stacking will be allowed. Each block must be carried below the shoulders, so no shoulder or head carries. The cindy CANNOT be attached to the participant in anyway, but instead carried. NO running allowed. PENALTIES: Each time a participant sets one or both cindys down, they must complete 10 overhead presses with one block before moving forward again. In the event someone’s block “breaks” from hitting the ground, they will have to run back to the start, collect a new block, run back to where the original cindy broke, and do the penalty presses, before continuing in the challenge. Not an official “rule” but gloves, sleeves, tape etc are highly discouraged for this event. Participants should know that the agony and suffering from the rough concrete digging in IS part of the challenge. Extras: Participants are encouraged to bring their own cindys decorated to raise awareness to whatever cause they choose (F3, autism, 9/11, breast cancer, USA, etc). Remember to weigh the cindys to match the challenge requirements. Cindys can be purchased around town between $1- $3 each. There will also be a limited amount of cindys at the start that can be borrowed (first come first served). Participants who finish the challenge will receive: the respect rightfully earned from completing an awesome physical challenge, a custom patch, popsicles, and a $5 ticket to be used at the Coal Yard for their choice of food or beverage.

GrowRuck 17, Southern Pines, NC, Nov 15-17, 2019

By Black Lung on 7/31/2019 modified on 7/31/2019

Per an Email from Andrew Peterson: GrowRuck 17 is coming to Southern Pines, NC on November 15-17, 2019. It'll be a weekend of intensive F3 Leadership Development, including the best field leadership exercise we've been able to find, a GORUCK Tough challenge. The weekend consists of a 2ndF event on Friday evening, a convergence workout and leadership school on Saturday (all free-of-charge), and a GORUCK Tough challenge on Saturday evening stepping off at 1800, led by two of the best Cadre in the business. Cost for the GORUCK Tough is $150 and includes a GrowRuck shirt. Please start talking this event up at COTs, QSource, and ruck workouts. Your PAX can do this. It'll be hard but worth it. PreBlast:

Backblast: York Region Meeting - AO Consolidation

By Black Lung on 7/23/2019 modified on 7/23/2019

Name-o-rama (10): Yogi, Rasta, Chernobyl, Flashover, Cesar, Korn, Burr, Bounty, High Pockets, Black Lung <b>What is happening?</b> In an effort to provide the optimal experience for existing PAX and to encourage future growth, our region is consolidating from 7 down to 3 AOs. Starting this week York will have 3 official AOs, as selected by attendance: Tue 5:15am – Trinity Thu 5:15am – HIMSHIP Sat 7:00am - The Dragon <i><b>To our 4 other Site Q's: Chernobyl, Slag, Bounty, Burr: We can't thank you enough for your leadership and persistence! Please keep your shovel flags and feel free to post them. If so inclined, you're encouraged to continue the spirit of your AO however you see fit.</b></i> <b>Why only 3 AOs?</b> The executive leadership (Black Lung, Bounty, Yogi, Korn) and most PAX seem to believe consolidation could help our region improve the following areas: 1) Attendance and long term growth: According to guidance in Freed to Lead (F2L), the optimal F1-2-3 experience is around 15 PAX. We are consistently under 10 PAX and usually less than 5 at some AOs. Funneling our PAX into 3 AOs will drive the numbers towards the optimal target of 15 PAX. This should ensure a good experience in the near term, thus increasing retention and FNG growth in the long term. Note: F2L suggests splitting an AO at 25-30 PAX consistent. 2) Workout Quality: With limited Q spots, we expect Q’ing to elevate from a chore to an honor. PAX will likely have an opportunity to Q once or twice a month, rather than multiple times a week, so Q’s will have more time to prepare and build excitement. Furthermore, we hope Q’s take time to prepare a meaningful 3rd F message, for example from scripture, word of the month, inspirational quote, etc. 3) Backblasts: Given 1 & 2 above, completing a York workout should feel like an accomplishment! Our Q’s should be proud to document their workouts. Backblasts should include 3 simple parts: the name-o-rama, a short description of the workout, and any interesting observations (failed exercises, crazy weather, police, returning Kotters, witty jokes, etc). We’ll have a very manageable 3 backblasts each week and they’ll automatically go in our weekly newsletter. The newsletter will keep our brothers up-to-date and give us an opportunity to review the previous week’s accomplishments. <b>Will it work?</b> As far as we can tell, we are entering uncharted territory. The guidance we’ve found through the literature and the F3Nation Slack channel is focused on excessive growth rather than contraction. So we are on our own, and many of our PAX have very wisely expressed uncertainty. Yet most realize we can’t remain stagnant. Whatever happens, we will document the experience so other regions will have guidance when they inevitably experience similar issues. <b>Moving Forward</b> If you have any questions or concerns, post them to GroupMe, direct message leadership, or text/call Nantan Black Lung (ask for number on GroupMe). As Rasta said: York is a personal, close-knit and welcoming region. This is certainly enabled by our smaller size. So, let's capitalize on our strengths, put one foot in front of the other, and as Bounty would say: DFQ! Aye!

Reminder: Regional Meeting and 2nd F, Monday 7/22@7:30PM

By Black Lung on 7/22/2019

All PAX are invited to an informal F3 meeting (BYOB) Monday 7/22/2019 at 7:30PM at the Coal Yard, which is closed on Mondays. Executive committee will make a short regional announcement and it will be an opportunity to discuss concerns, suggestions, prayers, praises, inspirational songs, interpretive dances, etc. We'll close with a COT by 8:15.

Crossover Q

By Yogi on 2/17/2019 modified on 6/29/2019

Starting in March we will be getting some 2rd F on with Rock Hill by each month sharing a Q. In March we will shut down the Dragon and send a Q to Planet Pain. In April Jag (site Q) will send us a Q and shut down Planet Pain. First time will be March 16th when Korn and Blacklung bring York flare to the Rock.

Deep analysis of Genesis.

By Burr on 5/25/2019 modified on 5/25/2019

Watch "The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories: Genesis" on YouTube The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories: Genesis: I've watched them all but need to watch them again. If anyone is interested I'd like to discuss a video a week after Gain Station.

F3's Mission and the 5 Core Principles

By Blacklung on 5/23/2019

Mission: To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. The 5 Principles: F3 workouts … 1) Are free of charge 2) Are open to all men 3) Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold 4) Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary 5) End with a Circle of Trust Aye!

Mastodon Memorial March 2019

By Bounty on 3/15/2019 modified on 5/18/2019

Who: F3, FIA, FNGs What: Mastodon 2019 CSAUP "BlackBeard Challenge" When: May18, 0600hrs Where: Coal Yard Restaurant (Garner St.) York, SC Why: Because you've done the Murph, you've done the Maltz, you've done the TRY the BlackBeard! This year the Mastodon Memorial March will be a dedication and memorial to SSG Matthew "BlackBeard" Pucino. BlackBeard was killed in Afghanistan, November 23, 2009 as part of the Army's elite Green Berets protecting all that he loved. This challenge was developed to remember SSG Pucino dedication to duty. This challenge is a national challenge that occurs every Memorial Day weekend and participants send in their times to be ranked nationally. Registration fees go towards your swag (shirt, hat, patch, and pin) and to the MatthewPucinoFoundation. How it normally works: Register at, choose your level, submit your time to the leaderboard tab, and the best time for each level will be posted on the leaderboard, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! For those wanting to do the F3 FULL MASTODON CHALLENGE...we will be doing all three levels back to back for time. Completing is awesome, but completing in under 5hrs will get you a custom gift courtesy of F3 York. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER ONLINE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT, JUST IF YOU WANT THE OFFICIAL SWAG. Also...if you feel inclined to do so, we will be taking canned goods as a donation to York PATH. This is open for runners and ruckers, as how you "carry" the weight is up to you. Sandbags will be available in appropriate weights for those you choose to carry instead of weight vests or rucks. Register before April 1st to ensure you get your swag early enough to wear for the challenge. Level 1 with 15lbs: 1mile, 25 merkins, 1min side plank each, 25 bigboys, 1mile, 1min high plank, 25 mountain climbers, 25 leg raises, 1mile Level 2 with 30lbs: 1.5mile, 75 bigboys, 50 merkins, 25 crunchy frogs, 1.5mile, 2min low plank, 50 SSH, 25 burpees, 1.5mile Level 3 with 45lbs: 2.5mile, 50 walking lunges each, 75 merkins, 75 bigboys, 2.5mile, 50 squats, 2min high plank, 25 flutterkicks (4cts), 2.5mile, 25 diamond merkins, 50 mountain climbers, 25 leg raises, 2.5mile And yes...all exercises will be done with the prescribed weight.

York County Memorial day setup

By High pockets on 5/8/2019 modified on 5/15/2019

VFW has requested help setting up tents and chairs for the York County Memorial day service. Setup usually takes about an hour, although this is of-course contingent on the # of volunteers. F3'S own JAG will be speaking some Sunday during the memorial. When: Saturday 5/25 9am Where: Gain station ( new memorial next to coal yard) Veterans Memorial Park, corner of E Liberty and Garner street Sunday activities: Sunday, May 26, 2019 at 3:45 PM – 5 PM 33rd annual event will be the inaugural Memorial Day Ceremony held at the new location of the York County Veterans Memorial Park and Monument. There will be prayers, patriotic music, Honor Guards, a rifle salute, and Taps to honor our Fallen York County heroes. The Honorable Allen West will be the guest speaker.

School of Ruck...Back in session

By Bounty on 5/12/2019

Hearing the voice of the pax and their request to "re-open" the School of Ruck, the decision to pull the trigger was made. Starting this Wed will be the first School of Ruck session of 2019 at the new location...Harold C Johnson Elementary. We will meet behind the school where the playground is. All that is needed is you, a ruck, and a DFQ attitude. Don't know what what DFQ is???... come for your first free lesson. This AO will start sharply at 0500, not 0515.

3rd F

By Horton on 5/12/2019

If you live in mainstream media and consume the male-bashing commercials and shows, you'd believe that most women lead or "wear the pants" in their homes, and the majority of guys are more than willing to let them do it. While I agree our men need to collectively step up their leadership efforts, I also know that most men want to lead their families well, and the majority of women out there want that as well. The topic of male leadership within the family recently garnished even more national attention when a car commercial depicted a couple driving in their car looking for a parking place. The wife was driving, and the husband, seated in the passenger side, was suggesting that the wife park the car in an open space that was apparently a distance away from their son's football game. The wife appears quite annoyed at her wimpy husband as she makes the comment that "someone has to wear the pants in this family" and proceeds to park the car on a nearby hill. All of this takes place as their son sits quietly in the back seat, albeit geared up for his football game. When I watched the commercial, what struck me even more than the man being quite passive, was the cold and hostile attitude of the mom. Not a great depiction of a happy couple at all. And this is suppose to sell me a car? Yet, the commercial hits on a trending reality of the declining role of male leadership within the American family. Since the beginning of time, God has called men to lead their families, i.e. to "wear the pants." Yet, what does it look like for a husband/father to lead his family? 1. It doesn't mean that our wives are too weak or incapable of "wearing the pants." While God calls the man to lead his wife and children, God makes it clear that marriage is a partnership, i.e. we are co-heirs in Christ. By no means does leadership mean dictatorship (Jesus spoke against the "lording over" mentality of the ruling religious leaders in His day). My wife and I make collective decisions on a regular basis. Yet, in the same light that we have and need a hierarchy of leadership within every organization, God gave us an indisputable model of leadership within the home (Ephesians 5:22-6:4). Every business needs to have a CEO or president. However, it doesn’t mean that the people that work for this leader are lesser men and women. The same applies for our families. Men, God has positioned you to lead your families. It’s high-time we step up to deliver in a manner that reflects God's love and equality. Yet, before we "step up," we need to take a step down and submit ourselves before God and our wives. "...submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ." Eph. 5:21 Unfortunately, too many women, whether single moms or wives dealing with husbands that refuse to lead, are forced to "wear the pants" for their families. The women and children in our communities need our help. Children of all ages need to see real men that are willing to set the example of what a godly man should look like. 2. We must be willing to go to battle for our families. To contradict most of the pop-culture psychology that is being communicated through our public institutions and main-stream media today, the biological facts that substantiates the differences between men and women are real. Men and women, while co-heirs in Christ, are designed differently to serve different purposes. However, we live during times when political correctness has gone insanely out-of-control. What are we thinking when we (America) are placing our women alongside men on the battlefront? The social and military consequences should be obvious. It pains me to think what this will mean for American wives, moms and daughters in the future. Yet, I also look at this decision as an opportunity for men to live out their leadership calling and to make a declarative statement that stands out as a stark contrast. Regardless of what our culture and "PC" government officials may choose, we can resolve to be men that "wear the pants" in our own homes. As husbands and fathers, we need to live on the front-line of the battlefield of life for our family. Without question, our wives and children must know we will go to battle for them regardless of the cost. Christ embodied the concept of meekness, power under restraint, and we are called to follow Him in this pursuit. 3. We lead best when we love most. As our supreme example, the life of Jesus Christ taught us how to lead. As men, we are also given an explicit command to love our wives as Christ loved His church. This means our leadership focus is one of love and self-sacrifice. It's our calling to put our wives and children before ourselves. Regardless of what our schools are teaching our kids, biblical chivalry is not dead! As dads, our children need to see us lovingly and relentlessly serving our family in a bold and purposeful manner. We need to be a model of leadership that embodies the qualities and missional purpose of Christ's new commandment: To love others as Christ loved us. If we succeed here as a husband and a father, we will have succeeded in life where it matters most. 4. Our lives are a mission. Every great leader pursues a higher calling and purpose that transcends his own life. Again, Jesus is the pinnacle example of a "man" living for a mission beyond Himself. Quite frankly, this is my biggest motivator as a husband and as a father. I'm not here for me. I'm divinely positioned in this time and space to serve God for a purpose that reaches far beyond my own life. I'm counting on God to use me to impact my family, my community and this world for His ultimate glory. From a practical standpoint, as dads, we need to continually look for those teachable moments to build the love and truth of God's word into our children's hearts and minds. The book of Proverbs and other explicit verses instructs our children to listen to the teachings of their fathers/parents. Men, like Christ, we need to be disciple-makers. First and most, this needs to happen in our own homes. For me, I've resolved to make this one of my highest life priorities. I also realize that my greatest life lesson to my children will be how I love their mother. I can't say this with enough emphasis—one of the greatest heritage-makers we will give to our children is the love and devotion we show to our wives. 5. Our manhood is undeniably woven into our character and our actions. This may be getting deep, but it's true. You can't separate a person from their gender. Unfortunately, that's exactly what's beginning to happen in America today. We're attempting to go genderless. God created us—man and woman. While sin has no doubt caused some complications that confuse the biology and psychology as to what this means at times, the extreme vast majority of people are biologically clearly a man or a woman. It's high-time that we wake up and not deny our God-given gender but embrace it. Men need to be men, and women need to be women. Understand this: I can't be a good man and not love my wife and my children. I can't be a good man and not put my family's interests above my own. I can't be a good man and watch pornography. I can't be a good man and abuse my children. I can't be a good man and not intentionally look to build Christ into the lives of my wife and children. If able to work, I can't be a good man and not do all I can to support my family. "Wearing the pants" means to lead within one's home. Men, this is our God-given calling. While some women may want to "wear the pants," I believe most desire for the men to lead their families. Our wives and sons and daughters need to see us "wearing the pants" and setting an example of what it means for a man to be the spiritual leader of his home. The next generation of America depends upon it. I am praying for all of you guys! Horton out

New Times For Ruck And Run

By Chernobyl on 5/5/2019

New step off time for R And R ( Ruck And Run ) 6:30 till 7:30 AM Aye !

Weekly 3rd F

By Horton on 4/21/2019

The resurrection of Jesus created Christianity and launched the church. But more so the foundation of our faith is the belief that God sent his only son to die for us and that he rose from the tomb to give us a life with him in heaven. The resurrection is an event. Not just any event but an extraordinary one with profound implications. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you, 1 Peter 1:3‭-‬4 ESV We know that God is for us because Jesus died for us. Through all the stories and books in the bible the most important is the resurrection. God is personal... The suffering that we go through is not evidence of Gods absence.... Heaven is real.... And our sin is forgiven. All of these statements are available to you because God loves you. For all that are reading this just know God loves you. If you have more questions about him contact me personally. Through F3 I have seen God work on each of us. My life has been for ever changed by Him through you HIMs. Thanks for the push every day to be better. Horton out!

Help American legion

By High pockets on 4/7/2019

They need help setting up tents may 25th at 8am. This is the yearly memorial day service for York County.

Nomad: TBD

By Black Lung on 2/24/2019

Any suggestions? Volunteers to Q? Let us know on GroupMe!

The Rock Region CSAUP: The Rooster II, a 5 man marathon

By Black Lung on 2/24/2019

Date: March 2nd Start Time: 7am YPA – York Preparatory Academy 1047 Golden Gate Ct, Rock Hill, SC 29732 Each Team Member will run 5 laps around YPA Loop (about a mile for each lap), exchanging after each lap in rotation. FINAL LAP MUST BE RUN AS A TEAM TO THE FINISH TO COMPLETE 26 miles, the .2 will come throughout the race! More details found in the preblast:

NOMAD: Yoga, 7:30pm Wednesday 2/20 at the Gain Station (under cover on the Deck)

By Black Lung on 2/17/2019 modified on 2/17/2019

Since it'll be raining all week, and to demonstrate the eclectic nature of the Nomad, we'll try something different: Yoga under cover of the Coal Yard deck. (And if Bounty is there, he has been known to bring some homebrew... beer Yoga!) Let's try this too: open to M's, FiA, and any other females!

Canned Goods Needed

By Chef on 2/17/2019

Don't forget to bring your canned goods or non perishable food items to any York AO, any time, any day. We will use them to keep the Blessing Boxes, around town, full for the less fortunate in our community.

Trash pickup 2.16.2019

By Yogi on 2/11/2019

This week after the Dragon will be a trash pickup for the SC adopt a highway program. Join us after and abbreviated workout.

Bounty's Icebreaker 2019 Backblast

By Black Lung on 1/27/2019

If you missed it, Bounty posted a great writeup of the Icebreaker. At least 28 participants across multiple regions and FiA, plus an FNG: 9-Volt! We collected enough food to fill the community food pantry boxes 4 times (probably 200lbs of food), and we collected $300 - a net of $260 after food costs. What charity should we donate to? Check out Bounty's full write-up here:

Leadership Changes

By Black Lung on 1/27/2019

The new York Region leadership team is as follows: 1st F: Bounty (previously Chernobyl) 2nd F: Yogi (previously Chef) 3rd F: Korn (previously Horton) Comz: Black Lung Weasel Shaker: Yogi Nantan: Black Lung (previously High Pockets) Bounty had a year off from being 1st F and we're looking forward to the return of his leadership. Yogi is always positive and energetic, what better qualities for 2nd F? And not many people know this, but he's also certified by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources as a level 3 Weasel Shaker. Lucky for us! Korn has shown faith through thick and thin. You may have heard the parable: "A child asks: can I still be brave if I'm scared? The father answers: You can be brave only when you're scared." I think this idea applies to faith as well: "Can you have faith if you aren't tested?" Despite life's obstacles, Korn has maintained his faith and he's stepped up to lead as 3rd F.

Ghost flag

By Horton on 1/22/2019 modified on 1/22/2019

Horton, High Pockets, Woodchuck, Alice, Mr. Roboto, KoRn, Slag and Chernobyl. We went and got the Ghost flag this gloom.

Site Q Changes

By Black Lung on 1/21/2019 modified on 1/21/2019

Recently we've had some awesome HIMs step up into leadership roles as new Site Q's: Run or Ruck: Chernobyl (previously Red Rider) Himship: Woodchuck (previously Korn) Gain Station: Burr (previously Jack Knife) The Dragon: Cutter (previously Yogi) Congratulations and we're looking forward to your leadership!

Weekly Newsletter Rollout

By Black Lung on 1/21/2019

F3 York's weekly newsletter will go out every Sunday evening at 7pm and will include the latest Announcements, Q Schedules and the Backblasts. If you want something included in the newsletter, make sure you post an Announcement on before 7pm on Sunday night. Similarly, try to have your BackBlasts and Q schedules updated so the newsletter will be complete. To signup for the newsletter, there is a form at the top of Anyone can signup, not just PAX! For example: friends, wives, grandparents, first cousins, personal limo drivers, etc...

Icebreaker 2019

By Bounty on 11/27/2018 modified on 12/11/2018

WHO: F3 and FiA Pax WHAT: 2man Team OCR inspired CSAUP Relay WHEN: 1/12/2019 0530hrs (Warmup) 0600 (Half-Marathon) 0615 (Dash) WHERE: Dragon AO (York High School) Hwy 5 WHY: To challenge ourselves physically and mentally, comradery, fellowship, and fun. It's that time again...the time to brave the cold, to start the year off right, and push ourselves to limits that we may have never done before. Enter the 2019 Icebreaker...last year was a personal test, this year will be the same, but with a different approach. Last year focused on doing hundreds of reps and distance solo. This year will be a team effort with two options for pax to choose. Icebreaker 2019 will be an OCR based team relay run with a solo or "open" group called "Dash" and a "Half-Marathon" team option. The purpose is to do something different and introducing Obstacle Course Races (Spartan, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Rugged Maniac, etc) to the Pax. The course will be approximately 3.25mi long with several obstacles, challenges, or events along the way. Those interested in doing the "Dash" will do one lap solo or as a group. Those partaking in the "Half-Marathon" will do 4 complete laps for a total distance of approximately 13miles (two laps each team member). The first team member will complete a lap, then "tag" in their partner. Once that member returns, the first runner will then start his/her second lap and so on. Along the course there will be obstacles deemed "mandatory" to complete or there will be a burpee penalty. The goal is to complete the "Half-Marathon" in under 4hrs and/or the "Dash" in under 1hr. After party/ second "F" will be at the Coal Yard Restaurant in York immediately after all runners are off course and AO is cleaned up. There will be a required fee to participate...we are asking for all participants to bring $10 cash and 10 non-perishable food items. This money will go to help out needy families in the York area and for water/aid stations. Half-Marathon participants will start at 0600 while the "Dash" participants start at 0615. WarmUp will be conducted at 0530hrs to include the following: 5 burpees, 10 bobby hurleys, 15 merkins, 20 squats, 25 Moroccan night clubs. Some possible obstacles/events: Sandbag Carry, Cindy Carry, Bear Crawl, Low Crawl, Jumping, Running, Climbing, Ropes, Memorization, Dexterity, Agility. 1 lap = 3.25mi "Dash" 4 laps = 13mi "Half-Marathon"

November announcements

By High pockets on 11/1/2018 modified on 11/5/2018

No miss November is here. Let's see who can go all month and not miss a York workout day. Monday Tuesday Wednesday sleep in or try a Ao in rock hill out (SOR shut down for winter) Thursday am/pm hit 1 of them or both! Friday sleep in or visit other area ao Saturday Sunday Who has ever heard the saying less is more? Here's an article on it. Numbers are down across F3/FIA. History tells us the winter months are even worse. The thought is by removing a day, all York Pax will have 2 rest days. Which will hopefully make everyone post together the other 5 days to get that glue back. Since Thanksgiving falls on this month we have another challenge. For the month of November The trinity and HIMSHIP will be accepting can good to be placed at the donation drop boxes. 10 burpees per HIM>can good. Example 10 HIMs show up @ the Trinity and we collect 7 can goods, the entire PAX has 30 burpees to knock out. Reach out to someone that hasn't posted in a while! Don't be stingy with this F3 Thang. Hp out!

York "Disc Vader" Pre-Blast Revised

By Bounty on 7/17/2018 modified on 8/16/2018

Who: F3, 2.0's, and FNG's What: 4-man Disc Golf Tournament When: September 8th 2018 0900-1300??? Tee off at 0930 Where: York Middle School Why: Fellowship and to raise money for local charities Cost: $20 per pax Description: Disc golf tournament utilizing the 4-man team "Best Disc" Captain's Choice methodology...with an F3 twist. Come after your Saturday W/O or come join us at the Dragon in York then head to the course. Just come out and bring good attitudes...and an FNG! Steps: Assemble your 4 man team and notify Bounty ( , 803-322-8650) with your team's name, Captain, and Pax. Show up on August 18th at 0900 with your team, pay your entry fee/ donation, draw your starting tee-off position, do the requested exercise, tee-off, play best disc according to your Captain, record your score, move to next hole, rinse and repeat for 20 holes. Assemble at start point when finished to record final score and determine winners. Entry Fees/ Donations will be divided up amongst Richardson Rescue and a donation for the passing of F3 York's Will "Stringbean" Frederick. In the case of a tie/s...there will be exercise requirements prior to conducting a closet to pin toss. How will the exercises work? Prior to tee-off, the team will perform the stated exercise with the repetitions coming from the hole number and adding an "0". For example, before teeing off on hole #7... the exercise might be flutterkicks. The team will add a "0" and perform 70 flutterkicks. The same for every hole...hole #15 will be 150, hole #10 will be 100, and so on. Each team will be allowed to have (1) team mulligan (from the tee only) for a price of 25 burpees from each pax. Individuals can purchase an additional mulligan to use at any time during registration for $5 extra. What gear can you use? Any type of frisbee or disc will be allowed due to "fun" nature of the event. Bring as many as you want to use, or just one to use the whole time...doesn't matter. Camelbacks will be nice to have. Water will be provided along the course until it runs out. May the course be with you!...Thanks HighPockets!

Stringbean Memorial workout at the Dragon

By Yogi on 8/15/2018

Since I am on Q this Saturday at the Dragon this Saturday I am having the workout in memory of Stringbean. For all those who can attend we will have a heavy dose of fellowship while rucking from the Dragon to town and back. We will stop along the way and all are welcome to speak about Stringbean, share a favorite bible verse, or share their feelings. This will be followed up with an exercise in his memory. Pack as light or heavy.

Dragon Closed for York Summer Fest

By Yogi on 8/15/2018

Supporting the 5k and the F3 booth

Mid Year region communication meeting

By High pockets on 7/20/2018 modified on 7/25/2018

When : July 30th 6:30 to 7:30 Where: Union Baptist church 1945 ratchford rd Who: All York Pax What to bring: 2 liter drink, snack and yourself Please plan to join us as we partake in a leadership class and alittle discussion on our region.

Bethal recon becoming a AO

By Yogi on 6/21/2018

Come one come all! The Bethal recon is taking the training wheels off and becoming an official AO for the Fort. Be there at 5am and after a Yogi (yes me) workout we will name it. This has been a great bridge AO between York and The Fort regions and Q's will be needed.

F3 Family Ruck Nights

By Horton and Cesar on 5/30/2018 modified on 6/5/2018

After a few weeks of trying to plan Family time and workouts and deal with all else that is going on, our Brother Cesar and YHC have come up with a plan. Starting Tuesdays at 8 PM, since school is out we will meet at the RnR A/O for a family ruck night! All family members are welcome even the M's and female 2.0's. We thought of maybe a Ruck in to town for dinner or drinks or both and a ruck back! Here's the kicker.... no ruck needed. If you don't want to ruck and just want to stroll through town, we would still love you to be a part of it. The mission of F3 is to build strong Male leadership in the community. Well that leadership starts at home with the family. Don't have a family of your own??? That's fine too because our family's are big enough for you! So come on out starting next Tuesday night June 5th for our 1st Offical F3 family night at 8 PM RnR A/O. Hope to see you all out.

Mastodon2018 BB

By Bounty on 5/29/2018

What: Mastodon Memorial March 2018 When: Memorial Day Weekend What: Ruck march event to honor the fallen. Where: York, SC 2000hrs- We gathered up and headed to the big "Y" at the high school to kick the night off. We started with: Blacklung, Horton, Jackknife, Cesar, Ketchup, Qbert, Rasta, Thing1 (later named Phoenix, and Thing 2. Horton introduced us to the first honoree...David Blake McClendon and then they started the Blake workout...4rds of 100' walking lunge, 30 box jumps, 20 thrusters, and 10 derkins. The group was then introduced their team weight...Private Partz...a 165lb casualty made up of sandbags rolled into a tarp. The team was advised that the objective was to get Private Partz to the end point by 0900 the next morn. Blacklung was designated the Team Leader and was given his instructions to get to the next point in designated time. The group made the time hack and so they were introduced to the next honorees. They were told the story of Mogadishu and the 19 soldiers from Task Force Ranger who lost their lives. The workout consisted of 4 Rounds of: 19 Ground to Overhead Ruck (swing or snatch), 19 Front Squats, 19 Merkins, and 400m run with front carry. Due to work, the team lost Horton after this workout. The Blacklung led team then made their way to the next waypoint (RnR) to learn about Robert J Cottle "RJ" and to conduct his hero workout in his memory. RJ consisted of: 4rnds of 800m run, 5 Bent over rows, and 50 merkins. ***Side note*** In true F3 York fashion, the cops were involved. The boys in blue pulled me over for not using a turn signal while in a heavy drug use area. I think they were just trying to be proactive, but pulled the wrong guy. No drugs in my vehicle unless you count the heavy aroma a bug spray and ticket, just warning and some turkey punching. The team used some creativity and found a make shift cart to carry Private Partz in alleviate the pain of carrying the heavy weight. "If you aint cheatin, you aint tryin" came into play. +1 to all participants for thinking outside the box on this. Team Leader was switched out and the team moved on to the next point at the CoalYard where RedRider was waiting to teach us a lesson about Ashley White. The White workout went as follows: 5 sets of 20 Bent over rows, 5 sets of 10 leg lifts, 5 sets of 21 walking lunges, and to finish it off...400m run. Morale seemed to be dwindling down a bit and BlackLung hooked up the group with an ice cold Coke. The sugar and caffeine was a big hit among the crowd, but we did lose one of our youngins. Thing 2 gracefully bowed out due to being tired and she had a birthday party to attend the next day. Did I mention that she was only 10 and stuck it out till about 0100! The decision was made to drop Private Partz at the CoalYard and to continue without it for the remainder of the night due to safety and time issues. Into the night the team marched on to Murphy's to conduct the next hero's workout, "Jack", who was for fallen soldier Jack Martin and led by Korn. The workout consisted of the following: 20min AMRAP of 20 overhead press, 20 ruck swings, and 10 curb jumps. Korn jumped into the fun at this point. Onward to Harold C for a workout dedicated to the seven CIA officers who died from a suicide bomber. Before reaching the workout site we met a albino skunk who didn't want to be friendly. At the school the workout was conducted in the playground and consisted of: 7 rounds of 7 reps of 7 exercises to include...alternating shoulder press, thrusters, knee lifts, deadlifts, burpees, ruck swings, and pull ups. Cesar and Ketchup bowed out at this point. Great job guys...especially Ketchup who was in that 10-12 year old range! Mission complete, onto the York Rec Center for a firefighter tribute. Upon reaching the Rec Center, the team was taught about the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. In their honor the "343" was conducted. 100 deadlifts, 100 alternating shoulder presses, 100 ground to overhead, and 43 burpees. The next waypoint was the York L/E Training Facility on Lincoln Rd. Here we would pay our respect to our own York Sheriff Office Detective...Mike Doty, who tragically lost his life to a coward on a DV case several months earlier. Chernobyl joined the group at this point and led the message about Mike Doty. This workout was designed around Mike's badge number...809. 25 burpees, 203 merkins, 25 burpees, 303 flutterkicks, 25 burpees, 203 squats, 25 burpees, and follow it with a 809m run. The team was gassed at this point and with the sun rising, a new motivation sparked in them to finish this event out. The team was lead to the next waypoint to conduct hero workout Stephen after late Stephen Bouzane. Stephen was in Third Battalion of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Canada. Stephen lost his life supporting our troops by an IED. The workout was: 30-25-20-15-10-5 of situps, back extensions (superman), knee lifts, and deadlifts. Oh and this was done in nasty red clay mud pit. Good Times! The final workout for this event would be the infamous Goruck Mog Mile...a one mile bear crawl around the high school. 6 started the event and 5 crossed the line on their hands and knees with Chernobyl bowing out and cannon-balling into the leach infested pond behind the school. Crossing the line the team was rewarded with some hot breakfast and coffee from our pax Numbchuck, HighPockets, and RealTree. Thank you guys for the food, water, fruit, coffee, and smiling faces. Finishers from start to finish: Rasta, Phoenix, Qbert, Blacklung. Finishers of the Mog Mile: Rasta, Phoenix, Qbert, Blacklung, and Korn. Awesome job to all who participated and supported the event. Outstanding effort award goes to Phoenix. If you didn't know, she, yes a "she", finished all the events, with no complaining at all, and she is only 11!....Hey FIA!'s your next pax member! The bigger numbers: approx 13-14miles, 192 burpees, 645 merkins, 254 deadlifts, 279 squats.

5/26 Dragon and Clover recon shut down

By High pockets on 5/25/2018

Come out and support the mastrodon!

Trash pick up 6-16 after the Dragon

By Yogi on 5/14/2018

Will shorten the workout on June 16th to perform trash pickup. All are welcome and we will have bags and vests.

Dragon and Clover recon closed 4/14 for Doty 5k

By High pockets on 4/9/2018 modified on 4/9/2018

It's not to often we get a chance to shut a Ao down to honor a fallen hero. Well this Saturday is your chance. Hope to see everyone there! Location York high school Time 8am The race course will be from the YCHS bus parking lot, through town and passed the police department and back to the high school

P200 Backblast

By Bounty on 3/28/2018 modified on 4/4/2018

Last weekend 5 brave souls ( Bounty, Horton, Blacklung, Cutter, Cesar) ventured out to Columbia to do what had never been done....ruck the P200. For those not in the know, the P200 is a relay type race event that starts in Lexington, SC and ends in Charleston, SC (approx. 208mi). We enlisted some support/driver help from The Body out of Mint Hill with his RV as our mobile HQ. Now keep in mind we decided to do the P200 "rogue" style meaning that we did not enter the event officially due to cost. Doing the race "rogue" style provided some pros and cons which I will try to describe further down below. I was the first leg of the race and so at 0330hrs, I took off. At about the 0430hrs mark I was "harassed" by an older woman that stopped her car only to yell at me. This lady yelled that I was "stupid" and that what I was doing was "dangerous". My reply to her was "How many people do you know of that has died from many people do you know that has died driving? especially at this time of night? and yelling at complete strangers in the middle of the pitch dark country road"? She then sped off calling me stupid again. My thoughts were that this was going to be an awesome event if this is how it is starting! Things pretty much went like this: eat, chat, sleep if you could, feel the RV either hit something or the brakes lock up, jump out, start rucking, jump in, rinse and repeat for 33hrs. Just like a good ol GORUCK event...just when you thought you were at the finish...more miles. Until finally the finish line. Key memories: -RVs are not for tight spaces -RVs are not big enough for 5 guys changing clothes -Watch out for Apache...he just may be hiding in the woods for you -Dead animals and buzzards -Rucker lane! -Dry feet, good shoes, and non cotton socks are HUGELY NEEDED -Rucking with the Number 1 rule: Always look cool (thanks Blacklung for the stylish glasses) -Keeping the Ruck Motto alive: DFQ! Bounty out! Cesars notes and memories: - bring stick for dogs... Dog whispering went out the window in the low country - Horton is a beast... His feet tore up early and he still put up his miles - Bounty couldnt have set us up any better for success... Planning was clutch... I'm really glad he challenged us to push our comfort zone - Blacklung poops more than anyone I have ever met... And he's super fun to be around - Cutter did his job like a robot... No complaints and always ready to go - I couldn't have done it with a better group... These guys would ruck till there legs fell off!! Cesar✌ HORTON here Couldn't have had a better time with these true HIMs. About 30 miles in my feet took a dump. Man it was the worst thing that could have happened at that time. But true Grit and honesty that I didn't know I had came right then. An old black man pulled up in his nice Crown Vic and asked if I needed a ride. As I looked around to see who was looking, my mouth opened 1st and said No there are some guys up the road waiting on me to come in. At the time I was kicking myself but I made it through 16 more miles with the blisters. I have found a new limit to push through thanks to these MEN I got to go through this with. Loads of fun and a Blacklung that bought half the store at 1 in the morning somewhere in the middle of no where and even Turkey punched the cashier. As always thanks for the push. Horton out Cutter here What can I say but wow! Great time and a great push. Awesome time rucking with 4 great guys and riding around with The Body . They cast the wrong guy in the Tansporter movies. Big thanks to The Body for the RV and his time. Nothing like going rouge and rolling incognito in a 50 ft RV. Apparently we are what goes bump in the night. We did eventually had to invoke rule 3. If you do get lost look cool. Couple of lessons learned : Get a nap when you can and eat at least one real meal. Even have to thank apache for raising the whole team's spirits, when Blacklung was the only one to see him. That's Blacklung's story to tell tho. We have a great team everyone brought something to the table and no one quit. I'm honored to have done this with my brothers. Y'all are awesome. Blacklung: It was Leg 27 and it was 5am - the darkest hour. Halfway into this 7-mile leg, my feet were shot, my spirit was drained and I was formulating the surrender I would surely deliver to my teammates... when suddenly a wild Apache appeared! Leaping from a bush, shirtless and full throttle, Apache gave me a protein shake and a firm kiss on the cheek. POW POW POW! I finished Leg 27 fueled by pure Apache power. Upon entering the RV, and in the light of the rising sun, I delivered this story to my fatigued teammates and watched as Apache power flowed through them, lifting chins and moving feet. Needless to say, we finished all 36 Legs. Men, be the shirtless Apaches of the world, ready to jump out of your bush and fuel your brothers to victory!

Cindy Failure

By Jackknife on 3/30/2018

Pax at GS, Cutter, Korn, Red Ryder, Copperhead, BRF, Cesar with Jackknife on Q. Gain Station 3/29/18, I don't know how dates got off but I'm putting BB here. Cindy Failure. Warm up with Moroccan nite club, SSH, windmills and imperial walker. The Thang: Started with Scripture from Romans 3:23, for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We all grabbed a Cindy and circled up. Started with merkins, squats, curls, overhead press, Tricep extension, Laying press, flutter kicks and 6 inches, all until failure, with all Hims holding plank until 6 in. We repeated another round of failure. Number-rama, prayer request, Name-a-rama, ending in COT.

Mastodon Memorial March Pre-Blast 2.0

By Bounty on 2/27/2018 modified on 3/7/2018

Who: All F3 and FIA Pax What: 10+mile ruck march, by teams of (5) or (6), carrying a team weight approx. 150-180lbs, and 10 Hero workouts. When: May 25th 2018, Start time 2000hrs and Endex May 26th 0800hrs Where: York, SC Start and End location will be York Comp High School Why: The march is to commemorate the fallen and remember that they paid the ultimate sacrifice for our safety and freedoms. GONE, BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN Details: Four ways to participate: Conqueror, Lite, Runner, and Volunteer. Conqueror will be teams of (5), carrying 30lb rucks, and a team weight of 180lbs. Lite will be teams of (6), carrying 20lb rucks, and a team weight of 150lbs. Runners will be teams of 4-6, with half the team “nurring” at all times (round down) or carry a team weight of 125lbs. The event will commence with a prayer, explanation of events, safety brief, and motivational speech. Then teams will lift their appropriate weights and start the overnight journey, reflecting on the significance of the event. At each “Dedication Zone”, participants will be greeted by volunteers who will explain the fallen soldier/first responder’s life and death. A workout will then be conducted in their honor before moving on to the next “Dedication Zone”. This will continue until the journey is complete. Once endexed, hot breakfast will be provided with plenty of 2nd F to go around. This will be a perfect time to bring out any FNG's that ruck or just want to participate in the memorial. At the end of the event there will be a donation box for Detective Mike Doty's family. Donation is not mandatory, but will be present for anyone who wants to contribute. Patches and shirts will be available...stay tuned. Required Items: Ruck with appropriate weight Headlamp w/ extra batteries Reflective strips or active wear Suggested Items: Gloves Water Bladder

Clover recon

By Horton on 2/25/2018

Q Orvis CO Q Horton 8 ON Q Redwood, Realtree, Bubba Gump, Six Sigma, BIG MAC, 1/4 Pounder Disclaimer, 12 merkins in cadence, 5 windmill in cadence, 15 ssh in cadence. Money to back of school for 50 dips and 50 lbc oyo. Money to “soup bowl” for 11’s with merkins and monkey humpers. Money to football field for lt. dans and bear crawl for 100 yards alternating every ten yards Then the Q was handed over to YHC where we started at one end of the field with a partner work out for 200 combined count LBC'S while the other partner takes a lap on the track and then 100 squats and 50 BIG BOY SIT UPS. Then a MOSEY lap around to Recon the area. Had a few wall sits and bear CRAWLS added in along the way. When we got around front we had a short MERKINDIAN RUN back to the COT. I talked over the 3 F's that keep us moving through life and had a few verses out of 1st Timothy to share as the 3rd F. NUMBERAMA NAMEORAMA As always I am honored to lead such great HIMS. HORTON OUT!

Mastodon Memorial March Pre-Blast

By Bounty on 2/15/2018

It's that time again already. Time to start planning the Mastodon Ruck Event. This year the Mastodon will be a CSAWP (Completely Stupid and With a Point). This year the whole event will revolve around Memorial Day, what it means, and paying our respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thus the Mastodon Memorial March. On May 26th 2018, we will be conducting a 12-20mi ruck/run around York. We will be stopping along the way to remember those who are gone but not forgotten. How will this be done you ask? Hero workouts and a team weight. Runners will be welcome as well (just no ruck). This is NOT a race but a memorial challenge event designed to be finished by all as a team (with pain and discomfort). Quick Breakdown: -15-20mile ruck/run -30lbs ruck if 150 and over -20lbs ruck if under 150 -6-12 Hero workouts (undetermined at this time) -Teams will consist of (5) pax (make a team or show up and get placed on one) -Team weight (issued at the start) -Some second F and refreshments afterwards -No fee, but asking for a donation to help offset costs and to provide as a gift to the Doty family Additional info (route, workouts, start and end) will be coming out later. Mark your calendars and come participate in this event. It will be different from other events. It will be punishing. It will be Legen.....wait for it.....dary. Volunteers would be awesome if you want to help but not fully participate in the actual event.

F3 MudRun 2018

By Bounty on 2/15/2018

F3, obstacles, mud, fun....

Trash pickup 2-17-2018

By Yogi on 2/12/2018

It is that time of year again...You ask what time? Trash pickup! As you know we have adopted the road adjacent to the Dragon. Lincoln road from the intersection to the roundabout. We will end the Dragon 15 minutes early to get a jump on trash pickup. The more Pax the faster it goes. Typically it take 1 hour if we don't find too many bud light bottles (ask why at the Dragon). Look forward to you help! Yogi.

2018 leadership changes

By High pockets on 1/27/2018 modified on 1/27/2018

York's direction will be to change our non site Q positions the start of every year. This year's positions are as follows: Nantan- High pockets Weasle shaker - Chef COMS - Blacklung 1st F Chernobyl (with Bounties guidance on CSAUPs) 2nd F Chef 3rd F Horton Please try to support each in their new position as we look to take on the new year and push York F3 to new all time highs. It will take us all, and your best will be good enough. Hp out

F3 York promoting bridges not walls in 2018

By High pockets on 1/25/2018 modified on 1/25/2018

Sunday, while running the bike trail at R&R, we noticed the red bridge on the trail needed some attention. I contacted the Rec Monday and just ironed out most the final details today. The rest is up to us. Today at the Himship, Horton spoke of bridges. I thought to myself; this is going to happen. Currently the bridge is red. Although I got thinking... what if we could talk them into letting us paint it black and paint our F3 logo in white right in the center. Couldn't hurt to ask... right? Well after 2 days of nothing, I got the's approved! They will also post a sign up at the bridge recognizing us for our efforts. Details: When -Sometime next couple months on a Saturday morning? Cost -All paint and supplies provided by City of York. What has to be done -Brush loose paint chips off and paint. Potential hurdles -Enough PAX to make it happen -Someone that can paint our symbol on the bridge I didn't fully lie about putting us on the map. Maybe Years from now if you zoom in real close on Google will see our F3 bridge. Hp out

York Region T- shirt contest

By High pockets on 1/25/2018 modified on 1/25/2018

We opened up this contest a few months ago. Although the winner wasn't 100% clear, and allot of the PAX didn't get to vote. So we will open this contest back up and give it a deadline of 02/28/18 to receive entries. If you sent your entry in for the original contest i have it and their is no need in resending it. (Unless you would like to revise it) I will create a online voting option and scan all the entries in to be voted on. Please email your design entry to by the last day of Feb.. HP out

Icebreaker BackBlast

By Bounty on 1/16/2018 modified on 1/18/2018

[Update 1/17/2018: Added images. -Black Lung] <img style="width: 100%" src="" /> So the day started early at 0400 to set up and get ready for our big event. Pax were scrambling around with sandbags, cinder blocks, tents, bags, donations, etc. At roughly 0515hrs we started the beginning of a long day that didn't end till approximately 1600hrs. A quick count off was conducted, disclaimer given, prayer, then we began. The days events would go as follows: Army Physical Fitness Test Goruck Tough PT Test Weighted Throw Griff Hero Workout Marsoc Short Card AMRAP Cindy Tricep Extension Coupon Carry Relay Bradley Hero Workout BlackBeard II Hero Workout Filthy Fifty AMRAP Cindy Curls Multi-Run Spartan 300 Madison Triplet 18 brave souls (to include three 2.0's) started the event with 8 remaining at the end. The day was filled with: cold temps, wind, sweat, soreness, hard work, dedication, motivation, positivity, and team work. Even though this was an individual competition; there was just as much team work and unity going on. Men were doing all they could to keep other pax in the fight, even if it meant obtaining a lower score. That right there is the real winner of the day...Men locking shields, sharpening iron, and helping their brothers. I am super proud of all who participated in this event. Yall demonstrated what the true reasons why F3 is so successful. A brief HOT lunch was provided by York's own RedRider with some homemade Chicken Bog. Thanks thanks and thanks! Things observed worth noting: 1. APFT...dang this thing is lot of calculating to score for so many people! 2. Goruck PT Test...Cadre Danny would be proud as majority beat the standard 35-37 minutes. 3. Weighted Throw...didn't know that throwing a ball would be such an issue with rules, haha 4. Griff...I think I actually run faster backwards than I do forward 5. Marsoc...don't poke the bear if you see a mistake...we did burpees twice cuz of typo, haha. 6. Cindy Curls and Tri's...ensure all cinder blocks weigh the same or make sure you get one of the light ones and Cesar...what were you doing? I wish a vid of Cesar doing the curls...ahhaaha 7. Coupon year will be rougher, heavier, and longer 8. Bradley...glad we didn't use pullups...this would have really sucked 9. Blackbeard...maybe level 3 next year?...anyone? anyone? Bueller? *crickets* 10. Filthy Fifty...silently laughed when everyone asked "50 more burpees?" ahhahahahaha 11. year will be more entertaining as time screwed me on this one 12.'ve been year you will get the real thing w/devious laugh 13. Madison Triplet...I will not do extra burpees with anyone next year...yes I will Scoring- 1. Based off Crossfit Games scoring 2. There were 3 variations of throws conducted. A 1st,2nd,3rd place was given for each variation. 100pts awarded to first, 50pts to second, and 25 to third. Everyone else gets a "0". 3. Ties went to both competitors Results- 1. Rad 1082 Winner, Finisher 2. Bounty 1080 Finisher 3. Yogi 1027 Finisher (almost quit but didn't!) 4. BlackLung 1002 Finisher (almost quit but didn't) 5. Cesar 990 Finisher (sacrificed his score several times to help others!) 6. Chernobyl 981 (Completed 11/14 with a severe cold) 7. Qbert 950 Finisher (future menace for sure) 8. Cutter 923 Finisher (missed a whole event due to cramping then returned FORTITUDE) 9. Woodchuck 839 Finisher (Respect and a half, roll model, DFQ attitude) 10. HighPockets 656 (Completed 7/14 and was dominating before coaching called him out) 11. Korn 593 (Completed 9/14 and watch out when his knees get better) 12. Numbchuck 364 (Completed 6/14 and gave it his all before the rodeo come calling) 13. Horton 361 (Completed 6/14 missing a few events to take 2.0's home) 14. JackKnife 353 (Completed 6/14 before he bowed out and remained to help score) 15. QuarterPounder 122 (Completed 3/14; 2.0 young, strong, and will be a future contender) 16. BigMac 116 (Completed 3/14; 2.0 young, strong, and will be a future contender) 17. Mugsy 112 (Completed 3/14; 2.0 young, strong, and will be a future contender) Much thanks to all who helped, contributed, participated, or supported this event. I fear that this one will only get bigger and tougher each year and will need all sorts of help. At the end we learned that one of the Mint Hill pax (Gremlin) went down in a workout. We prayed for his family and friends and gave thanks for all our blessings from the Lord before parting ways. <img style="width: 100%" src="" /> <img style="width: 100%" src="" /> <img style="width: 100%" src="" /> <img style="width: 100%" src="" /> <img style="width: 100%" src="" /> <img style="width: 100%" src="" /> <img style="width: 100%" src="" /> <img style="width: 100%" src="" /> <img style="width: 100%" src="" /> <img style="width: 100%" src="" />

New Start Time for R&R

By Red Rider on 1/9/2018

Starting 1-14 R&R will begin at 7:00 am. It will still be an hour long.

Community Project: Tender Hearts Donation Shed

By Black Lung on 1/5/2018

Monday 1/8/2018 6pm At Tender Hearts We'll be loading the donations from the shed to a trailer and then unloading about 10 mins away. Should take 1-2 hours depending on the number of PAX.

York vs Rockhill football game

By Highpockets on 12/21/2017 modified on 12/31/2017

The York PAX has invited rockhill to a friendly F3flag football game Saturday, 1/27 @ 8am after the workout at the Dragon. Come at 7am for a Trifecta Q with CHEF,KoRN & Horton. Rockhill has been named The Football City of America, but they are in York county. So it's time to put this to to rest.

F3 Lake Murray's "Cottonmouth" CSAUP

By Bounty on 12/5/2017

F3's Midlands region is hosting this event in Lake Murray, SC on 12/30/2017. Great introductory ruck event for those who don't wont to do the heavy mileage of a GORUCK....yet. F3LakeMurray presents The 2017 Cottonmouth, the original ruck #CSAUP of F3Midlands.  This edition takes us to the backroads of Newberry and Lexington Counties for a little fun and fellowship, as well as Good Livin’.  Whether you are a veteran of many rucks or if this will be your first, The Cottonmouth promises to be a good time for all pax. Regarding this CSAUP, it is not a GORUCK event.  There are plenty of opportunities to participate in GORUCK events around us.  While there will be a Welcome Party and some PT along the way, the focus will be more on fun and fellowship rather than suck.  In other words, there won’t be any slosh pipes or Krackens at this event.  Your back and shoulders should stay in tact for your New Year’s events.  If anything, we’d like this event to serve as an introduction to those F3 pax who are interested in rucking but are not quite ready to join the Green Berets (or be yelled at by one).  With that said, there still will be some challenges to make it worth your while for all those salty veterans out there …. There will be a team sport aspect to it, so remember, it pays to be a winner. When:  Saturday, December 30. Where: Startex is Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Little Mountain.  Start time is 0600.  Endex is Chapin High School.  Approximate end time will be 1100. What To Bring:  This is a ruck, so bring your ruck.  Weight, though encouraged, is optional.  Suggested weight is Tough weight (30lbs).  Bring hydration and whatever food/snacks you want to carry for nourishment.  The planned distance is 9.0 miles; accordingly, you need not plan for or pack for an expedition to the South Pole.  The lighter your kit (minus weight and water), the better for you it likely will be.  There will be no water evolution at this event, so leave all those extra clothes at the house. Regarding your ruck, it is mandatory that you have a PT belt or something else reflective to attach to it.  As well, you will need a headlamp (and extra batteries).  Safety is paramount. How Do I Sign Up:  HC to Bellhop (Christian Stegmaier) at @cstegmaier or @F3LMRucking.  Our desire is to have at least 50 pax for this event.  So, HC now and tell your fellow pax. Patch:  There will be a patch for this event.  To receive one, you must complete the event and PayPal $5 to  Any residual monies will be donated to Oliver Gospel Mission. At the endex, pax are welcome to proceed to Farm Boys in Chapin for some barbecue and more fellowship. Questions? Please let us know at or 803-467-9699 (text or call).

School of Ruck's - Ruck Advancement Program

By Bounty on 12/1/2017

School of Ruck is pleased to announce that there will be a Ruck Advancement Program starting on December 6. This program is designed to constantly push the pax to reach their goals in regards to rucking whether it be for fitness, something new and different, or an upcoming GORUCK or Csaup event. This program was also developed in the hope of increasing the numbers of Pax who post and more importantly "Q" at the School of Ruck. How is this possible you may ask, by giving the Pax a clear goal to meet without any time limits. This program will be supported by the promise of "Awards" for each milestone achieved by the Pax. We all know that shirts and patches are worn as trophies within the F3 community, so here will be some that would only be available through the School of Ruck. Keep in mind the time posted for each title is just an estimate on how long it can take, not how long it will take....remember no time limit. And no, nothing in the past counts...this is a fresh slate for all. Title Award Professor 2.5mos Recognition/ Respect Post for 10 workouts “Q” 3 ruck workouts Master 6mos Custom Gift (TBD) Post for 20 workouts “Q” 5 ruck workouts Complete any ruck event (Goruck, Csaup) Master Valedictorian (Ironman) Certificate Awarded Post for 25 consecutive workouts without missing and “Q” 8 workouts Complete any ruck event (Goruck, Csaup) Expert 1yr Custom Patch Awarded Post for 45 workouts “Q” 12 ruck workouts Complete a Goruck event and (2) ruck Csaups Complete any Pathfinder Program (Forward, Endure, Advanced) see me for details Bad Mother Rucker 1.5yrs Custom T-shirt and Patch Post for 75 workouts “Q” 25 ruck workouts Complete (3) Goruck events and (5) ruck Csaups Complete (2) Pathfinder Programs (Forward, Endure, and Advanced) Complete GRT PT Test in under 32min (100 burpees, 1 mile, 50 burpees, 1 mile)


By asdf on 11/20/2017


Obstacle Course Races and Training

By Bounty on 11/20/2017

Here is a quick lookup for some obstacle course races in the area if would like to try your hand at one or three or four. Lets hook up for some additional training. MAR 17- Rugged Maniac 3mi, Mt. Pleasant, SC APR 7- Spartan Sprint 3mi, Concord, NC MAY 5- GreenBeretChallenge 5-6mi, Atlanta, GA MAY 19- USMC MudRun 5-6mi, Columbia, SC MAY 19- Savage Race 5mi, Charlotte, NC MAY 19- Rugged Maniac 3mi, Rockingham, NC JUN 2- Warrior Dash 3mi, Huntersville, NC JUN ?- Insane Inflatable 5K 3mi, Charlotte, NC AUG 4- Spartan Super 8-10mi, Asheville, NC OCT 20- Tough Mudder 10mi, Atlanta, GA

Gain Station this Thursday

By Jackknife on 11/12/2017

This Thursday, 7:30pm, 11/16/17, will be a special beat down. Come out for Scrums final beat down at Gain Station, so he'll be ready for basic training. I guarantee it will be workout you will not soon forget. You will be Army strong!

Friday 11/10/17 AO 2nd Recon 2nd/3rd F

By Horton on 11/1/2017 modified on 11/6/2017

We are going to try to make a new AO on Friday for 2nd/3rd F and breakfast. Where: Waffle House in York When: Friday Time: 0500 Hope to see you guys there. For those of you that take Friday off..... start that day with us. For those of you that don't post somewhere or we'll see you then! #RECON3RDF

Union Baptist walk for water

By High pockets on 10/11/2017 modified on 11/3/2017

My church has a goal to raise $12,500 this year to purchase a well for a community in an undeveloped country. The company building the wells is based out of Charleston, and has been extremely vetted by our pastor and other members. They have very low operating overhead. This is one of many fundraisers we plan to have for this cause. Please Hc on the form and let them know you are coming. All donations are welcome. 1800 children die a day due to unclean water. Let's make our impact known around the world brothers. 10/4/17 10am walk/run/ruck 5k If you feel lead to donate, you can do so here. Sign up for our F3 team here

World's fastest 5k 11/4/17 Fort Mill

By Bounty on 10/15/2017 modified on 10/15/2017

World's fastest5k...and bacon! See link for more info.

Icebreaker CSAUP 1/13/18 York Middle School

By Bounty on 10/11/2017

12hr. Endurance Competition When: 1/13/18 0500hrs kickoff - approx 1700hrs endex Where: York Middle School Why: Why ask why? It's a CSAUP...Just do it! This will be an ultimate test for yourself and to see how far you have progressed while in F3. The Quickee: 40 pax will compete in 14 individual events in approx. 12hrs for points leading to an overall champion. The events will cover running, jumping, lifting, pulling, pushing, cardio, agility, endurance. You will need: EXTREME TRAINING, DETERMINATION, HEART, and a DFQ ATTITUDE! This will suck! The Events: in random order 1. APFT- 2min max merkins, 2min max situps, 2mile run 2. GRT PT TEST- 100 burpees, 1 mile run, 50 burpees, 1 mile run 3. Weighted Throw- Throw unknown heavy object for distance 4. Madison Triplet- 1mi run stopping at every 1/4 to do (4) SB thrusters and (4) burpees 5. Multi-Run- 1/2mi track coupon run, 2mi trail (obstacle) run, 1mi road run 6. Cindy Curl AMRAP- 1min amrap curls with Cindy 7. Cindy Tri-Extension AMRAP- 1min amrap extensions with Cindy 8. Filthy Fifty- 50ea: ssh, box jumps,bent over rows, Cindy swings, lunge, leg lifts, o/h press, upright rows, thrusters, burpees 9. BlackBeard II- 1.5mi run, 75 bigboys, 50 merks, 1.5mi run, 2min forearm plank, 50ssh, 25 burpees, 1.5mi run...all runs will be with a 30lb sandbag 10. Modified Spartan 300- 25 bent over rows w/ Cindy, 50 straight leg deadlifts w/ Cindy, 50 merks, 50 box jumps, 50 floor wipers w/ (4) Cindys, 50 single arm clean&press 35lbs ea., 25 bent over rows w/ Cindy 11. MARSOC Short Card- 30merks, 30squats, 30lbc's, 10burpees, 10windmill, 30merks, 30mountain climbers, 30flutterkicks, 10burpees, 10cherrypickers, 30merks, 30ssh, 30supermans, 10burpees, 10overhead claps, 30merks, 30lunges, 30hello dollies, 10burpees, 10American hammers, 20 bent over rows 12. Coupon Carry Relay- Yoke carry 100y, sprint back, Farmer carry 100y, sprint back, SB Carry 100y, Sled Pull 100y back to start with all items 13. Surprise! 14. Surprise! Be prepared for at least 14+miles of running, minimum of 250 merkins and a minimum of 380 burpees. The Fine Print: There will a chance to "earn" extra points before every event if pax choose to do so. Also, AMRAP events will be "It pays to be a winner" graded...every rep counts. Ties will be handled as adults...Rock Paper Scissors men. The Finer Print: First 40 pax to HC are in. We (F3York) are asking for a $10 donation (drinks, lunch, materials) and (10) cans/ boxes of non perishable food items to be donated to the York P.A.T.H. For further info contact Bounty. Scoring will consistent with the Crossfit Games' format: 1st=100, 2nd=95, 3=90, 4=85, 5=80, 6=75, 7=73, 8=71, 9=69, 10=67, 11=65, 12=63, 13=61, 14=59, 15=57, 16=55, 17=53, 18=51, 19=49, 20=47, 21=45, 22=43, 23=41, 24=39, 25=37, 26=35, 27=33, 28=31, 29=29, 30=27, 31=26, 32=25, 33=24, 34=23, 35=22, 36=21, 37=20, 38=19, 39=18, 40=17

Grandfather Mountain Ruck 11/4/17

By Bounty on 10/11/2017

When: 11/4/17 0900hrs start Where: Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail to Calloway Peak (Hwy 105 in Banner Elk, NC) What: Approx. 8mi round trip with approx. 2000ft elevation change. This is not a leisure walk as you will be required to be on "all fours" to navigate certain spots. We will be resting at the top for trail lunch and pictures. Rucks will be required for the sake of carrying lunch, water, and whatever else you may need, but no weight requirement. More info contact Chum (Mint Hill) or Bounty (York). Several pax will be renting rooms and cabins to stay the night and enjoy the nightlife as well if interested.

Iron Project Leadership Experience 1/2/18 Battle of Kings Mountain

By Bounty on 10/11/2017

TIP Ironclad Leadership Experiences are cast around enjoyable outings that provide leadership lessons drawn from important events in our history. Along the way, we'll link the lessons from Kings Mountain to present-day leadership challenges. This Ironclad experience is appropriate for all hands who would enjoy a few hours of thought and discussion around history and leadership. We encourage you to bring students as well. 0730: Breakfast 3116 N. Davidson St. Suite 260 Charlotte, NC 0930-1030: Movement to Kings Mountain via personal vehicle 1030-1200: Battlefield leadership lessons. Rucks are encouraged 1200: After Action Review and Finex Tuition: $50 per person for breakfast and class materials Registration opens 10/16/17, for further info email

Family Ruck 001 11/18/17 Ft. Mill, SC

By Bounty on 10/11/2017

As the name implies, this is a FAMILY event and we encourage and want Ms and 2.0s! No rucking experience needed, this is meant to be a family event NOT a CSAUP, so just grab a backpack, any weight or no weight is fine and let's enjoy some fellowship and rucking (ruckership). This will be a 3.3mi route within Baxter Village with two stops along the way at parks for a break for kids and activities. Starting point: Mushroom Pool (3387 Richard's Crossing, Fort Mill) Endex: Baxter Town Center on Colonel Springs Way Start time: 1500hrs End time: Approx. 1700hrs There will be a Pre-Ruck option as well starting at the Baxter Town Center at 1400hrs. Adult beverages are allowed for some 2ndF at the Endex! More info contact WWL, Cobra Kai, or CSPAN

Capital Ruck Tour 10/21/17 Columbia, SC

By Bounty on 10/11/2017

GORUCK Cadre Danny (F3 Linus) is rucking all the capitals to raise awareness and funds for Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW). More info go to:

New website feature: Annoucements!

By Black Lung on 10/11/2017

Now you can add announcements to the website and automatically blast them on GroupMe, or copy the link and blast them on Twitter, FB, etc. Check it out! <a href=""></a>