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BackBlast: Bear & Block Round 1

By Bounty on 8/26/2019

CSAUP: 5k Cinder Block carry to stock up the York food banks and to raise awareness for the cause of your choice. Pax: Yogi, Boo Boo, Two Ferns, Two Fern's 2.0 (Hound), Burr, Burr's M, Sady, Jessie, Black Lung, Bounty, Korn, High Pockets, FryingPan The day started nice and cool with a temperature in low 70's. We didn't have a large turnout so Korn volunteered to man the parking lot while the rest of us attempted the challenge. HighPockets was also present and wanted to do the challenge but had a prior engagement to pickup trash with his church. Everyone was advised the rules of the challenge and reminded that this was a "challenge" NOT a "race". We circled up and Burr led us in quick prayer for safety and thanks for blessings that none of us deserve...and off we went. The challenge started pretty hardcore with all participants pushing as hard as they could, but it didn't take long for the muscle fatigue to start setting in. By the time we made it to the halfway point (Post Office) I didn't notice anyone without forearm scrapes, cut up hands, or pumped up arms and shoulders. We took a 5min break and our unofficial cheerleader (Sady) made the decision it was time to go for the second half. The second half was definitely a gut check at least for me and tested our hearts and mind probably more than our physical abilities. There was no one to help you, just you against you and two cindys. We stopped to regroup at Garner St. so that we could finish as a group...remembering that we never abandon the six. Sady was our official across the line first "winner" and the one to beat next year (might be a race next year) wink wink. After all participants crossed the line we circled up, prayed it out, and enjoyed several popsicles and pics together. HighPockets returned from garbage pickup and assisted Korn with some parking lot duties as well. Shoutouts to FryingPan from the Rock Hill region and Blacklung. FryingPan could not participate in the challenge, but supported the cause and provided more than his share of canned good for the York food banks. Blacklung provided a CoalYard coupons and a perfect venue to host this event and hopefully other ones in the future. Also thanks to all pax who contributed in anyway to make this CSAUP a success. Thank you brothers for your support. Takeaways: - 3 miles and (2) cindys is a long challenge...but we can do more - average overhead presses for each pax was probably around the 600-700 mark - physical training will only help you out so much, this challenge was a lot mentally - no complaining from the pax, just a brutally fun challenge - watch where you set your cindys down at...lot of dog crap out there, just saying ahahahaha

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