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Mastodon2018 BB

By Bounty on 5/29/2018

What: Mastodon Memorial March 2018 When: Memorial Day Weekend What: Ruck march event to honor the fallen. Where: York, SC 2000hrs- We gathered up and headed to the big "Y" at the high school to kick the night off. We started with: Blacklung, Horton, Jackknife, Cesar, Ketchup, Qbert, Rasta, Thing1 (later named Phoenix, and Thing 2. Horton introduced us to the first honoree...David Blake McClendon and then they started the Blake workout...4rds of 100' walking lunge, 30 box jumps, 20 thrusters, and 10 derkins. The group was then introduced their team weight...Private Partz...a 165lb casualty made up of sandbags rolled into a tarp. The team was advised that the objective was to get Private Partz to the end point by 0900 the next morn. Blacklung was designated the Team Leader and was given his instructions to get to the next point in designated time. The group made the time hack and so they were introduced to the next honorees. They were told the story of Mogadishu and the 19 soldiers from Task Force Ranger who lost their lives. The workout consisted of 4 Rounds of: 19 Ground to Overhead Ruck (swing or snatch), 19 Front Squats, 19 Merkins, and 400m run with front carry. Due to work, the team lost Horton after this workout. The Blacklung led team then made their way to the next waypoint (RnR) to learn about Robert J Cottle "RJ" and to conduct his hero workout in his memory. RJ consisted of: 4rnds of 800m run, 5 Bent over rows, and 50 merkins. ***Side note*** In true F3 York fashion, the cops were involved. The boys in blue pulled me over for not using a turn signal while in a heavy drug use area. I think they were just trying to be proactive, but pulled the wrong guy. No drugs in my vehicle unless you count the heavy aroma a bug spray and ticket, just warning and some turkey punching. The team used some creativity and found a make shift cart to carry Private Partz in alleviate the pain of carrying the heavy weight. "If you aint cheatin, you aint tryin" came into play. +1 to all participants for thinking outside the box on this. Team Leader was switched out and the team moved on to the next point at the CoalYard where RedRider was waiting to teach us a lesson about Ashley White. The White workout went as follows: 5 sets of 20 Bent over rows, 5 sets of 10 leg lifts, 5 sets of 21 walking lunges, and to finish it off...400m run. Morale seemed to be dwindling down a bit and BlackLung hooked up the group with an ice cold Coke. The sugar and caffeine was a big hit among the crowd, but we did lose one of our youngins. Thing 2 gracefully bowed out due to being tired and she had a birthday party to attend the next day. Did I mention that she was only 10 and stuck it out till about 0100! The decision was made to drop Private Partz at the CoalYard and to continue without it for the remainder of the night due to safety and time issues. Into the night the team marched on to Murphy's to conduct the next hero's workout, "Jack", who was for fallen soldier Jack Martin and led by Korn. The workout consisted of the following: 20min AMRAP of 20 overhead press, 20 ruck swings, and 10 curb jumps. Korn jumped into the fun at this point. Onward to Harold C for a workout dedicated to the seven CIA officers who died from a suicide bomber. Before reaching the workout site we met a albino skunk who didn't want to be friendly. At the school the workout was conducted in the playground and consisted of: 7 rounds of 7 reps of 7 exercises to include...alternating shoulder press, thrusters, knee lifts, deadlifts, burpees, ruck swings, and pull ups. Cesar and Ketchup bowed out at this point. Great job guys...especially Ketchup who was in that 10-12 year old range! Mission complete, onto the York Rec Center for a firefighter tribute. Upon reaching the Rec Center, the team was taught about the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. In their honor the "343" was conducted. 100 deadlifts, 100 alternating shoulder presses, 100 ground to overhead, and 43 burpees. The next waypoint was the York L/E Training Facility on Lincoln Rd. Here we would pay our respect to our own York Sheriff Office Detective...Mike Doty, who tragically lost his life to a coward on a DV case several months earlier. Chernobyl joined the group at this point and led the message about Mike Doty. This workout was designed around Mike's badge number...809. 25 burpees, 203 merkins, 25 burpees, 303 flutterkicks, 25 burpees, 203 squats, 25 burpees, and follow it with a 809m run. The team was gassed at this point and with the sun rising, a new motivation sparked in them to finish this event out. The team was lead to the next waypoint to conduct hero workout Stephen after late Stephen Bouzane. Stephen was in Third Battalion of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Canada. Stephen lost his life supporting our troops by an IED. The workout was: 30-25-20-15-10-5 of situps, back extensions (superman), knee lifts, and deadlifts. Oh and this was done in nasty red clay mud pit. Good Times! The final workout for this event would be the infamous Goruck Mog Mile...a one mile bear crawl around the high school. 6 started the event and 5 crossed the line on their hands and knees with Chernobyl bowing out and cannon-balling into the leach infested pond behind the school. Crossing the line the team was rewarded with some hot breakfast and coffee from our pax Numbchuck, HighPockets, and RealTree. Thank you guys for the food, water, fruit, coffee, and smiling faces. Finishers from start to finish: Rasta, Phoenix, Qbert, Blacklung. Finishers of the Mog Mile: Rasta, Phoenix, Qbert, Blacklung, and Korn. Awesome job to all who participated and supported the event. Outstanding effort award goes to Phoenix. If you didn't know, she, yes a "she", finished all the events, with no complaining at all, and she is only 11!....Hey FIA!'s your next pax member! The bigger numbers: approx 13-14miles, 192 burpees, 645 merkins, 254 deadlifts, 279 squats.

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