Ruck and Run

York Rec Complex [map]
Sunday 6:00am - 7:30am
Ruck or Run
Site Q:


Hot and wet

By Yogi on 1/31/2021
Count: 5:

3 amigos

By Group on 1/10/2021
Count: 3:

3 of a kind

By Group on 11/29/2020
Count: 3:

Full howze

By Yogi and Cesar on 11/8/2020
Count: 2:

4.8 miles

By Chernobyl on 7/21/2019
Count: 3:

Running for the fun . 4.80 miles around town.

The ruck

By Rasta on 7/14/2019
Count: 2:

3.86 miles of ruck

Running with friends

By Chernobyl on 7/7/2019
Count: 4:

4.68 miles of fun run

Run by my self

By Rasta on 6/30/2019
Count: 1:

3.56 miles of one on one bonding


By Chernobyl on 6/23/2019
Count: 2:

3.0 mile run 🏃


By Chernobyl on 6/16/2019
Count: 5:

5 + 1 = miles ran

Ruck And run

By Chernobyl on 6/9/2019
Count: 3:

Run or ruck till you find something on the side of road like a pair of channel lock pliers or a hole set of weights! Wow 😮


By Yogi on 6/2/2019
Count: 4:

5.48 mile run in the sun

By Rasta on 5/26/2019
Count: 4:

Run before the sun good push brothers

Run and Ruck

By Rasta on 5/19/2019
Count: 3:

4 mile ruck and 4.5 mile run good push brothers

3 for fun

By Yogi on 5/12/2019
Count: 3:

5 miles

By Chernobyl on 5/5/2019
Count: 2:

5 miles of running on an over cast morning

The ruck

By Chernobyl on 4/28/2019
Count: 1:

Chernobyl and the Ruck Pac

Happy Easter

By Chernobyl on 4/21/2019
Count: 0:


By Yogi on 4/14/2019
Count: 4:

We ran.


By Horton on 4/7/2019
Count: 1:

Great weather this gloom for a Strava picture making event! 5 miles in the books. Go out and worship something bigger than yourself today! Horton out!

Rainbow Donuts

By Black lung on 3/31/2019
Count: 2:

R and R

By Yogi on 3/17/2019
Count: 6:

Around town

By Cesar on 3/3/2019
Count: 2:

5 miles of scenic rout threw town

☔️ 🌧

By Chernobyl on 2/24/2019
Count: 0:

Chernobyl and the rain 🌧 ☔️

6.8 mile run in the mist

By Chernobyl on 2/17/2019
Count: 4:

Cutter did a pre ruck work out and a 3 mile run with Edger . Captain jack and my self ran to the hills for a 9.38 mile pace for 6.8 miles. What a way to start the week with my brothers . Awesome job guys

Training for the rooster

By Chernobyl on 2/10/2019
Count: 3:

This was a chilly morning run threw town and around. Thanks for the push brothers


By Yogi on 2/3/2019
Count: 5:

Going cold

By Horton on 1/27/2019
Count: 8:

Great day for a Ruck or Run. 27 degrees at the start. 0600 Cesar, Cutter and I stepped off for the 1st leg at 2.7 miles and then back to the AO. 2nd leg and the AO start time 0700 Cutter and I rucked another 3.4 miles as the rest of the group got in 5.5 miles running. Our 2 FNG's are beasts on the run. Praises... God has been working at Grace Chapel Church for 2 years now and what an impact He has made through them. Prayers .... the Brakefeild family Cesar's family and for all of us HIMs to push through the day. 3rd F Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. Colossians 3:16 ESV As always I am honored to be surrounded by such great HIMS. Horton out

Follow that scooter

By Cesar on 1/20/2019
Count: 4:

Pennywise had his e scooter and we tried to keep up with him. Nice run on a cold day Cesar✌

Site closed due to ICE BREAKER

By Chernobyl on 1/13/2019
Count: 0:

4.38 mile run

By Chernobyl on 1/6/2019
Count: 6:

4.38 mile run and walk up town and around

The raining ruck

By Red Rider on 12/30/2018
Count: 6:

Work out with ruck pack under the shelter and three laps between rain showers also Site Q change from Red Rider to Chernobyl .

3 mile 28 degree run

By Chernobyl on 12/23/2018
Count: 1:

The 4.86 mile run

By Chernobyl on 12/16/2018
Count: 1:

Ran ourselves.... to death! (Or the cemetery)

By Black Lung on 11/25/2018
Count: 5:

For lack of a better plan, we ran. We ran to the cemetery and ran amongst the head stones. Then we ran to Wiley Avenue, where Yogi found a brick. We passed the brick around while we ran, and on the way home, Happy Trees casually deposited the brick into a ditch. We also played cards. Workout cards, dispensed from a 3D-printed case. The case was designed for running with cards. Eventually we stopped running. Yogi's pocket computer announced that we ran 5.25 miles. We gave thanks and went home.


By Yogi on 11/18/2018
Count: 4:

Just the two of Us

By Red on 9/23/2018
Count: 2:

We rucked out exploring places we had never been in the hood vicinity.

The Ruck and The Run

By Chernobyl on 9/2/2018
Count: 5:

Two for the ruck and Three for the run good push !

The run before summer fest 2018

By Chernobyl on 8/19/2018
Count: 5:

The run was to try to get one last run in before 2018 summer festival 5 K run 🏃 thanks for the push keep pounding brothers


By Yogi on 8/12/2018
Count: 5:

1+1=don't need that

By Yogi on 8/5/2018
Count: 2:

Had a great hour plus walk with blacklung as we pondered the problems of the day and share some shield lock time. Great start to a great day.

Run then ruck

By Yogi on 7/29/2018
Count: 10:

Historical tour of fartsacking

By Yogi on 7/22/2018
Count: 3:

Mosyed around york and visited historic landmarks and fartsackers.

The 4.28 mile search for stolen lawnmower and trailer

By Chernobyl on 7/15/2018
Count: 5:

This was a nice warm summer morning run to the F3 bridge , then threw town over to Redriders house for some water, back threw the roads doing community watch looking for evidence of stolen lawnmower and trailer 4.28 miler good job guys

RNR Filibuster's 1st Q

By Filibuster on 7/8/2018
Count: 7:

July 8th 2018 RNR Awesome ruck through town.

Fathers day breakfast

By Cesar on 6/17/2018
Count: 12:

Ruck to huddle house and ate like a champ


By Chernobyl on 6/10/2018
Count: 5:

This was a nice hot muggy morning for a one mile warm up . Then a 2.5 mile ruck down the old railroad bay loop . Good way to start the day .

By Rasta, Cesar, Red Rider on 6/3/2018
Count: 3:

By Red Rider on 5/27/2018
Count: 1:

Runners and Ruckers

By Horton on 5/20/2018
Count: 4:

Rasta and Yogi are beasts! Cesar and I had a great 2nd F ruck through town. Horton out!

By Red Rider on 5/13/2018
Count: 4:

You should have been there.

By Red Rider on 5/6/2018
Count: 4:


By Red Rider on 4/29/2018
Count: 5:

After it was over I told Rasta he could tell anyone who asked what he did this morning was ran more than a marathon. I didn't get to talk to Yogi much so I don't know if he was there for the pre-run. All I know is they were way in front of HP, and me the whole time while we worked on solving the worlds problems.

Pushing Horton

By Horton on 4/22/2018
Count: 5:

Showed up right on time with the flag and see 2 Great Hims that's already got 4 miles in. Was going to do a ruck work out but instead we Omahaed that and ran 3 miles or so. No 3rd F just go to church somewhere today! Nameorama Numberrama Thanks for the push guys. #needtorunmore Oh yeah I had the Turkey punch thang working as well.


By Cesar on 4/15/2018
Count: 4:

5 mile run 50 Merkins 50 Dips .5 mile cool down Furthest I have ever gotten from R&R!! Made it to Meritor turned right through the valley and went all the way through town to traffic circle and then made a couple off hand turns to add distance. Ended in Square of trust as Copperhead called it. Cesar✌🐶

By Red Rider on 4/8/2018
Count: 3:

Cups & Bottles

By Trash Pickup on 3/25/2018
Count: 3:

Ten bags of trash were collected near the bridge. We made a great start!

By Red Rider on 3/18/2018
Count: 5:

3 Hr Ruck

By Cesar on 3/11/2018
Count: 7:

3 Hr Ruck Highlights: - Navigate in and out of AO on the hour to drop off and pick up pax like a pro - Awesome walk and talk - Actuality got Bounty to get a biscuit at BK during the Ruck - Chernobyl made it through the first hr without pooping in the woods - Spent half of the last session getting some good ol coupon time courtesy of bounty and neighbor trash on Roberts Ave - Got to visit F3 bridge - one step closer to P200 ruck - Ended in COT Good Times Cesar

By Red Rider on 3/4/2018
Count: 7:

Miles and smiles

By Horton on 2/25/2018
Count: 6:

Cesar, Chernobyl, Bounty and YHC stepped off early for a pre Ruck on one track and circled back around for the 1st 3.4 miles. Then we picked up Red Rider and High Pockets and dropped off Chernobyl for another 3.2 miles on another site seeing tour ruck of places less traveled. ( I think this kinda turned in to a Mastadon Recon ) then back to the COT for a few words out of 1 Timothy to end the RnR Q. The Redrider, Bounty, Cesar and YHC turned out a Biscut ruck where Bounty split off for the Ruck home. We finished with a total of 9.5 miles for smiles with the last mile being a real smile with a biscuit or 2 in hand! Lol Thanks men for the great push. As always I am honored to be lead by such great HIMS. HORTON OUT!


By Red Rider on 2/18/2018
Count: 7:

Just over 3.5 miles to the mystery pond, and back.

The Rain was there but we did not care

By Chernobyl on 2/11/2018
Count: 6:

4.80 miles of rain and no shine for a yeti pre run 🏃 Good work Guys

Ruckin in the Rain

By Cesar on 2/4/2018
Count: 4:

Very cold rainy day Great day for a ruck😊 4 awesome hims against mother nature Hims- 1 Mother Nature- 0 And the hims win the game!!! Cesar✌

Bridge recon and run

By Yogi on 1/28/2018
Count: 6:

Run to the bridge and review the scope of the project. There run and walked in small groups.

Post Recovery

By Red Rider on 1/21/2018
Count: 3:

We started off down the bike trail. From there we went down Blackburn to Ross Cannon where we picked the trail up again. Then we exited the trail heading towards the far end of the bike trail off Roberts Ave. where we picked it up again heading back to the complex with time for a half lap. It wasn't a high intensity, and the temperature was 36. It felt good to be getting back in the swing of things.

Recovery for one

By Cesar on 1/14/2018
Count: 1:

Just some good old walking and stretching solodolo Ended in prayer

Frozen Lungs

By Red Rider on 1/7/2018
Count: 1:

Wind Sprints with Merkins, LBC's, and Big Boy's The ground was almost too frozen to plant the flag. One degree warmer than yesterday morning at 15F. Not even the guy who walks his dog was there. While working out I was able to concentrate on the AO, and come up with a few ideas to break up the monotony of just running. I wish I brought a pair of ice skates because the leak in the corner of the parking lot is getting worse. I imagine there will be a detour there soon.


By Chernobyl on 12/17/2017
Count: 6:

-1.40 + 1.0 = 2.40. R&R 12/10/2017

By Cesar on 12/10/2017
Count: 8:

Mosie backwards for 1.40 mile with inverted Indian run with bomb jacks Merkins burpies and more .plus a crab crawl threw the frozen ditch . Then a forward mosie for a mile buy the way 24 degree weather

Just the 2 of us

By Yogi on 12/3/2017
Count: 2:

With the fog rolling in and a new moon we ran 3 miles with a .75 mile cool down lap. Plenty of mumble chatter filled the park.

Should Have Shut it Down

By Red Rider on 11/26/2017
Count: 3:

Did I just get black mailed?

By Horton on 11/19/2017
Count: 7:

Great 2nd F Ruck this gloom for 3.35 miles and our 2 runners got in a solid 6 + miles. We all took a path less traveled as we push through the cold and made it chapped. Thanks for the BLACKMAIL Q REDRIDER. this is a great AO. As always I am honored to lead such great HIMS. HORTON OUT

Two for a cool morning adventure

By Chernobyl on 11/12/2017
Count: 2:

Nice brisk jog and fellowship awesome way to start the day

By Rasta on 11/5/2017
Count: 5:

Two is a Company

By Red Rider on 10/29/2017
Count: 2:

Cool, and misty this morning. A light Run for two miles, followed by a brisk walk for two more miles heavy on the second F.

3 and some change

By Yogi on 10/22/2017
Count: 2:

After 2 weeks out on the IR, it was nice to have moderate pace run. We covered 3.5 miles total with 3.1 running and .4 cool down. Finished with light stretching and much mumble chatter.

DECA pre run 5 mile push

By Chernobyl on 10/15/2017
Count: 3:

Some run and some ruck for a early morning Pre DECA 5K with 5 mile of fellowship

Y Town Jog Around

By Korn on 10/8/2017
Count: 5:

Seeing that we have the Deca 5K coming up in the next couple of weeks I decided that we do some no frills straight up moseying. The Thang: Started at the beginning of the path and ran up and onto the bike trail where we followed it all the way to its end busted a Left and ran up Garnet St next to the CY then down past Trinity and down onto the flag at City Hall where we took a minute to recite the Pledge. Then we moseyed down the street to Yogi's wall where we did 10 each leg step ups, once completed we sat in the People's Chair and did The Wall Wave. With that completed we moseyed straight down Madison St, passed by DryDock's abode, up Kings Mountain St to the light, busted a Left into the construction zone where we reconned the new round-a-bout & named it the Circle of Pain but this morning we took a breather as we circled around it a few times then back into the mosey where we cut down Hall St, then onto Ross Cannon where we reconvened on the trail for the wrap up. I believe the total mileage ran was 3.55. Great work by all Hims present bc we certainly took the opportunity and Slayed the Day this A.M.

Miles of smiles with Burpee's

By Orvis on 10/1/2017
Count: 4:

4 HIM's for miles of smiles with Burpee's

Cadence 101

By Bounty on 9/17/2017
Count: 7:

Seven HIMs showed up for a quick beginner lesson in cadence while running. Pax was introduced to the purposes of calling cadence while running. We ran approx. 2mi in cadence, then approx. another 2 in free run (OYO). Things we (I) observed during the class. 1. Remember more cadences and all the verses without all the profanity...ahahahahhaha. 2. Remember how to breathe while calling cadence so I'm not out of breath. 3. We need more practice..ahahhahhaa. 4. If you need a breather...Caesar can help.

You can do it.

By Chernobyl on 9/10/2017
Count: 4:

There have been a lot of running based fitness goals expresed by the pax lately. With Chernobly on Q and that in mind Chernobly led us on a 6.54 mile run thru various neighborhoods and areas of York. Good work by all that were there. So that 10k you can do it!

R&R is officially an AO cause we saw the 5-0.

By Cutter on 9/3/2017
Count: 7:

York PD showed up and it wasn't even because us this time. We'll we came to run. So we ran. We took a short mosey then everyone stretched out for a minute. Next we lined up for an Indian run and ran about 3/4 of the way around the complex. After that we found the section of trail with the best hills and ran that section repeatedly. We then started back to the AO. We finished off the workout with a jail break for about the last 150 yards. Total miles 3.3

Summerfest qualifier

By Highpockets on 8/20/2017
Count: 9:

My 1st Q at R&R and it was a record in attendance. Folks getting ready for next Saturdays summerfest 5 and 10k. We started out with a lap around the complex until mother nature provided more light. We then hit the bike trail and moseyed to downtown. Completed the loop and moseyed back to the AO for a 4.2 mile sub 10 minute pace. Ended in COT

By on 7/23/2017
Count: 0: