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Mastodon Memorial March Pre-Blast

By Bounty on 2/15/2018

It's that time again already. Time to start planning the Mastodon Ruck Event. This year the Mastodon will be a CSAWP (Completely Stupid and With a Point). This year the whole event will revolve around Memorial Day, what it means, and paying our respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thus the Mastodon Memorial March. On May 26th 2018, we will be conducting a 12-20mi ruck/run around York. We will be stopping along the way to remember those who are gone but not forgotten. How will this be done you ask? Hero workouts and a team weight. Runners will be welcome as well (just no ruck). This is NOT a race but a memorial challenge event designed to be finished by all as a team (with pain and discomfort). Quick Breakdown: -15-20mile ruck/run -30lbs ruck if 150 and over -20lbs ruck if under 150 -6-12 Hero workouts (undetermined at this time) -Teams will consist of (5) pax (make a team or show up and get placed on one) -Team weight (issued at the start) -Some second F and refreshments afterwards -No fee, but asking for a donation to help offset costs and to provide as a gift to the Doty family Additional info (route, workouts, start and end) will be coming out later. Mark your calendars and come participate in this event. It will be different from other events. It will be punishing. It will be Legen.....wait for it.....dary. Volunteers would be awesome if you want to help but not fully participate in the actual event.

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