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P200 Backblast

By Bounty on 3/28/2018 modified on 4/4/2018

Last weekend 5 brave souls ( Bounty, Horton, Blacklung, Cutter, Cesar) ventured out to Columbia to do what had never been done....ruck the P200. For those not in the know, the P200 is a relay type race event that starts in Lexington, SC and ends in Charleston, SC (approx. 208mi). We enlisted some support/driver help from The Body out of Mint Hill with his RV as our mobile HQ. Now keep in mind we decided to do the P200 "rogue" style meaning that we did not enter the event officially due to cost. Doing the race "rogue" style provided some pros and cons which I will try to describe further down below. I was the first leg of the race and so at 0330hrs, I took off. At about the 0430hrs mark I was "harassed" by an older woman that stopped her car only to yell at me. This lady yelled that I was "stupid" and that what I was doing was "dangerous". My reply to her was "How many people do you know of that has died from many people do you know that has died driving? especially at this time of night? and yelling at complete strangers in the middle of the pitch dark country road"? She then sped off calling me stupid again. My thoughts were that this was going to be an awesome event if this is how it is starting! Things pretty much went like this: eat, chat, sleep if you could, feel the RV either hit something or the brakes lock up, jump out, start rucking, jump in, rinse and repeat for 33hrs. Just like a good ol GORUCK event...just when you thought you were at the finish...more miles. Until finally the finish line. Key memories: -RVs are not for tight spaces -RVs are not big enough for 5 guys changing clothes -Watch out for Apache...he just may be hiding in the woods for you -Dead animals and buzzards -Rucker lane! -Dry feet, good shoes, and non cotton socks are HUGELY NEEDED -Rucking with the Number 1 rule: Always look cool (thanks Blacklung for the stylish glasses) -Keeping the Ruck Motto alive: DFQ! Bounty out! Cesars notes and memories: - bring stick for dogs... Dog whispering went out the window in the low country - Horton is a beast... His feet tore up early and he still put up his miles - Bounty couldnt have set us up any better for success... Planning was clutch... I'm really glad he challenged us to push our comfort zone - Blacklung poops more than anyone I have ever met... And he's super fun to be around - Cutter did his job like a robot... No complaints and always ready to go - I couldn't have done it with a better group... These guys would ruck till there legs fell off!! Cesar✌ HORTON here Couldn't have had a better time with these true HIMs. About 30 miles in my feet took a dump. Man it was the worst thing that could have happened at that time. But true Grit and honesty that I didn't know I had came right then. An old black man pulled up in his nice Crown Vic and asked if I needed a ride. As I looked around to see who was looking, my mouth opened 1st and said No there are some guys up the road waiting on me to come in. At the time I was kicking myself but I made it through 16 more miles with the blisters. I have found a new limit to push through thanks to these MEN I got to go through this with. Loads of fun and a Blacklung that bought half the store at 1 in the morning somewhere in the middle of no where and even Turkey punched the cashier. As always thanks for the push. Horton out Cutter here What can I say but wow! Great time and a great push. Awesome time rucking with 4 great guys and riding around with The Body . They cast the wrong guy in the Tansporter movies. Big thanks to The Body for the RV and his time. Nothing like going rouge and rolling incognito in a 50 ft RV. Apparently we are what goes bump in the night. We did eventually had to invoke rule 3. If you do get lost look cool. Couple of lessons learned : Get a nap when you can and eat at least one real meal. Even have to thank apache for raising the whole team's spirits, when Blacklung was the only one to see him. That's Blacklung's story to tell tho. We have a great team everyone brought something to the table and no one quit. I'm honored to have done this with my brothers. Y'all are awesome. Blacklung: It was Leg 27 and it was 5am - the darkest hour. Halfway into this 7-mile leg, my feet were shot, my spirit was drained and I was formulating the surrender I would surely deliver to my teammates... when suddenly a wild Apache appeared! Leaping from a bush, shirtless and full throttle, Apache gave me a protein shake and a firm kiss on the cheek. POW POW POW! I finished Leg 27 fueled by pure Apache power. Upon entering the RV, and in the light of the rising sun, I delivered this story to my fatigued teammates and watched as Apache power flowed through them, lifting chins and moving feet. Needless to say, we finished all 36 Legs. Men, be the shirtless Apaches of the world, ready to jump out of your bush and fuel your brothers to victory!

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