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New Leadership for York Region in 2020

By Blacklung on 12/30/2019

Tomorrow at Trinity, we'll pass the York Region Nantan flag to Yogi in preparation for new leadership in 2020. Anyone active in York over the last few years knows that Yogi is a strong and consistent leader - not to mention smarter than your av-er-age Nantan! It's been an honor to be your Nantan for the past year. We made some difficult decisions, for better or worse, and I thank you for your persevering through the lean times. We have a strong core of PAX in York going back 4 years, and that core continues to grow slowly yet steadily with PAX like Woodchuck, Undertaker, Burr, Alice, and Geppetto - just to name a few. Going into 2020, let's continue to show Yogi the same support you've shown me. If you need an example, then look no further than High Pockets. He passed the flag to me a year ago, but he never lessened his presence and support for the region. Let's all follow his lead and join me tomorrow as we pass the flag and start 2020 with a bang!

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