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1st Quarter York F3 Meeting

By Yogi on 1/29/2020

It was a great time to get together and share my ideas and for us all to reflect on what we want to be and how we want to share our F3 experience. I want to thank all those who came out and participated and we missed all who weren't able to make it this time. To start the meeting off I gave a short talk about the Jester as described in Dredd's new Q source manual. The basic idea is the Jester is the lies that hold us back and keep us shackled to our vices. Next I broke down how I see each of the leadership roles. Each of the leadership roles gave how and what they would like to accomplish. Some examples are... I would like an emergency contact list. Burr wants ideas on 2nd things to do for us and for our Ms and 2.0s. Blacklung wants to make a winky configure. I would like to have a list of proven workouts we can share. Cesar is considering the Ice Breaker dte and what the event will look like. We also discussed our sites and it was announced that we will add R&R back again from 6am to 730am on Sundays with Filibuster being handed the flag this coming Sunday. We will ebb and flow all sites based on our needs. We will consider opening the gain station again maybe during daylight savings again and make it seasonal. Ultimately if you Q it and they come we can make it a site. If the time and day don't work we adapt and close it or move it. Next we did the "silent generation" on the 2 topics of what we want out of our F3 experience and how we want to give back. The results were merged and the most common this we all want is the fellowship with each other. The most common answer on how to give back was food boxes. We all felt we should do this with some degree of regularity. We will do this quarterly going forward. Yogi out!

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