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Work around

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Q & Burpees

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Vball Q&A

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Protect HP's foot

By Yogi on 9/26/2023
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Plenty of core.

Run and talk

By Cesar on 9/19/2023
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Ran till highpockets got tired 😁

3 and no FNG and a reverse starsky?

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3 is enough?

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All the parking spots

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Ssh 15 ic Mkc 30 ic Ssh 15 ic Big boys 15 ic Ssh 15 ic Merkins 15 oyo Mosey down to hotbox. Partner work 100 merkins 100 big boys 100 squats We did 3 rounds. Walk mosey alternating you partner had to WAIT different amounts of time. Mosey to court house flag. Pledge then 3rd F 3rd F Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. —Psalm 27:14 If there is anything we don't like to do, it's wait. Maybe that is why God is so interested in us learning to do it! There is something purifying about remaining strong in tough times and remaining faithful when ill winds blow. So God gives us times of waiting to see if our search is really for him or merely for something new or easy. Closed out COT with brothers and families lifted up. Hp out.

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Stair climber

By High Pockets on 6/28/2022
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Disclaimer disclaimed. Warmup 15 ssh ic 15 merkins oyo 15 ssh ic 15 mkc ic 15 ssh ic 15 big boys oyo 15 ssh ic 15 squats ic Mosey to wall for wall sits and bear crawls. Mosey to gov building and courthouse for stair climbs. Mosey to brick yard for curls and over head presses. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. —2 Peter 3:9 Peter continues to answer the mocking of the false teachers working among the Christians in the early church. They ask, "Where is this coming Jesus promised?" They teach that it's been too long; Christ is not coming. Don't resist immorality; there will be no judgment. In verse 8, Peter urged his readers to remember that the Lord is not bound by human time. For God, a thousand years is like a day and vice versa. Peter's point is that God does not suffer the limitations of time, or confusion about it, the way human beings do. Closed in COT lifting pennywise and unspoken prayer request up. Hp out

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Where do you stand 4.12.22

By High Pockets on 4/12/2022
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The thing S.A.V.I.O.R Side Straddle Hops 50 IC Air squared (Air chair combined with air claps. In cadence.) V ups IC 25 Iron squat IC 1: down squat with arms down. 2: Arms raised to parallel. 3: arms down. 4: stand from squat. Over head press 25 IC Rocky Balboa (aka curb kick) 50 IC 3rd F He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. —1 Peter 2:24 He bore our sins. He didn't just carry them; he suffered the penalty we deserved. His anguish was our healing. His suffering was our righteousness. How can we ever think of going back to sin after he suffered so much to bear its penalty? To the blockyard for various excersise, while I had a 1 on 1 personal talk with each HIM. Mosey to picnic area for some table press, calf raises, and squats. End in circle of trust. Hp out

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Twosday 2/2/22

By High Pockets on 2/22/2022
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Disclaimer was disclaimed and onto the warmup Warm up 22 SSH IC 22 Merkins OYO 22 SSH IC 22 Imperal Walkers IC 22 SSH IC 22 Hilly billy IC How many veterans commit sluiced per day on average. 22 The thing 22 lt. Dan steps then 22 merkins OYO 22 Lt. Dans steps then 22 Big boys OYO 22 Lt. Dans steps then 22 Squats OYO Mosey around York block, stop by flag for pledge, mosey to tables for 22 dips. 22 Lt. Dans steps then 22 bobby Hurley's OYO 22 Lt. Dans steps then 22 LBC OYO 22 Lt. Dans steps then 22 shoulder taps IC 3rd F 2 Timothy 2:22 Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. Paul presents two commands or imperatives to Timothy in this verse. Timothy was most likely in his early 30s at this time and still single. Youthful passions were as much a concern for men of that era as they are today (1 Timothy 4:12). Timothy was to not only guard against sexual temptation, but also to flee from them. Paul taught in 1 Corinthians 6:18 to, "Flee from sexual immorality." Timothy is also given a list of areas to "pursue." This list included five areas: "righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart." The first four are internal attributes. The fifth, however, is community with other devoted believers. Hebrews 10:24–25 also spoke on this topic, stating, "And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near." Closed in a COT HP out!

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Ruckalotapus Rex

By Blacklung on 1/25/2022
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10 burpees for warmup and ruck the rest.

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Christmas 🎄 workout

By High Pockets on 12/28/2021
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Warmup 15 ssh ic 15 lss ic 15 ssh ic 15 mkc ic 15 ssh ic 15 imperial walkers ic The thing Mosey down to downtown. For every Christmas tree 5 merkins, lbc, squats for right side of road. Left side 4 offset merkins, 4 lbc, 4 jump squats. 3rd F No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only [Son], who is at the Father's side, has made him known. —John 1:18 Jesus is God's greatest message. He not only proclaims and declares God's love, mercy, and grace, he has made it known. Only Jesus can display God to us fully, for he is one with the Father. Yet when we "see" Jesus ministering in the Gospels, we see God. If we want to know how God feels about us, all we have to do is look at how Jesus ministers to others. If we want to know what God would do for us, we can notice what Jesus does to bless others. Jesus is our window to the Father's heart. So as this year winds down, and as you stand in the afterglow of Christmas, why not make a commitment to get to know Jesus better in this coming year by spending more time with him in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). If you do, you will better know God! COT and prayed it out Hp

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Ruckin' 'round

By Blacklung on 11/23/2021
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Stitches-friendly Q

By Blacklung on 11/16/2021
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Ruckin' 'round the block

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Started off with a warmup 10 SSH IC 10 Big arm circles to front IC 10 SSH IC 10 Big arm circles to back IC 10 SSH IC 10 MKC IC Mosey to the stairs for a couple rounds of Merkins, LSS, and SSH. Timed by HIM going up steps. Mosey to 8 flags in-front of Trinity Church. 5 Merkins, 5 Big Boys, 5 LSS at each flag for a total of 40. Lap around town then back to AO for 3rd F 3rd F Isaiah 43 But now, this is what the Lord says— he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. God twice owns His people. He has the right of ownership both as Creator and Redeemer. His ownership is personal because He says I have called you by your name. His ownership is certain because He seals it by saying You are mine. At this time Blacklung preformed a magic trick on me. He placed a ring on my finger w/o me even knowing! Closed in COT lifting up missing PAX and Blacklungs Plant manager heart procedure. HP out

Group therapy

By Yogi, bounty, woodchuck, Highpockets, Cesar on 9/7/2021
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Step toward the light

By High Pockets on 8/10/2021
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Disclaimer disclaimed as Black Lung showed off the lower half of his new light shovel flag. Warm-up 10 SSH IC 10 MKC IC 10 SSH IC 10 Hillbilly IC 10 SSH IC 10 Cherry Pickers IC Mosey to wall for some wall sits. Bear crawl each other. Mosey to the Government center steps. 10 Calve raises each step. 25 Bigboys and 10 Merkins. Mosey to Court house steps, 10 Low Slow squat each step, 10 calve raises down each step. Mosey around town then end at AO for 3rd F and COT. 3rd F For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. —Psalm 84:11 This worshiper trusts fully in God as his source of strength, hope, victory, and joy. For this worshiper, God has left this incredible set of promises! Very similar to Romans 8, and its hallmark passage in verse 28, God promises to work out things for good and bless those who "love him and are called according to his purpose" "all things in Christ" and withhold nothing that is good (Rom. 8:32). Why? God is for us! He is our sun and shield, he lavishes his grace and glory upon us, and he will not withhold any good thing from us.

By Horton on 8/3/2021
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Knee-Friendly Beat Down

By Blacklung on 7/27/2021
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By Yogi on 7/13/2021
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F3 Investment Club

By Blacklung on 7/6/2021
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Classic pearl-on-a-string workout and discussed an F3 "fake money" stock trading challenge: give everyone "a million dollars" to see who can make the most money after a few months (6 months?)

By Cesar on 6/29/2021
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I just thought I was on Q

By High Pockets on 6/22/2021
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It was a humid Tuesday morning. We figured out all the world know... kickball team areas for improvement then moseyed to the road beside where the CoalYard was. Warm-up 10 SSH IC 10 Merkins OYO 10 SSH IC 10 Imperial Walkers IC 10 SSH IC 10 MKC IC The Thang 10 Ircins IC 90 Calf raises OYO 11's on the road. Start with 1 big boy mosey to other building and 10 Merkins. Continue until flipped. The workout wasn't hard enough for Chernobyl, so he kept trying to Q jack me to make it harder :( . 3rd F My son, keep your father's commands and do not forsake your mother's teaching. —Proverbs 6:20 So often today, we discount the wisdom of those who have come before us and who want to share with us the collective wisdom that was handed down to them by their predecessors. Let's be especially attentive over the next few weeks of those who are older and have proven themselves faithful. At the same time, let's remind our children how important obedience is to God. We all talked about what this meant to us in the work place. COT Yogi family member with cancer WoodChuck Wife YHC family of friend who just passed

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5am Rave Party

By Blacklung on 6/1/2021
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After donning our safety glowstick rave necklaces, we proceeded on a Tour de York including a lap around main street, a sprint up the hill at the rec center, and a bear crawl up the hill behind the Admin building.

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May the 4th be with you

By High Pockets on 5/4/2021
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Disclaimer disclaimed Warmup 10 SSH IC 10 Imperial walkers 10 SSH IC 10 Hillbilly IC 10 SSH IC 20 MKC IC Mosey to wall for some wall sits and bear crawls. Every 4th step do a merkin. Mosey to knee high wall 4 count toe taps. 4 ircins, 4 derkins, 4 squats. 4 rounds. Mosey to stairs at Gov center. Yogi led us in the pledge, then onto 4SSH on each step, frog jump to next step, until we get to the top. Then Mosey to Court house steps. 4 Merkins on each step. 3rd F ,Acts 1:14 They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers. Jesus' resurrection changed everything! The women who were so faithful to him through the crucifixion and resurrection are there, obediently praying in expectation. As we might expect, Jesus' mother is there praying as well. But look carefully and you will see Jesus' brothers, once doubting and ridiculing him, now praying in expectation of their risen brother's release of power through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Yes, they are waiting, but not idly waiting. Yes, they are praying, but they are also expecting the great work of the risen Jesus which will be done through them! God does amazing things when people who love the risen Jesus pray with expectation. So what are you waiting for? Get with a group of those who love Jesus, and pray with expectation for God's work to be done through you. Cesar expressed the need for our region to have shield locks. We then did a circle of pain, where everyone called out a exercise, although they gave it their own name. Announcements This Saturday York convergence COT Woodchuck family and missing PAX lifted up in prayer HP out

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By Yogi on 4/20/2021
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They took our stuff

By Cesar on 4/13/2021
Count: 6:

warm up: cherry pickers, imperial walkers, hillbilly walkers Thang: Mosey to in town parking lot 50 dips 40 erkins 30 merkins 20 seeking 10. Burpees Mosey to coal yard where we realized all the gear was gone😢 Mosey to F3 bridge Mosey back to AO Played the rename game Prayed together Cesar✌


By Horton on 4/6/2021
Count: 4:

Man we are all upset that one of Jesus' 12 would sell him out. But 3 days before He was hung on a cross Judas set him up for the execution. We all say how could he do that. After all he saw Him do he sold him out. Here's the thing Jesus knew before it ever happened. Q... How different are we from Judas? Not much, we sell Him out everyday for what we want. A..... Carry that with you and ask yourself every time something is presented to you.... Am I selling Him out? Stay humble my friends and as always I'm honored to lead such great HIMS through the gloom! Horton out!

Waited too long to do the backblast...

By Black Lung on 3/30/2021
Count: 6:

...and now I don't remember what we did. Probably some merkins, squats, stuff like that. Cesar and High Pockets most likely made some tasteless jokes. At least we had the video for the name-o-rama. The end!

What wood you like to do

By High Pockets on 3/23/2021
Count: 6:

YHC and Yogi meet up @ 4:45 for a pre-run. During the route we found a wood pallet and I decided it would be incorporated in our workout, later. On our way back we picked up Cesar for 1 last lap before the AO started. Warmup 10 SSH IC 10 MKC IC 10 SSH IC 10 LSS IC 10 SSH IC We moseyed around a couple blocks until we came to an intersection. I asked Woodchuck which direction wood he like to take. He said left, correct answer! We proceeded that way until we found our coupon...the pallet. It was at this point we noticed York has placed a mound of rocks in Hortons honor in a parking lot. The thing As 1 person holds the pallet above their head and walks to the pile of rocks, the rest of the PAX preform a exercise of his choice. Did 3 rounds of this which included, Burpees, calf raises, merkins, Sun Gods, 6 inches, monkey humpers and so on. Yogi had problems keeping his wood up so he requested we all do Monkey humpers facing away from him. BlackLung then made us do bombjacks. Moseyed to the church for 2 sets of frog jumps up the steps. Mosey back to AO for 3rd F 3rd F James 1:12 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. Horton, Woodchuck, and I shared what this message meant to us. We closed in COT lifting up WoodChucks prayer concern HP out

By Yogi on 3/9/2021
Count: 5:

Stolen Q: Low impact Q for High impact HIMs

By Blacklung on 2/23/2021
Count: 6:

I missed Woodchuck's request for Q, and stole it for a back-friendly Q of static and dynamic stretches. We also did too many Sun God's - thanks Cesar.

Where's Pirelli?

By Yogi on 2/2/2021
Count: 5:

Rock brothers

By PCH on 1/19/2021
Count: 8:

Always a good time when the Rock Hill guy show up. PCH had as do strange things with our bodies. Very intense workout.

Look over the ledge

By High Pockets on 12/29/2020
Count: 5:

Quick disclaimer disclaimed Warm up SSH 10 IC HillyBilly 10 IC SSH 10 IC 10 Merkins OYO SSH 10 IC We moseyed to the 1st wall we saw and did wall sits while someone bear crawled. Then to the government center for bear crawls up and down the stairs. Mosey to the back of the building where we found some pallets for a couple curls, overhead hold and calve raises. Mosey to the court house for Pledge of alliance, then 200 Calve raises on the steps, hoped back down the stairs. Mosey to the wall for some more wall sits and LT Dan's. 3rd F Matthew 12:29 “Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can plunder his house. This is another argument of Christ's proving that his casting out of devils could not be by Satan, but by the Spirit of God; for if he did not act by any superior power to Satan's, and such by which he was able to master, overcome, and bind him, he could never. Back at the AO, Yogi handed the Nantan flag off to Cesar. Ended in COT


By Yogi on 12/22/2020
Count: 4:

Welcome back Chernobyl

By Chernobyl on 12/8/2020
Count: 3:

The upper body burn , and a few mile run.

Behind the courthouse

By Yogi on 11/17/2020
Count: 4:

Cindy around town

By Yogi on 10/13/2020
Count: 3:

Solar Winds

By Couple's Q on 10/6/2020
Count: 2:

Squats were squatted, crunches were crunched, and merkins were merkined. But the true winner today was humanity, because we solved the energy crisis. How? Well, you should have been here!

By Yogi on 9/29/2020
Count: 4:

Rucking Around

By Couple's Q on 9/22/2020
Count: 2:

'Twas a fair morning when two brothers began on foot and under weight. Headlights streamed past in gusts of wind. Crickets chirped and stars glittered in the cool morning sky - unaware of the concerns of men. Into this early morning void, the brothers walked; bright spirits on dark streets. They witnessed the vastness of the universe through their own tiny roles within it. Family, friends, work and play - all asleep in the small hours of the morning.

Iron pax week 3

By Yogi on 9/15/2020
Count: 4:

We performed the Iron Pax challenge as a group in 28 minutes. We may have modified the run done. We finished after a 3rd F message on faith leadership with core work.

Pearls on a String

By Black Lung on 9/1/2020
Count: 5:

Mozied around town doing various exercises.


By Black Lung & High Pockets on 8/25/2020
Count: 2:

I pulled up thinking I might credit for a credit workout noone was at. Then I panned over to see Blacklung stretching under the awning. We ran laps around downtown and stopped at the covered area to knock out merkins and lbcs each pass. We were not wet from tears because it was only the 2 of us. It was from the rain and sweet. And I think I had something in my not tears at all. Well I mean maybe...idk

Say hello to my little friend.

By Cutter on 8/4/2020
Count: 6:

Introductions were made to my little friend. A 40LB sandbag. It was to go where we went. We started with a warm-up. moved locations we performed box jumps big boys, stepups and LBCs. Moved location took a wall sit and passed the sandbag back and forth then threw in bear crawls. Moved locations for toe taps, box jumps, Urkins and durkins. Moved for some bear crawl and crawl bear up and down some steps. Moved knocked out some dips. Moved found some more steps bear crawl and crawl bear again. Found the bottom of a hill to do some burpees and then head back to the COT. There is less traffic on the high road. It might get lonely, but that's ok.

3 of a kind

By Yogi on 7/7/2020
Count: 3:

A mediocre teacher tells

Stair master

By High Pockets on 6/23/2020
Count: 7:

Solar 3

By Yogi on 6/16/2020
Count: 3:


By Black Lung on 6/2/2020
Count: 9:

Don't ask for Q's, voluntell them! See you on Tuesday Alice!

Ring around the pax

By Yogi on 5/26/2020
Count: 7:

Merkins, flutterkicks, and mountain climbers

By Yogi on 5/12/2020
Count: 9:

Wet and distant

By Yogi/HP on 3/17/2020
Count: 2:

Since both Qs fought so hard to lead and neither could make it, York's biggest man and shortest man worked out solo. We socially distanced yet had plenty of 2nd F time.

Back Entrance to Cidys House

By Cesar on 2/4/2020
Count: 7:

Warm up: SSH Mountain Climbers Bombjacks Moseyed and nurred the long way to the gain stn. Overhead carry to the stop sign where we did a round robin of Cindy exercises. Over head carry back . Took an even longer way back to the COT. Its always an honor to lead you crazies😵 Cesar✌

The introduction to the Gas Chamber

By Horton on 1/14/2020
Count: 6:

Lost the video somehow! I know why the Jews didnt make it now! Thank you guys for all the constant pushes from each one of you. Seeing me and asking by phone or GM where I have been. I think a much needed break was just what I needed to get my foot right. As always I'm was honored to lead such great HIMs through the gloom. HORTON OUT!


By Yogi on 1/7/2020
Count: 5:

Passing of the Nantan Flag

By Black Lung on 12/31/2019
Count: 7:

After a Tour de York workout (various exercises as we mozied all around downtown York), we passed the Nantan flag to the new leader of York Region: Yogi! Anyone active in York over the last few years knows that Yogi is a strong and consistent leader, and we are all looking forward to his leadership as we start a new decade in 2020. Read more about the leadership change in the announcement here:

Welcome to December!

By Woodchuck on 12/3/2019
Count: 5:

Five HIMs braved freezing temperatures to lose the Thanksgiving over indulgence. We started with a brief warm up of cherry picking in cadence followed by hillbillies in cadence. Having sufficiently warmed up, a mosie was in store - just around the block. Upon return to the AO, we did some 35s, counting up - start with 5 Merkins, cross the parking lot, 5 squats. Return to the Merkin zone and repeat with 10 of each... up to 35 of each. A VERY slow mosie around the block and then an ab-lab to finish. Prayers for a HIM seeing the doctor today and thankful for a group to meet with in the gloom.

Bye bo rounds

By Yogi on 11/26/2019
Count: 8:

Raindrops on the windshield, there’s a storm movin’ in

By Group Q on 11/12/2019
Count: 3:

3 hims met at trinity on 11/12/19 at 0515 Started off with a mosey to a new location a mile through town Gathered under a covered area to talk about cars and dream about women Never had a plan just a livin for the minute Busted out an ab lab Ran back to trinity jumpin in mud puddles Dried off and raised prayer to friends and families


By Black Lung on 11/5/2019
Count: 5:

Double Down Dora

By Qbert on 10/29/2019
Count: 10:

After somehow turning off my alarm at 04:40 and then actually waking up at 04:58 I quickly made my way to Trinity. It was good misty foggy morning in true gloom fashion. I always love visiting the York PAX who forever changed my physical and mental ability at the first IceBreaker. Since I was a few minutes late, the warmup was already completed and we started a mosey down past Coal Yard. Partnered up for a DORA (i will find a definition BlackLung) and first we started with the classic, 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs while your partner runs, switch places and keep going until you reach the total as a pair. We cut the reps and distance by half for round two...... but who's that nice? 50 burpees, 100 jump squats, and 150 BigBoy Situps while the other partner NURs The mumble chatter was super heavy today which was good and form was a clear focus this morning. Moseyed back for my standard 5 burpees OYO right at 6 and it was a simple bootcamp but we pushed to get better COT Pancake Breakfast coming up on Saturday for a new prosthetic for a local PAX Prayers lifted up for Brewer's family (PAX in Shelby) Please keep praying for my family's adoption process, we have been more than blessed and I want to stay obedient in prayer throughout the whole thing NMM Be in prayer. It's that simple. Pray in the bad times, and please please pray in the good times. Pray with your Ms, pray with your families. I can't begin to describe how simple life can be when you are in prayer daily. It has not been easy, there have been plenty of arguments, plenty of breakdowns and problems. But if your best friend is God.... then really? what are you worried about? It's not good enough to just be a High Impact Man. There's something more and you don't even have to work for it. But you do have to ask.

Passing of the flag

By Undertaker on 10/15/2019
Count: 9:

Started the warmups early bc it was a chilly Tuesday morning. SSH LBCs Three count merkin SSH Mosey to ARP church 25 burpees 50 big boys Mosey to PATH 20 drydocks 10 diamond merkins Mosey to the hills Sprint the hills Mosey back to trinity Great work today guys, we kept a strong pace through out the entire work out. I’m grateful for the flag and excited to plant it every Tuesday!

Gear Workout

By Black Lung on 10/8/2019
Count: 5:

Going out of Business

By High Pockets on 10/1/2019
Count: 10:

Disclaimer was disclaimed and we were off to the warm-up Warmup Imperial walker 15 ic 15 SSH Hillbilly 15 ic 15 SSH 15 sun gods up high 15 sun gods to side 15 SSh Mayor and council seats are up for election in a month. Not to get to political, but has anyone ever noticed the vacancy of buildings downtown? Why is that? Anyways to the thang. Start at the library corner and mosey toward the fire dept. At each vacant building thats 10 merkins, 10 big boys, and 10 squats. If you fall to far behind the rest of the PAX mosey to catch-up ( skipping locations). Turn left ..then left again for some rinse and repeat down the next road. Stop at the american flag infront of the court house for the pledge. With time running out we had to modify to 5 of each excersise. 3rd F 1 Peter 8-9Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls. Can you trust what you don't see? Of course! What kind of question is that? Our lives depend on what we cannot see — things like gravity and the air we breathe, just to name two. Faith in Jesus is as natural as faith in each of those things. The problem is that our hearts are skeptical. We find it hard to believe that anyone divine would love us so much. During count off Undertaker Q jacked and said everyone should do dying cockroaches during name o Rama...since we hadn't done any. End in COT


By Cesar on 9/24/2019
Count: 8:

Warm up: SSH Mountain climbers Flutter kicks Workout: We moseyed to get some bricks from blaklungs house and brought them back to the Trinity. We circled up while we all took turns doing sets of 50 curls, overheads, and wheelies with the curl bar while the other pax took turns giving each other a brick beat down. Brought the bricks back and prayed it out. Cesar✌

Covering some ground

By yogi on 9/17/2019
Count: 12:

Getting Back in the Saddle

By Bounty on 9/10/2019
Count: 13:

It's been too long without posting in the gloom with my brothers. So when BlackLung asked if I would Q I kinda HAD to do it. Missed seeing all those beautiful faces...ahahhaha. Pax were greeted and welcomed, then proverbial waiver was enacted. We started with a quick warmup of SSH and a mosey to the CoalYard. I pre stationed 4 buckets in a square formation within the field about 50' apart. Pax were advised that we would do a "specific movement" between buckets and burpees at the buckets. The workout: Round 1 was side shuffle left, 1 burpee, sprint, 2 burpees, side shuffle right, 3 burpees, nur, 4 burpees. Then we ran to the end of street and back (approx. .25 mile). Round 2 was log roll left, 2 burpees, bearcrawl, 3 burpees, log roll right, 4 burpees, crawlbear, 5 burpees. Run to the end of the street and back. On the way back we collected some 30 and 45 pound sandbags. Round 3 was sandbag throw, 3 burpees, sandbag throw, 4 burpees, sandbag throw, 5 burpees, sandbag throw, 6 burpees. No run due to time. Round 4 was same as above with the burpees going 4, 5, 6, and 7. Picked up the sandbags, mosey to COT, name-a-rama, prayed it out (Actually forgot to pray for our brother RedRider). No worry I prayed for him individually later. Good to see everyone again, ankle still hurts, but I will be posting.

Learning to Follow & Canned Goods

By Black Lung on 8/27/2019
Count: 8:

"Did you say 13 or 30?" "How many sets?" "Is it urkins or durkins?" Although not quite Q-Jacking, do we really need to stop the whole group because someone didn't hear the call? Nope! Just do what everyone else is doing! Today we practiced following: The Q called fake exercises but PAX had to watch to see what we were really doing. For example, "Next exercise is Squats, in cadence, exercise positions, move!" But instead of squat position, the Q goes into a merkin position and commences low-slow merkins. It was not so easy to call one thing and do another, but we had fun! Afterward, we rucked the can goods collected from the Bear and Block and filled the 2 pantry boxes downtown, with enough leftover to fill the box at Tractor Supply on Thursday. Great to meet Geppetto, and nice to see Alice (Mr Roboto should be back soon too!). COT: lifted up Orvis's father's surgery, Korn's foot, and Burr's step-son's engagement

Jeff Bridges in the Dark

By Horton on 8/20/2019
Count: 7:

A classic pearl-on-a-string Group Q including a mozy to the running trail bridge, which our PAX recently painted, including a fresh F3 logo and a new FiA logo./ However, it was too dark to see anything, so we invented Jeff Bridges: start in urkin position at one end of the bridge and alternate down to merkin and up to urkin, strafing the bridge all the way to the other end. On the mozy back, we pledged our allegiance and ended with a COT.

1 burpee, 1 squat, 1 bigboy

By Yogi on 8/13/2019
Count: 11:

Warmed up. Ran to the library. The workout was a long run from the road to the fire hydrant and back, 1 burpee, 1 squat, 1 bigboy. After that add 1 more and do again, including counting up the runs. As a pax we made it to round 6 or 7. Blacklung inspired us with a Why Me word of the month talk. Finished with a plank. Then COT.

Group Q and the return of Drydock!

By Cesar on 7/30/2019
Count: 4:

Cesar had a family issue, so we group Q'd a classic pearls-on-a-string workout: mozy-ed around downtown, stopping for reps whenever a PAX felt the urge to call an excercise including merkins, LBCs, wall-sits, and dirty dogs (in honor of Cesar). We ended with a set of drydocks to celebrate the return of Drydock! Welcome back brother!

Bangarang ‘Round Town

By KoRn widda K on 7/16/2019
Count: 8:

Kicked around town for some lessons in burpee penalties and good old fashioned beatdown fun. KoRn, out!

Run to the wall

By Slag on 6/18/2019
Count: 9:

Run to the wall for some sits , ab lab , Chernobyl shuffles good workout !

Moving day

By Mr Roboto on 6/11/2019
Count: 11:

Warm up. Moseyed to the CY and moved all the Gainstaion gear. Grab something take it down the road. Mosey back and do 25 reps of different exercises between each trip. Mosey around the block to the flag for the pledge to our great nation. Back the the AO for a Quick Ab Lab. Numberthang Namethang Named the FNG.

By Burr on 5/21/2019
Count: 9:

Side straddle hops, merkins, dynamic stretching with high knees, butt kicks, lunges ect. Then mosey to casa del black lung for some merkins, mosey again to the fancy parking lot for some diamond markings and something else, mosey again but this time to the CY to get can goods which we then carried in a mosey fashion to the food box near the old pawn shop. Then mosey again back down main street and back to the AO for an ab lab till 6am. Prayers an praises, announcements, & COT.

30 club

By Undertaker on 5/14/2019
Count: 10:

Cool May morning with 10 fine hims! Stretches, merkins, mosey-ing, Lt. Dans, dips, erkins, even have the early morning commuters a monkey humper show!! Good work this morning men, it’s an honor to be a part of F3 York and to grow with each and every one of you!

Level 3

By Chernobyl on 4/23/2019
Count: 6:

The level 3 Black Beard


By Group Q on 4/9/2019
Count: 6:

We ran around the good town of York stopping at various please and laid the smack down on each other... Good miles groans and smiles... couldn't ask for a better way to wake up👍 Cesar✌

Grab your ankles and smile

By High pockets on 3/26/2019
Count: 8:

Disclaimer was disclaimed Off to warm-up 25x count left over right 25x count right over left 25x 3 count MKC 25x Imperial walkers 15 Cherry picker The Thang Partner up and head to Boney insurance parking lot. 3x 1 partner plank on wall while other partner holds partner 1's ankles and does 10 calve raises switch spots with partner, repeat until 3 sets of 10 completed by each. LT Dan, Lt danger, inch worm merkin to the wall in-between sets. Wall sit to wait on 6. 1st set Yogi did a balls to the ground instead of balls to wall. Head to area to get bricks for each hand 25x overhead 25x punch 25x curls each arm 25x flappy birds 3rd F Growth Hebrews 5:12-14 For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the basic principles of the oracles of God. You need milk, not solid food, for everyone who lives on milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, since he is a child. But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil. Lap around city block, then back to AO for 5 minutes of circle of pain. Nameorama COT Cesar family, Undertaker dad, Filabuster, Drydock, HP family, and a couple other family concerns. Thanks for the push today. HP out...

This little light

By Horton on 3/19/2019
Count: 10:

It was a little chilly this gloom but it was perfect for a workout. Disclaimer given for the FNG. Warmup stretching and walk out Merkens. Had a good mosey down the hill going out of town to the end of the light poles. At each light pole we alternated 10 merkens and 10 Sqauts all the way back up the hill to th last light pole. Then a mosey around to town hall for the pledge lead by Mr. ROBOTO. 15 count Irkens, derkens and dips. Mosey to the newly painted historic wall for some merken chairs. Then back to the AO for a quick AB lounge. Quick 3rd F message... The heart of the righteous ponders how to answer, but the mouth of the wicked pours out evil things. Proverbs 15:28 ESV Explanation of the 5 core principle of F3 to the FNG. Which he knew most about because I have been EHing him for 3 years. Numberthang Namethang Naming of the FNG. Single, no kids, 19 years old so it seemed fitting that we named him Luck Man. High Pockets brought up about how much better he felt after the workout and the struggles he was having this gloom before the workout. Then Nunchuck talked about my first post in F3 and how far we have all come. Thanks guys for the push and dont forget to reach out to the guys that are struggling with life. Horton out!


By Yogi on 3/5/2019
Count: 12:

My New F3avorite Workout Space

By Chef on 2/19/2019
Count: 11:

Cool with a chance of rain/ sleet. Around at AO to find a few Hims & an FNG, turkey punched by Undertaker(Welcome back). Started with an F3 intro for our newbie..... Surprised everyone with NO warmup... Mosey to voting wall for an irkin,derkin,dip session.. Mosey to the New Kid on the Block, "The Government Building". Started in the parking lot for some 11s...alternating merkins and LBCs... Did a 10 count F3 refresher course for everyone&our fng. Mosey to the Front Porch for partner Bearcrawl 123... partner up for 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats while bear crawling down the ramp and up the steps. What!?! Another bearcrawl workout WithOut Horton?? Once everyone lost feeling in their arms and legs..... We moseyed back to the AO. NumberOrama NameOrama Announcements, prayers, praises. FNG name game WELCOME "Springsteen" & Welcome Back Undertaker Prayed us out Thank you Cesar for giving me the opportunity to lead this Awesome group of HIMs. Chef out

Impromptu Q and Treasure Hunt

By Black Lung on 2/12/2019
Count: 7:

On a rainy morning, we expected Slow Pitch as Q, and got Black Lung instead. For a standard pearls-on-a-string workout, we made laps around the block while stopping for cover under awnings to complete various reps: squats, squat jumps, various flavors of merkins, etc. Somewhere along the way, Black Lung lost his fitbit! So the last lap around the block was a "Treasure Hunt". Although we didn't find it, Black Lung made another lap after the COT and found it near the flutterkicks location. Success!

The Governmental tour

By Horton on 2/5/2019
Count: 15:

Great weather and a great group of HIMs to take a tour of the new Government building. Started with a warm up then a Mosey around town to the new building. There was a great deal of time spent in constructing this new tax payer funded building so we F3ed it up using every nuk and cranny that we could find. There are loads of stairs and a ramp. There is a set of stairs that go no where and tons of parking lots. They left the same big hill that we were used to using and added guard rails all the way up the sides. This will for sure be a staple once again at the Trinity AO for our F3 Q's to use in a well thought out winki. I'm very impressed with the design of the building as well. It's hard to believe that this nice big building has been built in the historic district of York but it kinda fits right in. Since we toured that building and parking lots, we moseyed to the other Government buildings as well to get a good tour of what all this town has to offer. There are so many places to work out here that you cant help but sign up to Q at Trinity. Namethang Numberthang Prayers and Praises Thank Cesar for the invite and thank you guys for the leadership and push. As always I'm honored to lead such great HIMs through the gloom. Horton out

Count up

By Yogi on 1/22/2019
Count: 9:

Brickzilla comes to Town

By Chef on 1/15/2019
Count: 10:

Started as a cool morning not expecting the rain. Some whining about not wanting to get hands wet so... Disclaimer Warmup SsH MNC Mosey to blacklungs toybox where everyone found a pair of bricks to make friends with.... Moseyed to Ag building parking lot.... 1 set of Dodo birds, an exercise not the Pax... Most around building.... 1 set of Colt 45s Korn noticed the gate to "The Pit", "The Hot Box" was unlocked soooooo we had to go see.... Circled up Merkins Overhead clips Merkins Curls .... talked about new year's resolutions, need to be more accountable, attend and Q more workouts. Woodchuck added a fate story on the 1 yr anniv of flight in the Hudson about family member that was to be on flight but changed plans then anniv of York police shooting and the loose of Sg Doty. 1 life saved as another was lost. More help Alice with his challenge... Round Robin with each Him picking a brick friendly exercise finishing with Slag trading bricks for cindy's. Mosey back to AO dropping bricks in toy box as we went by. Prayers Praises COT Love leading these Men as they Push me. CHEF out

Rusty cowboy

By yogi on 1/8/2019
Count: 9:

5 ssh 5 burpees 10 flutterkicks 5 diamond mercens 5 bobby Hurleys 5 american hammers 10 calf raises 10 rusty cowboys 10 box cutters 10 dips Added each stop and did double in reverse order at the last stop

A New Game in Town

By Chef on 12/4/2018
Count: 7:

Ssh Mnc IW Mosey to voting building wall Irkin, derkin,dips Mosey to circus wall PC bear crawl Mosey to mcclevey center parking lot(a new hot spot). There we found a random board game laying on the ground. So i introduced the HIMs to a New Game in F3York, "The Board of Pain". Thanks to RockRegions Red October for the idea. We were able to do 1 full round then moseyed back to the AO. All games in F3York are available to anyone to use, *Board of Pain *Game of Choices *F3 Cards Prayers and announcements Thanks for playing & Thanks for allowing me to LEAD this great group of Hims. CHEF out

Why do bears hibernate?

By Horton on 11/27/2018
Count: 8:

What great Morning to push the Gloom with my brothers. Started with a stretch into a merkin position then back to an up right position. Then a Mosey. So far this is the furthest I have moseyed since the surgery. We found our selves at the old haunted theater and with the great lighting they have there I figured why not use both parking lots. Parking lot 1. LT Dan's from one side to the other and a bearcrawl back. We did several rounds of this. Then on to the other lot for some agility drills using the whole lot as well. After several round of this I think we finally found an exercise that Yogi struggles with. The Crabwalk! Then back to the 1st lot where we bearcrawled through both lots out to the road. This is where I found the answer to the age old question.... why do bears hibernate? Because their paws get cold while they are doing all that crawling. Haha Moseyed to the wall by the circus for a round of Russian wall sits. Then to the parking lot across from the wall for a good easy bearcrawl from one end to the other. Then moseyed back to the AO for the 3rd F Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. Jeremiah 33;3 With all the doubt and impatient thoughts we have as people moving through the world what is it we can do about it? Nothing... I known we are men and think that we are in control of and know everything but in all actuality we are in control of nothing. The Plan that we have for ourselves and our families is more than likely NOT Gods Plan that He has for us. So try to work on waiting on the Lord to move us instead of us trying to move Him. Namethang NUMBERTHANG As always I am honored to lead such great HIMs and thank you all for the push! HORTON OUT!

Korn tummy ache

By KoRn on 11/20/2018
Count: 6:

Group Q. We did everything from bear crawls and merkins to touching turkeys.


By High Pockets on 11/13/2018
Count: 5:

It was 43 degrees with a threat of rain. YHC circled everyone up and asked the PAX if they knew the significance of 22 and our most recent holiday, Veterans day. With none knowing, I shared that everyday 22 veterans commit suicide. Thus giving a hint to the number of reps for the main event. Disclaimer disclaimed Warmup: 15 Ssh IC 15 count stretch to left right and center 15 SSH IC 15 imperial walkers IC 15 SSH IC Mosey to the drop box for cans. Cans>PAX so no burpees Mosey to main street. 17 American flags evenly spread out still up for veterans day. The Thang Round 1 22 merkins at each odd flag, 22 lbc at the even Round 2 22 calve raises at each odd flag, 22 Carolina dry docks at the even. Mosey back to AO for 3rd F Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. (James 1:2–3) Strange as it may seem, one of the primary purposes of being shaken by suffering is to make our faith more unshakable. Faith is like muscle tissue: if you stress it to the limit, it gets stronger, not weaker. That’s what James means here. When your faith is threatened and tested and stretched to the breaking point, the result is greater capacity to endure. He calls it steadfastness. 10 minutes left we knocked out a couple rounds of circle of pain. Announcements Next week Thursday conversion in rock hill. 1st aid class offered by rock region, cost is $75. YHC offered to do a short 1 for free, but it wouldn't come with a certification. Prayer concerns: Cesar family Filibuster family Korn unspoken HP out

Injury workout

By Yogi on 11/6/2018
Count: 9:

No running, replaced with isometric exercises for the legs.

Helloween Anniversary

By Bounty on 10/30/2018
Count: 7:

My two year F3 anniversary and the day before Halloween. Decided to go a little dark with the theme, but back to the light regarding the message. Warmup: 6 Burpees, 6 DiveBombers, 6 Squats (666) The Thang: Each Pax grabbed two bricks and was instructed that they could not touch the ground until the end of the workout. The pax was advised that we would go from point to point and conduct 111 reps of a given exercise before running to the next point. Point1...O/H Press Point2...Front Raise Point3...Side Raise Point4...Rear Flys Point5...Upright Rows Point6...Cobra Kais Grand Total...666 reps The pax was not advised until now, but the path we ran between points drew out a big pentagram in front of the church..ahahahahahahaha! No, I'm not down with evil or satanic...just trying to have a bit of fun before Halloween. Thanks to all the pax for the things I mentioned this morning. I wouldn't be where I am without yall. Prayers for Filibuster's family, BlackLungs's family, RedRider, and JackKnife's wife.

Hungry Hungry Hippo Game

By Chernobyl on 10/23/2018
Count: 6:

After streatching and moseying to the flag for the pleading to the American flag 🇺🇸. We broken up into too groups . The objective is to collect the most balls for there team . The loosing team had to do burpees. We raced to the balls by sprints, toy soldier, ner, bear crawls, crab walk , lunges , etc.

Seek higher ground, another storms coming

By High Pockets on 10/9/2018
Count: 8:

It was a 70 degree 95% humidity gloom and I found myself standing in Trinity parking lot with some of Yorks finest. Disclaimer was disclaimed and we were off to the warm up Leg stretch left, right, center 15 ssh ic 35 mkc ic 15 imperial walkers ic 15 hillbilly walkers ic Mosey to the metal stairs behind Trinity 1 him runs up the fight stairs and does 5 bomb Jack's at top.( X2) This HIM calls out a exercise everyone else must do as he knocks out his 2 trips. Merkins, lbc, bomb Jack's, squats, big boys, were a few of what was called out Mosey to the wall by the voting building for 15 dips then onto the courthouse. Pledge of alegiance to the flag, followed by a city police car screaming by with his lights on. I think the city may have a sensor that alarms them when bounty gets to close to the court house tree? Partner up Bear crawl up stairs and come back down while partner is doing exercise total of 100 merkins 200 lbc 300 squats 2nd round Box jump up stairs partner total 200 calf raises 200 lbc Mosey back to ao 3rd F Fairness Life is not always fair. Ecclesiastes 9:11, TLB. "Again I looked throughout the earth and saw that the swiftest person does not always win the race, nor the strongest man the battle, and that wise men are often poor, and skillful men are not necessarily famous." I reminded PAX to be thankful we live in an unfair world. Because was it fair to Jesus he died for our sin? Announcements bounty mentioned a Charlotte convergence going on in January Name o roma Closed in COT Hp out

Deck of Death and Ring of Fire

By QBert on 9/18/2018
Count: 9:

Always an interesting day to go visit the York crew. Disclaimer right at 5:15 (by my watch anyways) and did some quick warm up with squats, windmill, and Up Straddle Hop! Pulled out the phase 10 deck (with 1s,2s, and 3s removed) and everybody picked a card and we did that number of reps for the colored exercise The colors changed at the beginning but we ended up with Blue Lunges Yellow Merkins Red Squats Green Carolina Dry Docks We started doing them IC so all the reps were doubled The best part was when the 12, 11, and 10 yellows were pulled back to back!!!!! Changed to single count after every one had gone twice, we continued for two more rounds through 9 PAX for a total of A bunch of squats Lots of Lunges Not too many CDD and WAY TOO MANY MERKINS Also Skip was lay down for 60 seconds and Wild was 10 Burpees which would increase by 5 every time but we only drew one Wild card Next we circled up for my own twist on Ring of Fire. Group squats into Al Gore while 1 PAX at a time bear crawls around the group. We barely scrapped through round 1. Which means round 2 was great!!! Group plank while 1 PAX at a time crab walks around the group, switched this to a flutter kick hold halfway through Had 6 minutes to kill so we moseyed to the grass next to Coal Yard for a quick sprint and a NUR then back to CoT for my standard 5 burpess to finish off Annoucements/Prayers Bounty is doing a Spartan Ultra so watch out for him sweating somewhere in York at all hours of the day Yogi's wife's grandmother passed away Please pray for Ms in the group, lots of injuries. Woodchuck and Cesar, specifically are the names I heard who are caring for their wives currently. My family safely made it out of WIlmington yesterday, its SUPER difficult to get west of I-95, so let me know if you need to know the route Korn had a friend who suffered a seizure recently and is getting treated for that, I believe he said they found a tumor as a result of the seizure checkup


By Chef on 9/11/2018
Count: 7:

One year ago

Fun and Games

By Horton on 9/4/2018
Count: 10:

Well I had this Q planned for SOR but I have a pre-op appt tomorrow so I had to scrounge around and trade out Qs to get the opportunity to lead the day before my B-day. We had a quick stretch session while Redrider and then Alice came in hot. Then we moseyed over to the Gainstaion AO yard for game time. 1st Game Freeze tag F3 style. We quickly Omahed it to 2 pax being IT because I couldn't run around to much . Lol The IT Pax/Paxs went around and tagged the other Pax. Once we were tagged the IT pax called out a workout and that's what we had to do until we were unfrozen. We played a couple of rounds of that and then on to the next Game. We all moseyed to the Cindy shed and pick Her up and moseyed back to the grass for a twisted up version of Ring around the cindy/ musical cindy. We formed a circle putting one cindy out and Cesar timed us at different times as we ran around the circles up Cindys. When the time was up the one that was left standing with out one was out. That pax took the extra cindy and did different variations of cindy workouts. We continued on till there was only 1 standing. At the end the winner had a special cindy workout and since we are all F3 we all win so 10 man makers for all. Mosey back to the COT 3rd F from Proverbs 17;22 We realize that misery loves company but if you can keep God and His Joy in your heart then no one can bring you down. A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22 ESV This is my 3rd birthday in F3. I'm down 30 pounds since January of this year and I have gained so many great relationships through out the years. Some I miss dearly that do not post at all or as often as I would like to see but I know that Life hits us fast and life hits us hard. So my understanding that other men have or are dealing with the same issues as me is what keeps me posting. If nothing else to see how someone else deals with their issue and continues to move forward. As always I'm am Honored to lead such great HIMs. Horton out!

Burning Abs and dislocated arms

By KoRn on 8/28/2018
Count: 10:

Partnered up for a fiesta of 150 LBC’s, Big Boy’s and Reverse LBC’s with a quarter mile run in between. Moseyed to the wall o pain and did some merkin arm walk ups and then we played the wave before moseying back to the cot.

Beat Down

By Cesar on 8/21/2018
Count: 8:

50 merkins, 100 Lbcs, then run 1.5miles, then the rest was a blur of heavy breathing and sweat. The pax was holding back bowl movements but kept on moving. We finished with a sweet angel comparison, with Highpockets murder scene been the best. Finished with COT.

IronPAX challenge week 1

By Q Bert on 8/7/2018
Count: 9:

I may have found my initial footing as a Lake Wylie PAX last year but the York boys have certainly made me feel welcome whenever I show up, so when Chef needed a quick replacement for today I was glad to help out. Mainly because I had a terrible idea. F3 Greenwood cooked up this IronPAX set of challenges each week for the whole Nation to get involved in some friendly competition. After a super quick warmup and small stretch, here's what we pushed through today: 4 rounds 50 Squats 40 Big Boy 30 Merkins 20 Jump Lunges 10 Burpees 1/4 mile This was super tough and everyone gave it their all to get their best time, lots of mumble chatter and Q hate when I started telling them the exercises which always puts a smile on my face. Complaints mean the group is ready to get better together. Here are the finishing times Yogi - 28:11 QBert - 28:28 Cesar, High Pockets, Horton, Korn - 32:30 Alice - 39:00 Bounty had a 60 pound sandbag with him so not sure if he was going for time but I believe he finished all reps as well in the 39 minutes we had. Didn't catch the 2.0s time CoT -Disc Vader may be pushed back for Bounty to be available -SummerFest downtown York coming up, y'all know more than I do but I think we will show up -Bounty and High Pockets have funerals to attend soon -String Bean needs all the prayer we can muster for surgery and recovery -The M and I are getting better communication during her 12 hour work nights -other requests were stated but I missed the details so just keep all the PAX in your prayers Thanks for the opportunity and the push and the community this morning, see you in the gloom

Kill Session

By Gridlock on 7/31/2018
Count: 11:

Lots of running and bootcamp!! Awesome beatdown by one of Rock Hills finest HIM's!! So tired we forgot to video the Name O Rama!!

Circles of happiness

By Horton on 7/24/2018
Count: 8:

Big shout out to the guys who posted this gloom. We had great weather for it for sure! Started with a Mosey down the street to the tire shop where low and behold there were 2 small tractor tires that needed to be moved. 1st round. 2 pax at a time flip the tires 30 yards and roll them back while the rest of the pax did Bigboys. Cycled through till all pax have flipped the tires. Moved to the middle of the lot for ring around the planked up circle! 2nd round. Same as the 1st only LBC's this time. Then back to the middle of the lot for another round of ring around the planked up circles. This time the one that was running around would call out UP or DOWN. Moseyed down to the court house for a salute to our great nation lead by Mr. ROBOTO HIMself . Then own around the big block and back to the AO. 7 great HIMs and YHC posted this gloom to talk about future events and an up coming meeting for leadership to further the growth of F3. Prayed for Rick Faulk as he takes a big test today and all of us as we go out into the world . Monday July 30th at 6pm we will meet at Union Baptist church for a leadership meeting. 3rd F. All you have to do is ask.... "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Matthew 7;8 Number thang Name thang As always I am honored to lead such great HIMs through the gloom. HORTON OUT


By Bounty on 7/17/2018
Count: 12:

The Peoples Republic of York

By Red Rider on 7/10/2018
Count: 1:

It was good to see Bounty there today. Apparently he forgot most of the time at Trinity there is running involved. Somehow I don't think that will be the case next week. As far as the workout not much unusual. Disclaimer disclaimed. Copperhead lead the warmup with 1 SSH. Mosey down the hill to the wall for peoples chair with crab walk/bear crawls. Mosey to the flag at the courthouse for the pledge. Mosey to the covered parking lot for 50 dips, 20 irkins, and 20 irkins. Lt. Dan to the stop sign. Mosey to Whitesides parking lot for circle jerk. Mosey down to YMCA driveway for a U-turn. Mosey to the place "Where Good Citizens are Always Welcome" for another 15 minute circle jerk. Thank goodness the York PD dispatch time is three days. Made it back to the AO unscathed for 11 burpies.

Run and fun

By Rasta on 7/3/2018
Count: 7:

Did some speed drills and side straddle hops... Whole lot of other stuff... Show up and find out!!

Just trying to be a show off.

By KoRn on 6/19/2018
Count: 11:

Disclaimer 20 SSH Multiple Angle Sun Gods 10 Merkins Mosey... The Thang Moseyed to the Gain Station and picked up some Cindy’s. We did 20 each arm Swinging Cindy Curls, 10 Cindy Manmakers then we overhead carried the Cindy’s to the road with a ‘if you drop below your shoulders’ 10 Bombjack penalty so with no penalties to be had we proceeded to the roadside and executed some Monkey Humpers in a 10 count cadence. From that point we moseyed from the stop sign toward the Y where we stopped at the business next to the CY and did some Merkin High Knee Step Up’s, 25 count. Back to the mosey, where we took a Left at the stop sign and to Chef’s dismay as he put it “No running. Why do we have to show off for the Rock Hill running fellas” LOL!!! we moseyed towards Madison taking a Left at the light and on to the wall at the Farmers Market. On the wall, we sat and had a little F3 name origin story round then we played everyone’s favorite wall game “The Wave” after that was complete, we did a round of 10 count Merkins, Derkins and Dips. When all pax had completed we paired off and after some poor listening attempts we finished strong with a 1v1 race where the loser does 10 burpees and the winner does 5. Once completed we moseyed back to the roadside of Gain station and retrieved our blocks and overhead carried them back to the pile and returned to coT where we named off, spoke prayer requests and announcements then we gathered in prayer and were off for the day.

Horton Special

By Chef on 6/12/2018
Count: 14:

On a cool and drizzly morning, 13 HIMs and myself gathered in the Trinity parking lot. I was waiting for Horton to show before we circled up but her never showed. His wife had just had surgery so I figured he was helping her.... you see, my workout was designed for Horton(and others). He had mentioned his first workout that I had Qed, a 4 corners beatdown a few years ago. So I wanted to reenact that one and see how WE have improved. So without our special guest, we started...... *15 ssh *15 Moroccan night squats NEW(need to campaign to add to lexicon) *Mosey to circus wall, peoples chair w/ **bear crawl. *Mosey to courthouse for The Pledge *Started at The Corner of downtown for Little 4 Corners 1st corner, 5 merkins, mosey to 2nd corner, 10 merkins, **bear crawl to 3rd corner(stop sign,) 15 merkins,mosey to 4th corner, 20 merkins, **bear crawl. Rinse and Repeat.....3rd round swapped **bear crawls for lunges. Mosey back to AO. **bear crawls are Horton's(and only Horton) favorite exercise. Talked about mission weekend at trinity umc and how we should always be looking for ways to help our elders and our neighbors in OUR community. I had not Qed in a while and for some reason I try to make it really challenging, at least for me, so I can get back in the groove. And it was.....but I want to THANK all my Brothers, who showed up and the ones that fartsacked, for their continued support even when I'm a no-show too. CHEF out

Back to the Basics

By Cesar on 6/5/2018
Count: 9:

Good ole classic boot camp style beat down!! Arms, legs, and abs got equal punishment😁 Thanks for the push guys!! Cesar✌

Merkin mile and puddles of fun

By Horton on 5/29/2018
Count: 5:

What a humid morning to be out pushing the gloom but its always an honor to lead my brothers through it. Started with some Mumble chatter and stretching. Then on to a Mosey down the street in front of the police station. Took a left on Madison and another left on Main. Once we got to the old Farmers market we started the Merkin mile. We did 4 laps around the block with 10 Merkins every half lap and 20 Merkins at the end to make 100 Merkins. Then a Mosey back the way we came. We made a stop at the Flag for a Mr. ROBOTO lead pledge. Then on to the COT. Prayed for Chefs daughter as she goes to further her education and Cear and YHC's wives as they are dealing with ongoing challenges with their health. Took a minute to talk about the Blessings that Jesus spoke on the mountain and learned a new word in the process...... be·at·i·tude bēˈadəˌt(y)o͞od/ noun plural noun: beatitudes supreme blessedness. the blessings listed by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. Matthew 5; 2-12 ESV And he opened his mouth and taught them, saying: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. "Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. NAMEORAMA NUMBERRAMA Thanks again brothers for the push. Horton out!

1-2 Roll That Die!

By KoRn on 5/22/2018
Count: 7:

The Warm Up: 20 SSH 20 MNC with Heel raises Leg stretches L to R then legs shoulder length where we grabbed our feet and tried to put our heads on the ground. 10 Cherry pickers The Thang: I took advantage of Chernobyl’s workout die. We moseyed to the McCelvey Center where we began our modified 1-2 Run/Beatdown. We circled up and began taking turns rolling the die, we did that for 2 minutes then we moseyed for a minute. Gathered beside the circus winter quarters under the lit parking lot where we continued but at that point it was starting to seem like the die was biased to burpees, mountain climbers and SSH’s. We then hit the Trinity parking lot then down to the flag where we said the pledge did our 2 minutes then moseyed back to the Trinity parking lot where we had 10 minutes left before Chernobyl, Alice & Roboto has to take off so we rolled die and ended with wall sits where we all took turns doing a 10 count. After our brothers departed we ended with a 4 man “Ab Lab” but when asked to start the “Ab Lab” Woodchuck decided that squats were the way to go bc if he got on the ground he wouldn’t be able to get up but I reassure him that I would help him up but being the stubborn ole Yank that he is he was determined to do Low Slow Squats (10 in cadence), Chef chose Hillbilly Walkers 10x, Cesar chose Windmills 10x, I chose in Ab Lab fashion I chose Rosalita’s 10x then we ended with Helloooooo Dollies 10x. NameoRama then CoT. As The Phoenix Rises So Shall I.. Iron Sharpens Iron... Slay The Day Brothers 🔥🤘🏻🐺🤘🏻🔥

Playing chicken with the train 🐔 🚆

By Mr Roboto VQ on 5/15/2018
Count: 10:

This definitely was an epic Q!! When an 8 yr old gets a ride to a workout out becuase he's on Q and Dads out of town you know its beat down time!! Workout: All I knew was that at the request of the Q I was supposed to have Pandora radio for the workout but did not know why. A few premature merkins and a quick disclaimer and we were on to the music. Not being much of a fan of country music had never heard of a "Cowboy Troy" but let me tell ya... If you ever wanna spice up a workout play "Playing Chicken with the Train". I dont know if its country, pop , or techno, but all I do know is we turned into some merkin machines😂 .. Then we headed across the street to the coal yard where we played with Cindy's and tires while we took turns convincing Mr Roboto to call all kinds of painful greatest hits... Came back to the AO where we ended in a Pennywise and Roboto dance session and COT I judged his Q like I do anyone else's.. in pain and sweat and by the look of all the sweaty PAX I believe he lived up to the challenge. Outstanding Q by a stand up HIM and I'm honored to be a part of it!! Cesar✌

Street lights

By Gauge on 5/8/2018
Count: 14:

Awesome guest Q by one of Rock Hills finest HIMs.. Gauge was actually part of York F3 history and it was great to have him back to the Trinity.. We started with a warm up. Then we went parking lot hopping where we would do a couple of exercises then off to the next one. Then we went downtown and took turns picking exercises at every street light as he gave us exercises to get there. Went to flag and did pledge. Ended with an awesome motivational speech and a COT.. Great workout and awesome fellowship!!! Cesar✌

Expect the Unexpected

By Alice VQ on 5/1/2018
Count: 13:

Anyone who knows Alice know how he likes running...... He hates it!! Riddle me this?? Why when we finally get him to Q us a good old fashion f3 killing session does he turn into a Usain Bolt?? He ran us twice around town just to get us to the coal yard where I believe he pulled sone kind of strings down at city works to have some drainage pipes put out there so this mad man could have us crawl through them while we ran some more.. while we timed our partner who we were splitting 300 Cindy curls and 300 cindy overhead presses with... When we finally finished that he made us run the long way back!! Awesome VQ and I'm stoked it went down at the Trinity!! Cesar✌

Pearls on a String

By Blacklung on 4/24/2018
Count: 8:

We ran around the block, mixed with some Merkins, squats, big boys, and block carries. You could call it a block party, but it was your standard pearls on a string.

Cutter 40

By Yogi on 4/17/2018
Count: 11:

With a quick warm up we ventured out into the dark. Starting with a mosey over 1 mile to the traffic circle. As the pax arrived the did 40 reps in honor of cutter's 40th bday with a choice of run, nurb, bearcrawl, or lt. Dan around the cicle between the reps. The reps were merkins, flutterkicks, wide arm merkins, and lbc's. Then we ran back. When we arrived we found cutter's truck decorated and with 2 chickens in it thanks to his M. We finished with 30 seconds of 6 inches then hands of time with legs. Happy birthday to Cutter. I may or may not have been asked to take you away from the AO so the deco could be done. Welcome back to stringbean. It was good to see has smiling face. Hopefully a sore face today. As always it was an honor to lead this morning. Yogi out...and fly to Phoenix by lady liberty as Korn would kinda never say...

Kino Der Toten

By Horton on 4/10/2018
Count: 12:

Wow more PAX posted today than the total for the whole last week. Way to go HIM's. Disclaimer given Stretch Mosey across the road to the Gainstation goodies for a new work out called the JUGGERNAUT. (All I could think about was a video game after I saw this) We all grabbed a brick buddy that was ours to keep for the remainder of the work out. Started in teams of 3. 1 Pax from each team started with a ruck sack and their brick buddy to the side walk and back while the other 2 pax were on their 6 for block presses till all pax were through. Plank till the 6 is in. Then we went to the end of the road on a mosey with our brick buddy. Plank till the 6 was in. Then over head carry back to the grass and plank till the 6 was in. Round 2 the SUPER JUGGERNAUT. 1 pax with a sandbag and their brick buddy and the ruck on to the side walk and back while the other pax were doing bent over rows. Bent over rows till the 6 was in. By this time we had to hurry and get all our goodies out up and say by to our brick buddies. Then back to the COT for the weirdest sort of NUR/MOSEY/ SIDWAYS combination I have ever seen. Stopped at the flag for a MR ROBTO lead pledge. Shared LUKE 4;1-12 on how Jesus was tempted by the devil himself and didn't give in. Pray for our brother Cesar and his M as they head to Charleston today for tests and treatment options on her cancer. Nameorama Numberama As always I am honored to lead such get HIM's through the gloom. HORTON OUT

Return of the Undertaker

By Cesar on 3/27/2018
Count: 9:

Since my legs were still pretty shot from the p200 and it was undertaker first post since back surgery we had us a round robin kill session without any running... It was great seeing my brother undertaker getting back in the swing of things.... Horton led us in prayer during the COT

Burnout games

By Korn & Cesar Burnout Games on 3/20/2018
Count: 5:

Did all of following exercises in Burnout mode as we competed against each other for burpies and other various exercises Merkins Plank 6 in Jail break Lap around Marocaan night clubs Walless wall sit

Ropes and wall ball

By Penny pincher on 3/13/2018
Count: 12:

Special Q by a special Him!! Started with mosey around the block where we stopped to say the pledge. Went to the gain station where we took turns doing 2:00 sessions of battle ropes. When not on ropes we played with bricks and sandbags on the wall. This was all broken up with some friendly wall ball where if you missed the ball you paid the price with a burpies. Fun time with mi amigos!! Cesar✌

Sifting and FNG naming

By Yogi on 3/6/2018
Count: 11:

Started out with disclaimer and FNG welcome. Brief warm up followed by a moseyed to to brick wall at the far end of the street. 150 dips, 75 urkins, 25 urkins. Then ran to the flag pole and back to the wall for a little people's chair. Then a little talk about how the Pax has affected me and how they are the hard spots left in my sifter (reference to the free to lead book). To show my love we did 10 burpees. Then another sit on the wall. Then ran to the flag for the pledge. Then did 10 burpees for America. Ran back to base. Did legs of time followed by plank of time. Finished with naming out FNG. Named him Hitchcock. Thanks to Blacklung for bringing him out. Finished with COT. An honor to lead this morning and glad to be back out after my cold. Yogi out...

Heat it up

By Hotspot on 2/27/2018
Count: 13:

Mosey to YPD where we did pledge Partnered up and held plank till our partner ran to light and back Mosey around block to the mens shop where we did lbc's while our partner ran around the block Did another round of lbc's and reverse crunches while our partner did another lap Mosey to the old dss parking lot where we did up planks and down planks while our partner ran some more Mosey to the AO where we closed in a COT Would like to thank hotspot and slowpitch for coming out and showing some Rock Hill love our way ✌Cesar.

Climbing Ladders @McCelvey

By CHEF on 2/20/2018
Count: 11:

Trinity Feb 20,2018 It was a balmy 50ish with light mist And heavy fog. HIC came in with a killer headache and some nausea.But I haven't Qed in a while so I sucked it up PUSHed thru!! **Warm-Up Merkins 10ic Mtn Climbers 10ic **new from Cosmo in Indianapolis... Not Named Yet...on 6s, legs 6 inches, arms in mnc position 20ic I reminded the PAX to do their backblast. And to read others backblasts from F3Nation to get new Q ideas Mosey to McCelvey Center. (NEW SITE) *Partner wheelbarrow up steps x2 Again talked about using older backblasts, lexicon and F3 exercise list as references for weineke research.....And to explore all workable areas around your AOs. The Thang *HINDENBURG Ladder BLIMPS - OYO *5 burpees mosey around circle *5 burpees,10 lunges, mosey *5 b,10 L,15 ImpWalker, mosey *5 b,10L,15 IW,20 merkins, mosey *5b,10L,15IW,20m,25 plank jacks, mosey *5b,10L,15IW,20M,25Pj,30 squats mosey. Meandered back to AO. *Numberama *Namarama *Prayers and announcements Thanks for allowing me to Q this great AO and this great group of HIMs. F3York always pushing each other to be better. CHEF out!

809 Preview

By Bounty on 2/13/2018
Count: 10:

Today started with a 4 mile pre-ruck for those participating in the P200 ruck (unofficially). 4 miles with 30lbs in exactly 1hr (15 min mile pace). We then met the rest of the pax at the AO to begin todays tribute workout Trial1. Normally a quick disclaimer is given, but CSPAN made the request to actually deliver all "elements" of the F3 disclaimer. 1. I am not a professional 2. All exercises are suggested exercises 3. Modify as needed to include skipping in order to prevent injury 4. After hearing the verbal disclaimer, if the pax decided to continue with the workout, that they assume all liability in the case of an injury Everyone accepted the disclaimer, so away we went. We moseyed over to the CoalYard field and the pax were advised that we would we trying out a new "Hero" workout in memory of Deputy Mike Doty. Mike Doty was a York County Deputy that made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty a short time ago. It was in his memory that we dedicated this workout in his honor so that all would know that he may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. Mike's badge number was 809 so naturally we named the workout the "809". As you can probably guess there was 809 total reps. 809 Workout: 25 burpees 203 merkins 25 burpees 303 flutterkicks (single count) 25 burpees 203 squats 25 burpees To complete the workout there are several options to finish it out due to time and location: 809m run, 809m bearcrawl, or whatever the "Q" deems worthy for this workout. We were running a little low on time at a 45min workout, so we did the 809m run (roughly .5miles). For a one hour guessed it...if I'm on "Q" we are bearcrawling. After the run we circled up for COT/BOM with prayers going out to Drydock, my daughter, the nation, Woodchuck's and Cesar's personal requests, and to be the men that we were put here to be.

Take a Right

By Korn on 2/6/2018
Count: 9:

Take a Right... Welcome. Disclaimer.. Warm Up 40 MnC 15 Cherry Pickers 25 Merkins 1 SSH The Thang.. Took a Right and headed towards town, Moseyed until we came upon a small brick wall where we did 25 Irkins then continued. Moseyed to the cemetery where we found some benches and did 25 Irkins, 25 Dips then 25 LBC’s then continued. Moseyed up cemetery towards Madison then towards downtown, we came upon a small wall and did 25 step ups then 25 Irkins then small mosey to a wall to where we did a modified ‘wave’ with 10 counts in between then continued through downtown to the corner where we did 10 Monkey Humpers then 25 Merkins and then back to the COT where we finished up with a round robin Ab Lab. As The Phoenix Rises So Shall I.. Iron Sharpens Iron.. Slay The Day Brothers!! 🤘🏻🐺🤘🏻

Take a left

By Cesar on 1/30/2018
Count: 7:

Warm up: SSH Stretch Windmills 1 Burpie Mosey to the light and made a LEFT (we never do that) Ran to Boyd tire where we did burn out dips Ran to puckets store : 100 lbc's, 100 cross sit ups Ran through the valley and back to AO Milage: 2 mi Ended in 6 mins of Mary Closed it out with COT

Feels Like Spring

By Red Rider on 1/23/2018
Count: 11:

61F windy after a rain. Copperhead lead a Bounty style warm-up. 1 SSH then a short mosey down the hill for some Peoples Chair on the wall with Crawl Bear's. Mosey to the courthouse for The Pledge of Allegiance to a flag at half mast for our fallen officer. Uneven number so no tag teaming the stairs. Mosey to the other end of downtown to the covered parking lot. 100 Merkins, 50 Dips, 30 Irkins, 20 Dirkins. Lt. Dan it to the stop light. Mosey to the YMCA for a full round of Peoples Choice. Mosey past GS to Liberty. Some plank for the 6 others run back. 6 in so Jail Break for COT.

Recovery with no Burpees...Maybe

By Yogi on 1/16/2018
Count: 7:

With the Icebreaker pain and soreness still present I kept the workout to light work. We did many iso exercise and a lot of warm up exercises. I wasn't planning on any burpees today, but after we had to do bombjacks I thought 5 wouldn't hurt us. Pax was very chatty and playful. We missed all who were too sore to come and those who were to sleepy to awake. So as Korn would say...slow cook the rice and let the girls know it is almost done... Peace out.

Mini Gain Station

By Woodchuck VQ, Cesar on 1/9/2018
Count: 9:

Warm up: Ssh Imperial walker Hillbilly walker Merkins Mt climbers Mosey through the little town with stops for Merkins and Moroccan night clubs Pledge at flag w/ Merkins for Merica Mosey to gain station where we did a round robin of squats, overhead press, kettle swings, curls Finished with overhead carries to the far stop sign Ended in COT

By Slow Pitch on 1/2/2018
Count: 6:

Ghost of Christmas past

By Horton on 12/26/2017
Count: 8:

What a great day it was to unpartake the Fartsack and post this gloom. We had 3 Runners and 5 Ruckers push the post Christmas beatdown I like to call the Ghost of Christmas past. Started with a stretch and MKC'S IC then the THANG. It went kinda like this..... Starting with 1 then on to 2 then 1 again. Then on to 3 then 2 the 1 again. Then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 again and so on and so fourth till we were finished with 10,9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. I added #11 cause we had 5 minutes to spare. 1.Run around the parking lot. Ruck across and back. 2. Lunges each leg 3. Sumo SQUATS 4. Jump SQUATS 5. Golden Burpees 6. MERKINS 7. Squat thrust 8. Curls 9. Overhead presses 10. Shoulder taps each arm 11. IC 8 count burpees I took a few minutes to talk about how GOD sent His son here to lead a perfect life and then later die on the cross for our sins. I also found scripture to back up another gift God gave us if we only believe and have faith that He did this for us that He will always be with us! fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10 ESV Numberama NAMEORAMA Prayers and PRAISES I would like to thank you great HIMS for the push and allowing me to lead such a great group. HORTON OUT

Passing the Flag

By Cesar & Black Lung on 12/12/2017
Count: 9:

Today we passed on the Trinity flag and Site Q responsibilities to our brother and capable leader, Cesar!

Stealing a Bounty workout

By Yogi on 12/5/2017
Count: 11:

Taking a page out out Bounty's playbook we did 100, yes you read that correctly, burpees the ran 1/2 mile, 50 burupees and finally 1/4 mile run. All finished in 35 minutes. We finished better than the summer when we did this last. We then finished with legs of time, some supermans and bananas and a couple bird dogs. Finished with COT. As Korn would say... Slay the day and raise the fire bird or chase the ladies...something like that.

Four Corners plus some

By Chef on 11/28/2017
Count: 8:

It was a balmy 29 degrees so we wanted to get going. Disclaimer. Warm-Up...SSH,MNC, finger stretches Started the thang... Mosey to the circus building, people's chair with 2 rounds of bear crawls... Mosey to main str corner... 4 corners.. 20 merkins, mosey to picnic tables, 20 dips, Lt Dan to stop sign, 20 squats, mosey, 20 Smurf jacks, butt kickers, R&R 15 count. Mosey to courthouse flag for The Pledge... Partner stair barrows 2 rounds... Mosey to AO... 1 round Howling monkeys... Hit our 6s, hello dolly, American hammers ... round robin call outs.... Box cutters, merkins, leg throws, reverse plank, big boys, boat&canoe. Finished with prayers and praises. It's been a while since I Qed and have only been working out once or twice a week and I Could tell it. Thank you My York PAX for the support and push. CHEF out

Static Cling

By Black Lung on 11/21/2017
Count: 9:

By Cesar on 11/14/2017
Count: 15:

Lights and a contractor

By Horton on 11/7/2017
Count: 16:

What a great morning to be leading such fine HIMS through the gloom. Warm up SSH 30 IC STRETCH from the stretch position walk out on our hands to the Merkin position for 20 IC. Back up to a DRYDOCK position for 20 IC. Recover for a shot MOSEY yo the beginning of the Pretty new street lights! 1st light 5 MERKINS 2nd light 5 SQUATS R&R increasing buy 5 at each light till we hit a 40 count on both MERKINS and SQUATS. Mosey around the CHURCH to do a parking lot length of BURPEE DAN's.

Bounty 1yr Anniversary

By Bounty on 10/31/2017
Count: 13:

My one year F3 anniversary, so I thought it would be appropriate to do approximately 365 reps. I started the morning by advising the pax that I had a speech written up, but I left it on my desk at start the day with an Omaha. Told the pax that basically the speech said some a bunch of thank yous, it changed my life, blah blah blah...the main thing to know was that I acquired a bunch of HIMs that I'm proud to call "Brother"...lets work out. Warmup: Slow Windmill x 1 IC Workout: BearCrawl Burpees...Bearcrawl 10y, do a Burpee, wash/ repeat for 100y Rosalitas...20 IC Overhead Clap...30 IC The CrabHumper...40 IC Howling Monkey/ Gorilla/ Primate...120 accumulative Escalating Merkins...10,20,30,40,50 = 150 Route 66...Take a mosey around downtown York stopping at 11 spots to do burpees. First stop 1 burpee, second stop on and so on till all 11 stops are complete. = 66 All in all the total rep count should have been 365, but more pax posted than planned so we did a little extra...437. My next Q maybe I'll subtract the difference...HAHAHAHA...WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Great job men for displaying an awesome demonstration of DFQ.


By Chernobyl on 10/24/2017
Count: 13:

By Nunchuck on 10/17/2017
Count: 16:

Introducing the Icosahedron

By Black Lung on 10/10/2017
Count: 14:

Icosahedron: a 20-sided object, sometimes numbered 1-20 and used to play board games or to inflict pain and improvement on fellow PAX. Humid and 72F, we started with a brief COP: 25 x Mountain Climbers 25 x Side Straddle Hop 10 x Merkins We proceeded to mosey to the Boney Insurance wall where we began rolling the Icosahedron (20-sided die): any number rolled above 5 was the number of reps, and if a number was rolled lower than 5 then it was the number of sets. For example, Mr Roboto rolled a 4 and then a 1 so we did 4 sets of 1 box jumps. After that, we rolled a 20 so we did 20 wall slaps and so on: Between exercises, we moseyed around York: 4 x 1 Box Jumps 20 x Wall Slaps 3 x 9 Low Slow Dips 50 x LBCs 3 x 7 Burpies 20 x 10 Step-Ups (which we modified to 100 total in partners, partner did LBCs) 5 minutes of partner pullups and pushups Moseyed back to the AO to christen our newest FNG: Scuba Steve! Scuba Steve is Alice's oldest son, having returned from the Air Force, he is entering a welding program that includes underwater training (awesome!), hence: Scuba Steve! Finished as always with a COT: remembering those that we know need help, and also to strive to be aware of those around and among us that may struggle silently, especially in regards to depression. We also strive to be aware and give thanks for all the joy in our lives and the world around us.

Love it or Lead it

By Red Rider on 10/3/2017
Count: 16:

The object of this workout was to keep everyone together, and give all PAX turns to lead. After a few leg stretches, and some SSH we had a slow Indian Run to Whitesides parking lot where we circled up. We went around the circle with everyone leading an exercise of their choice. We finished with seven minutes to go so we ended with forty Dips, twenty Irkins, ten Dirkins, and another slow Indian Run the long way around back to COT.

By Drydock on 9/26/2017
Count: 14:

September 19, 2017

By Undertaker on 9/19/2017
Count: 19:

19 hims gathered on this clear morning to sharpen each other and to better themselves Warmup 25 SSH IN CADENCE 15 merkins IC 15 slow low squats IC 50 morrockin nightclubs IC Mosey halfway down trinity street 15 merkins IC Mosey to wall Peoples chair, 10 count, drop an inch, 10 count, hands up, 10 count, heels up, 10 count Mosey to Boney Ins Break into 2 groups Group 1 15 step ups each leg 15 erkins 15 big boy situps 15 mountain climbers 15 drydocks 15 dips Group 2 Mosey to york ARP church 15 burpees Mosey back to Boney Ins Switch roles 10 diamond push-ups Mosey to City Hall to say the pledge led by Copperhead Mosey to trinity 15 American Hammers IC 15 hello dolly IC Superman, arms in, arms out 15 merkins End in circle of trust FNG Eyebeam, welcome brother it was good to have you and hope to see you out with us again!

Category 7 Hurricane Trinity

By Black Lung on 9/12/2017
Count: 7:

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, 7 men gathered in the refreshing rain to form our own hurricane of half-mile laps around downtown York. Warmup: High Knees Butt Kicks Karaoke 10 x Merkins with Flair Hurricane Trinity: Mozy 4 Laps around downtown York, each lap stop intermittently to complete: 10 x Low Slow Squat Jumps 25 x LBC 20 x Dips 25 x LBC 10 x Merkins with Flair According to MapMyRun, each lap around York's inner block should be 0.53 miles, so 4 laps should have been around 2 miles total. However, both Chef and my steps indicated closer to 4 miles. Congrats to the men that braved the storm this morning, it was an honor splashing in puddles with you! Announcements: York 2nd F on Monday at the Coal Yard, lot's of CSAUPs, pray for everyone affected by the storm2.

37 4 Corner Burpee Birthday Party

By Horton on 9/5/2017
Count: 13:

Started out with some great weather and stretching. Then the THANG. MOSEYED to the corner of Liberty and Congress for the 1st 4 Corner block 37 MERKINS, next corner 27 IRKINS, next corner 17 MERKINS, next corner 7 Burpees, Then plank till the 6 is in. Next block across from where we started for 37 SUMOSQUATS, next corner 27 SQUATS next corner 17 SUMOSQUATS, next corner 7 SQUATS. plank till the 6 is in. MOSEY to the next corner at Madison and Garner. We took a spot on the wall for a PEOPLE'S CHAIR BEARCRAWL but the wall wasn't big enough. So we saw a wall the was big enough for all of us and changed the BEARCRAWL TO Lt.Dans. once done back to the corner for our last 4 Corner block where we did 37 LBC'S, next corner 27 BIGBOYSITUPS, and the last corner 17 LBC'S. This is where the Birthday surprise started. YHC circled the PAX for a leadership challenge.... since the word is leadership for the month the challenge was for every Q to have a message at the time they Q. Let's step up our 3rd F MEN! Then to top all that off for the 3 block 4corner we did 37 Burpees. Then MOSEY back to the COT. NUMBERAMA NAMEORAMA Prayers for all that were effected by the Hurricain in TX and prayers for all that are going to be effected by the one coming in. As always HIMS thanks for the push. And it was an honor to spend my birth morning with yall! HORTON OUT

Accomodation Relay

By Bounty on 8/29/2017
Count: 17:

Mission: 1.To bring the Gain Station to those who can never make it. 2. Challenge the pax with a team event. and 3. Give pax the chance to lead by sharing the cadence calling. This gives new members practice before a VQ and to ensure the vets are consistent. Workout: 1 pax runs the "course" while the team does a set routine of exercises. The course: 10 ATG Squats, tire flip to marker, 10 Burpees, tire flip to marker, 10 blockees, bearcrawl to marker, 20 curls, crawlbear to marker, 10 blockees, tire flip to marker, 10 burpees, tire flip to start point. Tag next pax and join the team with the exercise routine. Routine: 10 Merkins IC 20 BigBoy Situps IC single count 30 Crabhumpers IC single count 20 Squat Thrust IC 10 Imperial Walkers IC All in all we each should've done a minimum of: 120 merkins 120 bigboys 180 crabhumpers 120 squat thrusts 120 imperial walkers 20 burpees 20 blockees 20 curls Approx: 50y of tire flip Approx: 40y of bearcrawl/crawlbear Notes: We (York) need to work on getting faster and stronger at tire flips and bearcrawl. Announcements: Sept. softball tourney, Korn's chili fundraiser, Sept. fellowship meeting, T-shirt designs. Prayers: BigMac illness, Undertaker family loss, Texas (Harvey).

By PCH on 8/22/2017
Count: 16:

5 buries 100 BSE and all the rest of our fun...

By Yogi on 8/15/2017
Count: 19:

Best way to get everyone's attention is to start off with burpies. So 5 was a good warmup. Next I had a need to do BSE [bounties special exercise] or SSH's in cadence. With a few guys coming in late I didn't want to leave them out so we did 50 in cadence. So with the warm up behind us we moseyed across the street. The Pax partnered up and was given the first rotating. 100 sit ups for each (needing to get stronger for the next PT test). Then one partner bar crawled for the library to the road while the other partner planked. Each person needed 2 trips. So instead of a 10 count Drydock sang a few bars of Taylor Swift's 'shake it off'. Okay that may not have happened. But what did happen is I talked about discipline. I told a story Matthew Kelly (Christian author and speaker, whom I couldn't think of today) told about what if your child held the anti body to a plague and had to die to save mankind and to honor his sacrifices we meet weekly and over time people were too busy to remember and too bored to pay attention? I told of my struggle to be discipled in my remeberance of going and being present to hear the word of God in church. I have a strong discipline at work and disciplined to work hard. I need to be the same way for my time at church and in prayer and to give thanks for Jesus dyeing and thankful for God giving his only son to die for our plague of sin. After that next rotation was Lt. Dan down and run back with the partner did 6" leg lifts with each doing 2 rotations. We moseyed back for COT. Was honored to lead the Pax today. I am always in awe of the effort and intensity everyone gives.

By Cutter on 8/8/2017
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Chefs 1 year celebration @Trinity

By Chef - 1 Year on 7/18/2017
Count: 15:

Welcomed at great crowd to my one year celebration. It was GREAT to see everyone, especially Undertaker,Welcome back. *Warm-Up MNC-30 Finger touches-25 SSH-1 *Mosey to wall PC BC BTTW Chernobyl shuffle *Mosey to courthouse steps-pledge- freedom Wheelbarrow up/down 2 rounds *Mosey to the corner 4 corners 30,15(omahaed for time) - merkins mosey - derkins kareoke/hi knees -diamond merkins mosey -wam lt dan ***180 merkins total***** *Mosey to library yard Bearmuda Triangle, 3 cones, 90 ft apart,1burpee,BC to cone 2burpees,BC to cone 3 burpees...repeat til times up *Mosey back to AO Announcements: *Mastodon July 28 *F3York region convergence w/ breakfast after Aug 12 *CAH-Friday & pay your dues Thanks for having my 6 over the last year! I could not have done it without the support and push from all of you. Looking forward to many more. CHEF out

Series 100

By Drydock on 7/11/2017
Count: 12:

Start with short warm up.... --20 SSH --10 Slow Windmill --20 Merakin Nightclub --10 Low Slow Squats Mosey...start series 100 laps York City Block 40, 30, 20, 10...Merkins each corner of main block Rinse & Repeat...LBC's Rinse & Repeat...Squats That is 100 reps and running included to each corner of block...Lieutenant Dans on one block stretch included. Mosey to COT... Count Off, Name Arama, Prayers & Praises... Until Next Time!!


By Bounty on 7/4/2017
Count: 15:

Warmup: Workout: The pax were advised that today's workout would be simple that it only included two exercises. The York pax were told of a incredibly great workout to test your conditioning. This "test" is slowly being named the "GORUCK PT TEST". Simply put; 100 burpees OYO, run one mile, then 50 burpees OYO, finished by another one mile run. The standard is 32min to complete. I gave the pax 40min due to age (2.0's) and some newbies. Results: Everyone passed the test in 40min and 5-6 finishing in the 32min standard. Lots and lots of will be #1 of many more to come. Thanks to Cadre Daniel and Cadre Flash for this new F3 York staple workout.