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F3 York promoting bridges not walls in 2018

By High pockets on 1/25/2018 modified on 1/25/2018

Sunday, while running the bike trail at R&R, we noticed the red bridge on the trail needed some attention. I contacted the Rec Monday and just ironed out most the final details today. The rest is up to us. Today at the Himship, Horton spoke of bridges. I thought to myself; this is going to happen. Currently the bridge is red. Although I got thinking... what if we could talk them into letting us paint it black and paint our F3 logo in white right in the center. Couldn't hurt to ask... right? Well after 2 days of nothing, I got the's approved! They will also post a sign up at the bridge recognizing us for our efforts. Details: When -Sometime next couple months on a Saturday morning? Cost -All paint and supplies provided by City of York. What has to be done -Brush loose paint chips off and paint. Potential hurdles -Enough PAX to make it happen -Someone that can paint our symbol on the bridge I didn't fully lie about putting us on the map. Maybe Years from now if you zoom in real close on Google will see our F3 bridge. Hp out

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