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York "Disc Vader" Pre-Blast Revised

By Bounty on 7/17/2018 modified on 8/16/2018

Who: F3, 2.0's, and FNG's What: 4-man Disc Golf Tournament When: September 8th 2018 0900-1300??? Tee off at 0930 Where: York Middle School Why: Fellowship and to raise money for local charities Cost: $20 per pax Description: Disc golf tournament utilizing the 4-man team "Best Disc" Captain's Choice methodology...with an F3 twist. Come after your Saturday W/O or come join us at the Dragon in York then head to the course. Just come out and bring good attitudes...and an FNG! Steps: Assemble your 4 man team and notify Bounty ( , 803-322-8650) with your team's name, Captain, and Pax. Show up on August 18th at 0900 with your team, pay your entry fee/ donation, draw your starting tee-off position, do the requested exercise, tee-off, play best disc according to your Captain, record your score, move to next hole, rinse and repeat for 20 holes. Assemble at start point when finished to record final score and determine winners. Entry Fees/ Donations will be divided up amongst Richardson Rescue and a donation for the passing of F3 York's Will "Stringbean" Frederick. In the case of a tie/s...there will be exercise requirements prior to conducting a closet to pin toss. How will the exercises work? Prior to tee-off, the team will perform the stated exercise with the repetitions coming from the hole number and adding an "0". For example, before teeing off on hole #7... the exercise might be flutterkicks. The team will add a "0" and perform 70 flutterkicks. The same for every hole...hole #15 will be 150, hole #10 will be 100, and so on. Each team will be allowed to have (1) team mulligan (from the tee only) for a price of 25 burpees from each pax. Individuals can purchase an additional mulligan to use at any time during registration for $5 extra. What gear can you use? Any type of frisbee or disc will be allowed due to "fun" nature of the event. Bring as many as you want to use, or just one to use the whole time...doesn't matter. Camelbacks will be nice to have. Water will be provided along the course until it runs out. May the course be with you!...Thanks HighPockets!

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