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November announcements

By High pockets on 11/1/2018 modified on 11/5/2018

No miss November is here. Let's see who can go all month and not miss a York workout day. Monday Tuesday Wednesday sleep in or try a Ao in rock hill out (SOR shut down for winter) Thursday am/pm hit 1 of them or both! Friday sleep in or visit other area ao Saturday Sunday Who has ever heard the saying less is more? Here's an article on it. Numbers are down across F3/FIA. History tells us the winter months are even worse. The thought is by removing a day, all York Pax will have 2 rest days. Which will hopefully make everyone post together the other 5 days to get that glue back. Since Thanksgiving falls on this month we have another challenge. For the month of November The trinity and HIMSHIP will be accepting can good to be placed at the donation drop boxes. 10 burpees per HIM>can good. Example 10 HIMs show up @ the Trinity and we collect 7 can goods, the entire PAX has 30 burpees to knock out. Reach out to someone that hasn't posted in a while! Don't be stingy with this F3 Thang. Hp out!

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