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Mastodon Memorial March 2019

By Bounty on 3/15/2019 modified on 5/18/2019

Who: F3, FIA, FNGs What: Mastodon 2019 CSAUP "BlackBeard Challenge" When: May18, 0600hrs Where: Coal Yard Restaurant (Garner St.) York, SC Why: Because you've done the Murph, you've done the Maltz, you've done the TRY the BlackBeard! This year the Mastodon Memorial March will be a dedication and memorial to SSG Matthew "BlackBeard" Pucino. BlackBeard was killed in Afghanistan, November 23, 2009 as part of the Army's elite Green Berets protecting all that he loved. This challenge was developed to remember SSG Pucino dedication to duty. This challenge is a national challenge that occurs every Memorial Day weekend and participants send in their times to be ranked nationally. Registration fees go towards your swag (shirt, hat, patch, and pin) and to the MatthewPucinoFoundation. How it normally works: Register at, choose your level, submit your time to the leaderboard tab, and the best time for each level will be posted on the leaderboard, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! For those wanting to do the F3 FULL MASTODON CHALLENGE...we will be doing all three levels back to back for time. Completing is awesome, but completing in under 5hrs will get you a custom gift courtesy of F3 York. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER ONLINE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT, JUST IF YOU WANT THE OFFICIAL SWAG. Also...if you feel inclined to do so, we will be taking canned goods as a donation to York PATH. This is open for runners and ruckers, as how you "carry" the weight is up to you. Sandbags will be available in appropriate weights for those you choose to carry instead of weight vests or rucks. Register before April 1st to ensure you get your swag early enough to wear for the challenge. Level 1 with 15lbs: 1mile, 25 merkins, 1min side plank each, 25 bigboys, 1mile, 1min high plank, 25 mountain climbers, 25 leg raises, 1mile Level 2 with 30lbs: 1.5mile, 75 bigboys, 50 merkins, 25 crunchy frogs, 1.5mile, 2min low plank, 50 SSH, 25 burpees, 1.5mile Level 3 with 45lbs: 2.5mile, 50 walking lunges each, 75 merkins, 75 bigboys, 2.5mile, 50 squats, 2min high plank, 25 flutterkicks (4cts), 2.5mile, 25 diamond merkins, 50 mountain climbers, 25 leg raises, 2.5mile And yes...all exercises will be done with the prescribed weight.

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