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Thanks for choosing me

By Cesar on 1/3/2021 modified on 1/3/2021

Greetings fellow brothers... As I stand here humbled at the privilege of being chosen as our Nantan, I'm extremely excited for the opportunity. At my very first workout I fell in love with this group and what it stands for. I consider myself lucky to be able to hang out with you guys, nevertheless lead us. I know I'm not your average F3 guy and to be chosen for Nantan still blows my mind. I don't consider myself someone you picture as Nantan material. I'm a seperated,tattooed, potty mouthed, former Marine who gets on people's roofs for a living.... and thats a couple of my good qualities.Then I think to myself that's exactly what this group is. I'm just a man trying to better myself and the people I surround myself with. I love the fact that we've all walked different roads in life and still come together and work out pray together. As Nantan I don't want to change anything!!! I just want to expand and embrace things we have done in the past and are currently doing now. With us being a small region it is very important for us not to become stagnant. We must continuously as men shake things up. We cannot strengthen male leadership through the community if we are not spreading male leadership through the community. So my number one goal in being your Nantan is to expand. I encourage us all that when we look for people we look past the athletes and look for the men who need this most in their life. Also I encourage us to continue reaching out to our fellow brothers who have been misplaced along the way. They very well might be at a place in life were they need us again. This group is so much more than a workout group and we need to keep that in mind and continuously expand our 2nd and 3rd F to these men. As far as leadership roles... I am still working on that and will be holding a meeting in the very near future where we can meet as a group and decide where we would like to see us going in the future. The only leadership role that will stay the same will be that Woodchuck has agreed to continue to be our 3rd F leader. I chose him for many reasons.One being that he is our oldest active member of our region and I would really like to keep him close to our group regardless of how sore he's feeling. He is a great man of faith and morals and I know I will need his guidance in certain decisions I may need to make in the future. I look forward to serving you guys for the next chapter of F3 and pray I can do close to as good of a job as my predecessors. Cesar✌🏼

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