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Are you ready?

By Highpockets on 11/13/2019

Brothers the week after I go to my middle school best friend funeral (only 40 years old) I go to a convergence of a guy (Kenyan) that woke up... Went to a F3 workout yesterday to come home to his wife, who has passed. He and his daughter made it out to the end of the workout this gloom. It was pretty emotional. The theme of the workout was to hug your love ones and tell them you love them. I also challenge you to do this today. We are not promised tomorrow. Don't let the sunset today without doing that and more importantly knowing you are ready to spend eternity with our lord. If you don't know how to make sure you are ready, please call me today 803 448 2109 or reach out to 1 of the other brothers in the group. Also please keep ponytail in your prayers today. Right before COT he passed out. He was able to get back up but went out again.He was responsive, I left when EMS arrived. Just yet another reminder.... High pockets out.

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