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Week in review

By Yogi on 5/10/2020

Well we did it! We opened! With the minor hiccup of lightning on Tuesday morning stopping Trinity, we did it. We had 3 AOs run normally. We got the Bud Light guy to honk at us, and added a tribute to the Corona virus at Himship (dying cockroaches for the Corona truck). We convergenced and rucked on Sunday. While we aren't in a normal world, we are working to be safe and workout together. We had COT without touching and no touch workouts. We did have wind brother talking and did a few bomb jacks, and hopefully we respected each others personal space. With this first week done I look forward to having brothers working together and sharing our experiences and prayers with each other in person again. Please look at the Q schedule and help fill it up. And if you have ideas to make us better either share or take the lead and implement. Yogi out! Psalm 9:18 For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever.

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