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Leadership Changes

By Black Lung on 1/27/2019

The new York Region leadership team is as follows: 1st F: Bounty (previously Chernobyl) 2nd F: Yogi (previously Chef) 3rd F: Korn (previously Horton) Comz: Black Lung Weasel Shaker: Yogi Nantan: Black Lung (previously High Pockets) Bounty had a year off from being 1st F and we're looking forward to the return of his leadership. Yogi is always positive and energetic, what better qualities for 2nd F? And not many people know this, but he's also certified by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources as a level 3 Weasel Shaker. Lucky for us! Korn has shown faith through thick and thin. You may have heard the parable: "A child asks: can I still be brave if I'm scared? The father answers: You can be brave only when you're scared." I think this idea applies to faith as well: "Can you have faith if you aren't tested?" Despite life's obstacles, Korn has maintained his faith and he's stepped up to lead as 3rd F.

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