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Backblast: York Region Meeting - AO Consolidation

By Black Lung on 7/23/2019 modified on 7/23/2019

Name-o-rama (10): Yogi, Rasta, Chernobyl, Flashover, Cesar, Korn, Burr, Bounty, High Pockets, Black Lung <b>What is happening?</b> In an effort to provide the optimal experience for existing PAX and to encourage future growth, our region is consolidating from 7 down to 3 AOs. Starting this week York will have 3 official AOs, as selected by attendance: Tue 5:15am – Trinity Thu 5:15am – HIMSHIP Sat 7:00am - The Dragon <i><b>To our 4 other Site Q's: Chernobyl, Slag, Bounty, Burr: We can't thank you enough for your leadership and persistence! Please keep your shovel flags and feel free to post them. If so inclined, you're encouraged to continue the spirit of your AO however you see fit.</b></i> <b>Why only 3 AOs?</b> The executive leadership (Black Lung, Bounty, Yogi, Korn) and most PAX seem to believe consolidation could help our region improve the following areas: 1) Attendance and long term growth: According to guidance in Freed to Lead (F2L), the optimal F1-2-3 experience is around 15 PAX. We are consistently under 10 PAX and usually less than 5 at some AOs. Funneling our PAX into 3 AOs will drive the numbers towards the optimal target of 15 PAX. This should ensure a good experience in the near term, thus increasing retention and FNG growth in the long term. Note: F2L suggests splitting an AO at 25-30 PAX consistent. 2) Workout Quality: With limited Q spots, we expect Q’ing to elevate from a chore to an honor. PAX will likely have an opportunity to Q once or twice a month, rather than multiple times a week, so Q’s will have more time to prepare and build excitement. Furthermore, we hope Q’s take time to prepare a meaningful 3rd F message, for example from scripture, word of the month, inspirational quote, etc. 3) Backblasts: Given 1 & 2 above, completing a York workout should feel like an accomplishment! Our Q’s should be proud to document their workouts. Backblasts should include 3 simple parts: the name-o-rama, a short description of the workout, and any interesting observations (failed exercises, crazy weather, police, returning Kotters, witty jokes, etc). We’ll have a very manageable 3 backblasts each week and they’ll automatically go in our weekly newsletter. The newsletter will keep our brothers up-to-date and give us an opportunity to review the previous week’s accomplishments. <b>Will it work?</b> As far as we can tell, we are entering uncharted territory. The guidance we’ve found through the literature and the F3Nation Slack channel is focused on excessive growth rather than contraction. So we are on our own, and many of our PAX have very wisely expressed uncertainty. Yet most realize we can’t remain stagnant. Whatever happens, we will document the experience so other regions will have guidance when they inevitably experience similar issues. <b>Moving Forward</b> If you have any questions or concerns, post them to GroupMe, direct message leadership, or text/call Nantan Black Lung (ask for number on GroupMe). As Rasta said: York is a personal, close-knit and welcoming region. This is certainly enabled by our smaller size. So, let's capitalize on our strengths, put one foot in front of the other, and as Bounty would say: DFQ! Aye!

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