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The Bear & The Block; Round 1

By Bounty on 8/1/2019

The Bear & Block Round 1 Who: F3, FIA, FNGs, 2.0’s, Thrill Seekers, YOU! What: 5k Cindy Carry Walk When: August 24, 2019 0800 start Where: Start and End will be at corner of Garner St. and Liberty St. (Coal Yard Restaurant) Why: Fitness challenge, fellowship, to raise awareness for the cause of your choice, to increase York’s food bank boxes, to get out for one more challenge before the end of summer, enjoy York's Summerfest activities. Details: Participants will carry two cinder blocks (cindys) for the distance equal to a 5k (approx. 3.18 miles) while following all rules mentioned below. Entry Fee: We are asking each participant to bring 10 non-perishable food items, so that we can help keep the community food banks stocked up in York. Donations can also be collected and are always welcome. Rules: Men will carry cinder blocks weighing no less than 30lb each, women no less than 20lbs each, 2.0’s will carry bricks. Bricks will be weighed prior to the start of the event. Each participant will carry (1) cindy in EACH hand/arm. NO double stacking will be allowed. Each block must be carried below the shoulders, so no shoulder or head carries. The cindy CANNOT be attached to the participant in anyway, but instead carried. NO running allowed. PENALTIES: Each time a participant sets one or both cindys down, they must complete 10 overhead presses with one block before moving forward again. In the event someone’s block “breaks” from hitting the ground, they will have to run back to the start, collect a new block, run back to where the original cindy broke, and do the penalty presses, before continuing in the challenge. Not an official “rule” but gloves, sleeves, tape etc are highly discouraged for this event. Participants should know that the agony and suffering from the rough concrete digging in IS part of the challenge. Extras: Participants are encouraged to bring their own cindys decorated to raise awareness to whatever cause they choose (F3, autism, 9/11, breast cancer, USA, etc). Remember to weigh the cindys to match the challenge requirements. Cindys can be purchased around town between $1- $3 each. There will also be a limited amount of cindys at the start that can be borrowed (first come first served). Participants who finish the challenge will receive: the respect rightfully earned from completing an awesome physical challenge, a custom patch, popsicles, and a $5 ticket to be used at the Coal Yard for their choice of food or beverage.

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