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State of York F3

By Yogi on 1/4/2020

In 2019 Blacklung came to me and asked, would you be my Weasleshaker and 2rd F? I was very much caught off guard. I thought to myself, am I really being asked this and can I get out of saying yes? I of coarse said yes. As we got closer to the end of the year it was mentioned that I was in line to be the next Nantan, I said, not me, I don't have the time to do that. But when Blacklung came to me again I fearfully said yes. The issue wasn't really the time. It is the fear of being found out as a fraud. I am no great leader. I am no great fitness guy. I am not even great at holding a conversations. But during the holidays I prayed for guidance and as always God provided, I was flipping through YouTube and saw a great Ted Talk about something called the Imposter Syndrome (see the link below to watch). We all have these moments, but so longs as we are pushing ourselves, we will never be comfortable with where or what we are doing. So this year as Nantan I will push myself to be a humble servant to God, Family, York F3. No one can lead alone. So I have asked for help. Undertaker, Cesar, Burr, Woodchuck, and Blacklung have all agreed to help me formally. Informally I hope to have all the Pax support. We are York F3, we are F3. Before me we have had great leaders and I hope I can follow in there footsteps and continue what we have going. Let's start this year off all taking a deep breathe, unpartake in the fartsack and growing as men, leaders, and followers. Yogi OUT! Newest leadership: Yogi - Nantan Undertaker - Weasleshaker Cesar - 1st F Burr - 2nd F Woodchuck - 3rd F Blacklung - Coms Link to video:

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