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School of Ruck's - Ruck Advancement Program

By Bounty on 12/1/2017

School of Ruck is pleased to announce that there will be a Ruck Advancement Program starting on December 6. This program is designed to constantly push the pax to reach their goals in regards to rucking whether it be for fitness, something new and different, or an upcoming GORUCK or Csaup event. This program was also developed in the hope of increasing the numbers of Pax who post and more importantly "Q" at the School of Ruck. How is this possible you may ask, by giving the Pax a clear goal to meet without any time limits. This program will be supported by the promise of "Awards" for each milestone achieved by the Pax. We all know that shirts and patches are worn as trophies within the F3 community, so here will be some that would only be available through the School of Ruck. Keep in mind the time posted for each title is just an estimate on how long it can take, not how long it will take....remember no time limit. And no, nothing in the past counts...this is a fresh slate for all. Title Award Professor 2.5mos Recognition/ Respect Post for 10 workouts “Q” 3 ruck workouts Master 6mos Custom Gift (TBD) Post for 20 workouts “Q” 5 ruck workouts Complete any ruck event (Goruck, Csaup) Master Valedictorian (Ironman) Certificate Awarded Post for 25 consecutive workouts without missing and “Q” 8 workouts Complete any ruck event (Goruck, Csaup) Expert 1yr Custom Patch Awarded Post for 45 workouts “Q” 12 ruck workouts Complete a Goruck event and (2) ruck Csaups Complete any Pathfinder Program (Forward, Endure, Advanced) see me for details Bad Mother Rucker 1.5yrs Custom T-shirt and Patch Post for 75 workouts “Q” 25 ruck workouts Complete (3) Goruck events and (5) ruck Csaups Complete (2) Pathfinder Programs (Forward, Endure, and Advanced) Complete GRT PT Test in under 32min (100 burpees, 1 mile, 50 burpees, 1 mile)

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